Shark Vacuum Repair and Troubleshooting | Top 10 Guidelines

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Cleaning work is difficult and annoying. Most of the users prefer the main cleaning tool that is nothing more than a shark vacuum cleaner, which successfully releases its users from the clear load and completely transforms the clean services.

As effective as proven, the shark vacuum cleaner is still breaking some challenges for its users. Frustrating problems experienced by many users, here we have given tested Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting guideline.

If you are inexperienced to shark vacuum cleaner and get annoyed with any problems, there is good news for you, all problems can be easily solved and avoided by using our shark vacuum repair methods and tips below.

1. Shark vacuum suction noise

Shark vacuum suction problem quick tips

  • At first, unplug your vacuum
  • Empty the dust cup and clear its dirt and debris
  • Remove the filters and clean filters with water
  • Check the airflow of your vacuum hose, end of the handle and the front of the wand
  • Check brush roll for dirt or debris

I’m going to tell you, how to clean and restore the suction for a shark vacuum. You have a very easy guideline to restore the suction power.

Carefully observe your shark vacuum all parts and accessories if something is broken like hose, brush or something else then you must repair or replace it.

Clean your filter

shark-vacuum-suction-problem (5)

The main issues are the filters need cleaning and it’s a regular part of maintenance.

Let’s get started on the filters. First, we need to remove the bin. There are two points of interest. Here inside the bin, you have a little metal grate.

If there is any dirt or debris around the metal grate, you can clean all with an old toothbrush or scrubby pad.

Secondly, there is another filter, you have just need to wash it with warm water until the water runs clear. Then you need to set it and let it dry and sometimes it could take up to 24 hours to dry.

shark-vacuum-suction-problem (3)

Also, you have a little cotton filter if there is any dirt on cotton filter clean it. Sometimes it could be reduced suction power.

shark-vacuum-suction-problem (4)

Finally, there is HEPA filter and these filters are not washable, so you can clean dirt with the little air compressor. If there is extra more dirt you just replace the filter and it is a very cheap price.

Clean the brush roll

If your brush roll gets dirty, clean it.

Cleaning a brush roll in a vacuum you have options. Some vacuums make it really easy to take the brush roll plate off and some make it hard. In this case, there is three plastic knob you can easily unlock these knobs and take the belt off.

If you want to take this off and really it’s not that much easier. If you had this in your hands than it is just doing this.

You can use scissors to cut the hair and string and whatever you can also use.


If you have a particularly heavy thing you can use a razor blade and make it sure that you don’t cut the bristles of the brush bar. So you have just pulled up dirt of brush bar carefully.

The main thing is that this actually is a big issue with suction if you have all this brush area covered with hair and string or whatever then airflow is not getting in and it’s hampered your shark vacuum suction power. So this is very important to clean your brushbar completely.


2. Shark vacuum overheating

The vacuum needs a flow of air to create suction, the vacuum steam is equipped with a motor protective thermostat in case that airflow is blocked. If your appliance overheats for any reason, the thermostat will automatically turn off your shark.

If your shark vacuum overheats, you should switch off and unplug it. Check your vacuum dust cup, clean it if there is any dirt or blockage.

Check all the filter of your vacuum cleaner. Allow your shark vacuum to cool for one hour.

There is we have discussed some common causes of shark vacuum overheating problem and you have to try to solve all that problems.

The vacuum might be overheating because the filters are clogged. So check your all filter, if there is any clog you should be removed.

Filters are clogged

If it does not get better air flow, due to complete drainage it does not suck well and then it can be overheated.

Check dust cup

Check your vacuum dust cup if it is full of dirt, clean all.

There could be a mass of dust bunny hiding in the hoses blocking air flow and causing the unit to overheat.

Electrical problem

The alternative causes of shark vacuum overheating is an electrical problem. Whether due to a wire that’s frayed or a more serious problem check it.

If it is a wire problem, You can replace it.

I guess that does not mean it can make it even worse than the heat. The motor is like a big problem all the time.

The shark vacuum motor could have a problem if it has parts rubbing on parts it will get hot.

Your pet hair could be wrapped around the brushes or locking down the beater bar. So check your brush if there is any pets hair then clean it.

A motor sieving to move those but can’t get warm despite the unit doing a bad work cleaning the floor.

If your vacuum has lots of problems and overheated and you can’t fix it all properly than cleaning out your wallet to pay a repairman.


3. Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on

On the floor nozzle. the brush roll indicator light. Let’s you know if your brush roll indicator light not on or if it turns red what you do.

Check the indicator light

If your vacuum indicator light is green then the brush roll is spinning and you’re excellent to go.

shark-vacuum-brush-roll-indicator-light-not-on (4)


If the vacuum turns red or lights not on there could be a jam in the brush roll.

shark-vacuum-brush-roll-indicator-light-not-on (3)


At the first turn the vacuum unit off.

Then open the roller garage and remove the obstruction or debris from the brush roll.



After removing all debris and obstruction close the roll of the garage and turn the vacuum back on.

Now if the brush roll indicator light is green, the obstruction has been cleared.

If the light turns red while you’ve been vacuuming on a deep carpet and you do not see any obstructions try opening the suction release slider.

shark-vacuum-brush-roll-indicator-light-not-on (2)


If the motorized floor nozzle has overheated then the light is flashing red,

  • Turn the unit off and unplug
  • Empty the dust cup
  • Clean the filters
  • Check for any blockages
  • Allow the vacuum to cool for at least 45 minutes
  • After the vacuum has cooled down plug it in and restart it


4. Shark HEPA filter cleaning

Most of the shark vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter. You should be cleaned your HEPA filters regularly. There is most of the time you have two sets of HEPA filter. So this is very simple to clean these HEPA filters on regular basis.

There is we have some simple guideline how you can clean shark vacuum HEPA filter.

  • Follow your appliance manual to check it whether your HEPA filter washable or not washable, if you don’t find any manual then search online with your model number to download a digital copy of manual.
  • Remove the HEPA filters from the underneath of your vacuum’s dirt container.
  • Wash your HEPA filter with water.
  • You should squeeze extra more water from your shark filters. After squeezing excess water, you have to allow filters to let it dry.
  • Before reverse, shake off excess water.
  • Then leave your shark HEPA filter out to air dry at least 24 hours.
  • When your shark HEPA filter becomes very much worn or discolored, replace it.



One you completely clean your HEPA filters, now put it all together and start your vacuuming again. You will observe better suction power right from the start. If you find any others dirt or debris in your HEPA filter you should be cleaned all.


5. How to clean shark navigator dust cup

To empty the shark navigator dust cup first, remove it from the vacuum by pulling up on the dust cup. Release latch on the rear of the dust cup handles or press the recommended button for your navigator model.

Lift it up and away from the vacuum body.

Next, keep it over the trash can and press the bottom door to release button in the front of the unit.

Press the door shut down again until it clicks.

You can turn the dust cup, upside down over the trash and press the top door release button.

Replace your shark navigator dust cup back onto your vacuum until you hear it click into place.

The shark vacuum dust canister should be emptied each time when it reaches the max fill line for optimal performance.


6. Shark rotator vacuum troubleshooting

Today we’re going to talk about the shark rotator troubleshooting. So if you having trouble with your rotator brush this is the right guideline for you.

  • Switch off and unplug your vacuum.
  • Unclog your vacuum hose and filter.
  • Leave to dry for at least one hour.
  • Ensure the hose and filter completely dry before refitting into the vacuum.
  • Check your shark rotator brush roll.
  • Clear brush roll dirt, debris and pet hair.

shark-rotator-vacuum-troubleshooting (2)


If you have shark vacuum then this is very easy to maintenance and troubleshooting.

Shark vacuum suction problem is a common issue. If your vacuum suction power is low. You just need to check out your shark vacuum filters and brush roll. If there is any clogged just removed all. You also need to check airflow of your vacuum.

Sometimes shark vacuum won’t turn on. When it happened you need to check out your vacuum carefully. At first, you have to need to unplug your vacuum and switch off it. Then clean your vacuum dust cup and clean your filter and hose. Also removed brush roll debris and pet hair.



Shark vacuum brush roll stuck on debris or pet hair when you regularly clean home dust and pet hair. So you should regularly clean your shark vacuum.


7. How to clean shark vacuum hose

I just want to show how to clean a shark vacuum cleaner hose.

how-to-clean-shark-vacuum-hose (3)


I’ve had this vacuum for quite a while.

I have a 15-month-old daughter. I’m always picking up fruit, vegetable any kind of thing. You can imagine this hoe started to smell really bad.

It was just filthy. I had to take the two screws off. I unattached it from the vacuum.

how-to-clean-shark-vacuum-hose (2)


Came down put it in the stationary sink down here in the basement.

What I first did was? I just ran very hot water underneath of the gunk. I got some just regular laundry detergent put some in there.

Then run water through that as well.

So now is the main part. What I just did it? I got baking soda 1/2 a cup and I put it in upper end shook it down, put it in lower end shook it down.

The magic of baking soda and vinegar. In hose now, I’m going to pour the vinegar in.

You can see, it just fizzes up and it cleaned it.

I’m looking at fizzing all out over here.

how-to-clean-shark-vacuum-hose (4)


This is just regular vinegar a white vinegar and this is 2 cups.

I put a half a cup of baking soda in the tube.

Then 2 cups of vinegar and again I’m just pouring it through.



You can see it just fizzing up. It really works.

You don’t have to worry about the harsh chemicals.

It’s just kind of shake.

It back and forth dumps all that out of there.

You can see it’s still foaming up,

how-to-clean-shark-vacuum-hose (5)


I think that’s a really good way to clean the inside of shark hose.

I’ve been using this vacuum cleaner for a long time. When you would tell you how long around a year probably more than a year.

Yes, I put in both ends give it a shake and then I’ll just hang it over here to dry and put it back on the vacuum cleaner.

There you go brand-new and clean shark vacuum cleaner hose.

So this is a complete step how to clean shark vacuum hose properly.


8. Shark navigator brush roll replacement

The very first step of shark navigator brush roll replacement, you should know how to take this rear panel of a shark navigator.

I’ll just walk you through the basics, and then I’ll show you how to take off the belt.

Obviously, you’re going to want to some screwdrivers. We need a Phillips head and flat head.

I use just for prying for the flat head. Take off the four obvious screws. Might miss there’s two underneath.

There are two wheels, you need to do is pop these little cylinders out.

shark-navigator-brush-roll-replacement (2)

When you put them back you kind of use a screwdriver to pop them back into place.

Then I’ll show and then there’s actually two more screws that you might miss.

Well, there’s two that are right inside main wheels. They’re pretty obvious but then there’s one down in this crevice right here.

shark-navigator-brush-roll-replacement (4)


Well, do down these crevices.

Okay now if this is the first time you’ve done this.

Probably it’s going to have a few little pops and stuff that you might need to work it a little bit.



But basically, once you get those screws off.

It just comes right off alright.

Once you take the cover off, one of the more common things that people do is change out the brush or do some maintenance on the belt.

shark-navigator-brush-roll-replacement (3)


The easiest way to get this off.  Here is not to try to pull it off. Do anything it’s actually very easy.

There are two little slots where this black piece is on either side.

You just easily lift it out of there.

Well at least on one side where you can get the belt off.

This has the same situation on the other end.

Then you just pop that off.

You can replace this or whatever everything else is pretty self-explanatory.

These motors have very easy connectors.

So, if you have to get a spare part or whatever should be pretty easy to replace.

These wheels pop off pretty easy as well and putting it back together basically just reverse.


9. Shark vacuum brush not spinning

What should you do if your brush roll stops spinning?

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (13)


Power on.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (6)


Hit brush roll button.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (4)


Indicator light red?

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (5)


Follow these steps:

Unplug the vacuum.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (8)


Release the main body.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (3)


Flip the nozzle.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (2)



Remove the sole plate. Clear debris.

Secure the body back to the nozzle.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (12)


Secure the body back to the nozzle.

Plug vacuum back in.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (10)


Power on.



Hit brush roll button.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (7)


Ensure light is green.

shark-vacuum-brush-not-spinning (11)

10. Shark vacuum motor reset

This Article designed to give you step-by-step detailed instructions on shark vacuum motor reset, completing the task at hand.

I’m going to show you a shark vacuum cleaner that will not suck.

The rotary broom action motor works, but the actual vacuum suction motor does not work.

The unit plugged in.

If you switch it to the first position. It’s supposed to cut the motor on. So, for a bare floor or using your hose, you flip that switch there and supposed to cut on.

shark-vacuum-motor-reset (2)


Then you flip it to the second position that’s supposed to cut on the motor and the bristles. When you’ve killed it. So, as you can see, when I filled it moves the bristles part with the actual motor, on the vacuum cleaner is not working.

I’m going to dig into it. Open it up and see if I can find some reason why the motor is not working at all.

The manual that came with it, actually gives you suggestions on, how to check it. See if the filters are clogged and stuff like that.

But that has nothing to do with this first position.

I’m going to take the canister off. Taking those two sides, lift off the canister.

Now you can see this vacuum cleaner looks brand new. If that looks like it’s taken on any dirt dust.

So that is the main motor and something is wrong with that. That it is not working.

When you look at the very bottom of the unit, you’ll see screws there. You, of course, want to unplug it. Before you start tampering we’re taking electrical things apart.

Gain easy access to all of the screws you want to push the Red tab and pull that bottom part off of the vacuum unit.

Of course, any can be disassembled some kind of appliance in this fashion.

If you still have some kind of warranty, you do not want to take the unit apart.

I removed all the screws.

I’m going to be careful to see what happens with this spring and the rest of the stuff as I take this apart of the slope the piece just. I have a motor assembly here.

Look at the electrical connectors and stuff slid the motor out of this compartment.

shark-vacuum-motor-reset (3)


It seems to have maybe some kind of fuse or something there.

I omit out from here to inside there. See if there’s maybe some kind of blown fuse to the motor.

That seemed to check out the fire.

shark-vacuum-motor-reset (4)


To replace the motor.

You need to carefully disconnect the black wire on this side and the white wire on the other side, then connect those two wires up to the replacement motor.

Try to make sure you get it the right polarity.

This bracket over on the side with the black because you don’t want the motor turning on and running in the backward direction

So, you have that adapter on the side over here by the black wire and whatever you have on the other side where the white wire is.

So, you want to make sure that the motor is lined up or this is 12 and 6 o’clock because these things here have two slats in that rubber grommet there.



Is the moment of truth it’s all back together?

Whether that motor was burnt up or not from something being jammed in it or depend on this switch.

You see the kind of back in power well the motor works for a little while and it did pick up some dirt.

I’ll show you perfectly clean before I turned it on as the motor stopped again.

So, whatever it was loosened air is probably still loose and jamming up the motor again.


Final Sentences

Shark gets thumbs up with positive reviews in different marketplaces. It has a lightweight structure, simple maneuverability and, optimal suction power, with a relaxing working for cleaning your home.
Your shark is your cleaning partner it cleans various type surfaces like laminate carpet for both dust and pet hairs. Shark is justified by the best features and functions it offers.

When the shark vacuum is your all-time cleaning partner, sometimes shark vacuum needed repair. We have tried to help you in this regard.

Shark Vacuum Repair and Troubleshooting | Top 10 Guidelines
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