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Vacuum Not Turning On – Check Our Guideline


Several reasons can explain why a vacuum cleaner no longer works. As you will see, the origin of the failure is not necessarily hard to find, and the problem can sometimes be quick to resolve. We will see together the different probable causes of a vacuum cleaner that no longer turns on.

Step to fix the issue

The Power Supply Is Faulty

Let’s start with the simplest working hypothesis. As the vacuum cleaner runs on electricity, the appliance cannot run without power. To find out if this option is relevant, see if the other devices are working or, quite simply, if the lamps come on. If so, you can go to step two. Otherwise, a glance at the electrical panel is in order. maybe it tripped. If the power is working and you see that the vacuum cleaner is still not functional, check the condition of the outlet you plugged it into. If it looks good, unplug the vacuum and plug in another appliance instead (preferably one that you are sure is working). It can then be fixed. If the second device appears to be faulty, the plug is defective.

The Electrical Cord Is Cut

The cut cord is an option that should not be taken lightly. First, check the condition of the wire. If it is damaged, change it. It can also happen that by moving the wire the device starts working again. There is in this case, bad contact. These kinds of symptoms can appear with worn threads that have been turned one way and then the other for a long time. Throughout use, some of the electrical wires contained in the cord have thus been damaged. So it is better to change the power cord.

The Reel Is Damaged

Most of the time, the vacuum cleaner has a system that retracts the electrical cord into the vacuum cleaner, this is called a reel. This reel is so stressed that it can end up being damaged at the level of the electrical connection and thus no longer operate the device.

Switch Is Damaged

The switch is a relatively simple part, the usefulness of which is nevertheless essential. If this switch is damaged or broken, the contact to open or close the circuit can be damaged, which may therefore explain the problem observed. By operating the switch in the on and then off position several times, we can sometimes see that the vacuum cleaner starts up, which clearly shows that the switch was the cause.

The Motor Is Blocked

The motor and its turbine allow the vacuum cleaner to vacuum. If the engine is blocked or slowed down by string or another object, for example, it will no longer be able to run. Disassemble the device and check the condition of the motor. It is usually behind the filter. Please note that some devices do not allow easy access to the engine.

The Capacitor Is Defective

The capacitor allows the motor to crank and maintain the torque during operation. If the latter no longer functions correctly, the Motor will not be able to start. You will therefore be unable to use your vacuum cleaner.

It’s the electricity that has the issue

One thing is always good to remember. Do you have electricity at the outlet? Try another device on this one. If the power is off, then this is where your failure is, and it is not worth blaming your vacuum cleaner or any of the spare parts that do not constitute. The outlet of the electrical panel may be switched for another reason, it is the electricity of the house which is cut. You must perform these checks to determine if electricity is reaching the outlet.

If the power is reaching the outlet, the power cord may be cut or defective. A vacuum cleaner cord is used a lot, so this is important to use the best vacuum cleaner which has a powerful and strong cord. You shoot at it, it gets caught under doors and furniture, you step on it because it is in the midst. The wires can be cut at least partially, or a false contact is created.

Quick tips for troubleshoot vacuum

Repairing a vacuum cleaner is pretty straightforward. You just need to be a good handyman. In general, when the vacuum cleaner does not work, its components must be cleaned first. If despite this, it still does not work or the failure returns, you should instead change one of the accessories that might be defective.

For a clogged vacuum cleaner hose, for example, all you need to do is use a metal rod to remove the debris that clogs the hose. If you don’t have one, you can always find it in the corner store;

If the problem is with the vacuum bag, open the hood to see its condition. If it is rather swollen, it means that it can no longer be used. So, change it to a newer one;

Is the problem with the filter? It is an accessory located just after the bag. It separates dust from the air intended for the vacuum cleaner motor. If it is defective, a change is necessary;

Does the engine smell burn? This is a sign that you are asking too much of her. Seek to unclog your vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes a damaged vacuum cleaner could be dangerous for your health, so you should just need to buy a brand new vacuum cleaner.

How to prevent vacuum cleaner breakdowns?

The vacuum cleaner is composed of several accessories and necessarily, the problems will not fail to provide for it after several years of “loyal service” To avoid vacuum cleaner breakdowns is better to prevent by doing good maintenance of your household appliance.

To do this, you need to regularly clean your filter. It is important to know that some vacuum cleaners have a self-cleaning system for the filter;

Regarding the vacuum cleaner bag, it is advisable to change it regularly. Do not forget to always adapt to your device, a bag that corresponds to it.

For the dust collector, you can empty it every three months;

As for the vacuum cleaner accessories such as brushes, hose, or end pieces, you must also clean them regularly, to avoid the risk of clogging

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