Deebot N79 Troubleshooting: All Tips and Tricks

The Deebot N79 is aimed towards low-pile carpeting and solid wood surface flooring and does a reasonably good job of daily cleaning on those floors. Deebot N79 is a good robotic vacuum for the price.

When used in the right way, it has a sufficient battery charge to clean a large room without pause.

Like most robotic vacuums, the Deebot N79 will get stuck on some things, like not charging, spinning in circles, Wi-Fi won’t connect, bumper exception, etc.

Deebot N79 Troubleshooting and maintaining is fairly simple. You probably do not know how to reset Deebot n79 and you should be aware of your Deebot N79 malfunctioning.

I will describe the above issues, hope you will be benefited.

DEEBOT N79 not charging

Possible Cause: On the bottom side of DEEBOT N79 has a Side-Power Switch, that is not turned ON.


Solution: Turn the robot’s Side Power Switch to the ON position. You have to know “l” indicates ON and “O” indicates OFF. DEEBOT is powered goes ON when Power Indicator light glows a continuous BLUE.

Possible Cause: Maybe, DEEBOT N79 did not connect to the charging dock. You probably do not know, Check the facts.

Place the Charging Dock on a level floor surface against the wall with the base vertical to the ground. Keep the immediate area 2m in front of the charger and 1 m on both sides of the charger clear of objects and reflective surfaces.

Solution: Confirm that DEEBOT N79 has made a connection with the Charging Dock Pins. If necessary, you can remove the robot yourself to connect.

Possible Cause: Maybe Charging Dock is unplugged while the robot’s Bottom Power Switch is ON, which causes battery drain.

Solution: Ensure the robot’s side Bottom Power Switch is turned ON when Plugged in the Charging Dock. Your DEEBOT N79 Keep on the Charging Dock to make sure it has a full battery charge to work at any time as needed.

Possible Cause: The battery is fully discharged.

Solution: Replace and re-activate the battery. Manually by hand Place your DEEBOT N79 on the Charging Dock, disconnect after 3 minutes charging, repeat this process 3 times; then charge normally.

Deebot N79 WI-FI won’t connect


The user device is not able to connect to the mobile Wi-Fi

  • Please check the Wi-Fi settings. The robot only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi but does not support 5G Wi-Fi and enterprise networks.
  • Place the robot towards the router where the wireless signal strength is powerful.
  • Check if the phone is linked to the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi can communicate the internet normally.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi credentials are correct.
  • Do not minimize the background in the App when the network is going connect.
  • Disconnect other additional user devices from the mobile Wi-Fi, mainly for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Network downloads and online videos when connecting the robot.
  • Try to restart the router and the phone to connect the internet network again.
  • If it still does not work, break it down! Oh no, don’t take it seriously. please contact a technician.

If a user’s router set a 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi at the same time, set the two frequencies for different SSID.

Considering the Wi-Fi connectivity, we should bet on this best robot vacuum for carpet suggestions that had multiple sensors to drive in the right way and adjust automatically.

The robot goes around in circles

Possible Causes: On the bottom of the robot has an Anti-Drop-sensors which are covered with dust.


Solutions: Use the given Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to rub out Anti-Drop sensors.

Possible Causes: Driving Wheels are tangled with foreign matter.

Solutions: Use the provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to wipe Anti-Drop sensors. 

Possible Causes: The robot may not be able to detect objects properly.

Solutions:  Use the provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to deface Anti-Drop sensors. Clean external matter from Driving Wheels.

Deebot N79 malfunction

Please use this chart to troubleshoot every problem using DEEBOT.

Sl. Malfunction Possible Causes Solutions
1 DEEBOT not charging DEEBOT is powered off Press down and keep hold AUTO Mode Button on DEEBOT to power ON
DEEBOT failed to establish a connection with the Charging Dock Make sure that DEEBOT’s charging contacts have established a connection with charging dock pins, you can remove the robot manually if you need to connect
The charging dock is unplugged When DEEBOT is powered Turn on, which causes the battery drain Plugin the charging dock and make sure DEEBOT is powered on. Keep DEEBOT on the Charging Dock to confirm it has a full charge to clean at any time as needed
2 DEEBOT gets into difficulty while working and stops debot-n79-troubleshooting-not-only-for-black-friday May DEEBOT is led with something on the floor (hair, electrical cables, drooping curtains, carpet fringe, etc.) DEEBOT will try in different ways to untangled itself. If it is failed, manually remove the blockage and restart
Side Brush get stuck or the rotation speed of the Side Brush reduces If the Side Brush still rotates slowly. Remove the dirt and debris tangled around the Side Brush
Main Brush get stuck or the rotation speed of the Main Brush reduces If the Main Brush still rotates slowly, Remove the dirt and debris tangled around the Main Brush with the given Multi-Function Cleaning Tool
3 DEEBOT come back to the Charging Dock before it finishes scheduled cleaning work When battery power gets down, DEEBOT automatically Return to Charging Mode and returns to the Charging Dock to recharge itself This is natural. There is no reason to be scared
Working time differs according to floor surface type, room arrangement complexity, and the selected Cleaning Mode This is natural. There is no reason to be scared
4 DEEBOT does not clean automatically at the Predefined scheduled time The time Scheduling process is canceled Set Time Scheduling function as described in section 3
DEEBOT is switched OFF Switched ON DEEBOT
The robot’s battery gets low Keep DEEBOT Switched ON and on the Charging Dock to make sure it has a full battery charge to work at any time as needed
The robot’s stuff are tangled with dirt and debris Switch OFF DEEBOT, clean the Dust Bin, and turn down the robot Clean. Side Brushes and the Main Brush as described in portion 4
5 Remote Control timeout (efficient control range of Remote Control is 5m (16′) The batteries in the Remote Control needs to be changed Replace with brand new batteries to confirm they are placed correctly
DEEBOT is switched OFF or DEEBOT’s battery gets low Make sure DEEBOT is switched ON and 100% charged
The infrared signal cannot be sent because of the Infrared Emitter on the Remote Control or DEEBOT’s Infrared Receiver on DEEBOT is grimy Use a clean and dry cloth or provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to wipe the Infrared Emitter on Remote Control and the Infrared Receiver on DEEBOT
There is another material interfering with the infrared signal to DEEBOT Avoid using the Remote Control close other materials using infrared signals

Deebot N79 bumper exception 

Sometimes, the front bumper of your DEEBOT may get stuck in, which mostly happens in the Roomba vacuum. This occurs when the sensors of the bumper are grimy which known as Roomba Error 9. When that happens, your robot will only go abaft as it thinks the obstacle is closing in on it!  Just mildly take out of the front bumper a quarter-inch – and voila, your DEEBOT should be back to usual.


Final Sentences

The amount of time Deboot N79 will save is ridiculous. We literally have to vacuum every day to keep the house feeling and looking clean and fresh with Ecovacs Deebot N79S, Because, we have a dog and a cat, and kids. Just Schedule it and forget about cleaning.

Maybe once in two months, we use the normal vacuum cleaning to touch things up. I can save thousands of hours of work over a year. When you start using it the first time you will need to Deebot N79 Troubleshooting and empty the dustbin after each time cleaning. As your house gets cleaner you’ll be able to go without emptying it for a weak. Without a few problems in all, I’m happy with my Deboot N79.


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69 thoughts on “Deebot N79 Troubleshooting: All Tips and Tricks”

    • Hi Susan, Thanks for your question.

      To cancel the scheduled cleaning time, press the bell button on the Remote Control and hold the button for 3 seconds until disappears from the Remote Control LED Screen and the robot beeps. Now The scheduled cleaning time is canceled.


      • I did the as instructed but I had the vacuum turned off so there was no beep from it, the bell button disappeared but the vacuum still starts up at 12:06 AM, how do I get it to stop ?

  1. I had the same problem with the side brush not working I called customer support. They would not send out a replacement until i returned the defective one.

    • Hi Jim, Thanks for your question.
      I think they can’t send out a replacement for you until you return the defective one.

  2. Your troubleshooting is excellent – I looked everywhere for the resetting of the battery, until I found your page. many, many thanks!!!
    can you please tell me where I can buy a replacement battery to my ecovac deebot n79 – the postage is too expensive to buy from the us over ebay and i’m looking for somewhere in australia. hope to hear from you soon.

  3. when using my deebot N79S, it BATTERY discharges (BLINKING RED LIGHT) within 10 minutes and runs back to the dock where it charges with the blue light blinking for about 5 min and then the light turns off. its the same process again after its charging on the dock for over 12 hours. Can you help us to figure out how to fix this issue? Thanks!

    • You can try this video. In this video shows how to fix your main brush error. If you removed the brush, cleaned it, and are still getting the error, it’s most likely the motor inside that needs to be cleaned.

    • If the Main Brush still rotates slowly and showing same error, Remove the dirt and debris tangled around the Main Brush with the given Multi-Function Cleaning Tool. Or you can buy a new Main brush from Amazon.

  4. One of the wheels is stuck wont move. It will circle and back up when started but only for a seConds then light is red and it stips

  5. Typo on above comment should sAy It stops.It is a DN622. The wheel assy can be puShed down and pops back up but the wheel itselF wont budge

  6. My deebot is on and charging. But when I try and have it clean it just beeps once and does not move. Tried to do the same from the app and it says “Malfunction, please check whether Deebot has been powered on”. It is on

  7. My deebot N79S runs for about 2 minutes and then stops and beeps continuously until i turn it off. i have cleaned it THOROUGHLY , it is fully charged and tried to turn it off and on but it continues doing the same thing. How can i reboot the deebot so it will run like it should.

    • Every time it would dock after vacuuming, it would wait about 1 minute then start beeping. It would beep 4 times, wait a few seconds, then beep another 4 times, repeating the process a total of 5 times. It would then wait 30 seconds and repeat it all over again – a total of 5 times. The whole time, the light on the top would flash red. After all the beeping, it would stay red. Isn’t it?
      The video shows the problem, the beeping, replacing the battery, and how it solved the problem.

  8. My Deebot wakes up at 4:00 am every morning. He is not on a schedule of any kind. I’ve tried everything but he still continues to wake up and inevitably gets stuck somewhere in the house. Is thier a solution to this?

  9. How do you clean the motor to the main BRUSH? It spins and sets off no alarm, but it is making a very loud noise as if the wheel is slipping. I have cleaned the brush and even replaced it and it still makes this noise. I have no idea why my typing is in all caps btw.

    • ECOVACS Deebot N79, N79s Mainbrush malfunction. If your deebot is having 4 beeps and the Auto-button is glowing red. This video might solve your problem.

  10. Deebot n79s starts cleaning at 12:30 …no schedule is set that i know of. Have tried clearing using remote. Vacuum only beeps once. Help please.





  12. Hello,
    I’ve had my deebot for a year and a half. Ive had it replaced once and now it turns on for two minutes and gives me an error four beeps. I noticed that main brush isnt turning. I clean it and it does the same. I have replaced the battery and the main brush and still the same thing. I called the company and told them and they said it must be an internal issue and that my vacuum was out of warrantee and they were sorry but they dont have repair centers. I even took the thing apart and replaced the other mini battery that was inside and still it’s the same thing.

  13. I have tried all the procedures to connect my N79 to my wifi. i’ve done the manual process and I can see the ecovacs-xxxxx network but the Deebot won’t connect. I’ve put the deebot 4 ft from the router, my iphone on the deebot and i get fail notice.

    • The number one problem is that you are running on a 5 GHz network. You need to connect to the 2.4 GHz bandwidth router in order to connect the Deebot to the wifi.

      To learn more about robotic vacuum cleaners and what works for you.

  14. I have a ‘bumper malfunction’. I’ e tried everYthing to clear it but it still won’t clean.. any recomnendations? I miss my robot!

  15. My N79s is not staying in the dock. When I comment to charge, it is going there and then in 5 seconds leaving the dock and coming back

  16. I am having the same Problem that shelia described. StOps running after about 1-2 minutes and four beeps. I replaced the battery, but its still happening. Ive had my vac for Only about 6 months. Is thEre any fix for this???

    • You do to mention what error shows your Deebot, then we would have to understand the problem easily. You can follow this video, here you will find the overall troubleshooting of Deebot.

  17. My DeeBot 79 was Working fine, granted I was using it a lot at first. Now the auto button on the deebot is stuck, when i press on it it doesn’t give at all and nothing happens. any thought on this?

  18. Hi Jim,
    My Deebot N79 does a consistent set of 3 beeps x 5 sets. The docking charging light blinks blue between the sets and turns red when beeping. After 5 sets it stops. the unit also began to act confused, turning in circles before finding its way back to the docking station. this happened in the middle of the floor so there was nothing INTERFERING with its movement

    • Hi pat,
      Your detection sensor seems faulty; you can wipe the sensor, or you can start vacuuming from an enlighted surface.


  19. Hello, my deebot will only run for a few feet before it stops and beeps …NOthing getting in the way or PHYSICALLY stopping it…. I’ve cleaned and wiped off the sensors not sure what to do or replace at this point ……any help

    • Unfortunately, your Deebot N79 seems to no longer be able to detect objects. It always bumps into objects before changing direction and cannot finish a clean cycle without getting stuck multiple times. Am I right?

      I think, you will need to wipe the detecting sensor or change the sensor.


  20. My Deebot programs as described in instructions but does not clean at times scheduled, and cleans at ramdom times. I program and get the beep but the time passes and the deebot doesn’t leave the docking station.

  21. My two year old Deebot N79 suddenly died; no lights come on when in the docking station and it does not respond to the remote control. The green light on the docking station is on so I don’t think it is that. I may have a dead battery but want to be sure before buying a replacement. How can I verify it is the battery?

    • The manual had no information on what the error would be. The battery also seemed to be working satisfactorily. Even so, if it meant the beeping would go away, we figured we’d try replacing the battery.

      The video shows the problem, the beeping, replacing the battery, and how it solved the problem.

    • You can end up unscrewing the screws that hold the bumper onto the front of the robot. You can able to re-seat it properly and then re-attached, and it may work fine.

  22. Hi, my deebot on the docking stations beeps 3 times, forever i think, 3 times, stops, 3 times, and so on.
    If i plug it whit the cable dont do this.
    Somebody nows what happens?


    • Every time it would dock after vacuuming, it would wait about 1 minute then start beeping. It would beep 4 times, wait a few seconds, then beep another 4 times, repeating the process a total of 5 times. It would then wait 30 seconds and repeat it all over again – a total of 5 times. The whole time, the light on the top would flash red. After all the beeping, it would stay red.

      The manual had no information on what the error would be.

      The video shows the problem, the beeping, replacing the battery, and how it solved the problem.

  23. I love my Deebot M81 Pro. I have had it since June 2019. It gets cleaned and looked after regularly, In the last week, it has been making a terrible racket . I don’t know what to do to correct this. Can you please help.

  24. The motor that drives the brush is attached to small housing with a series of several plastic gears inside. The largest of those gears gets worn out the quickest.
    On mine, it would make a terrible rattle noise, which was actually the sound of the brush gear slipping. The vacuum itself gave no error codes and just kept going making that horrible loud noise almost constantly.
    I could not find anywhere to buy that small plastic gear. It is a very unique size with 29 teeth.
    I ended up using a 3d printer to make a brand new gear for it and now it works great.

  25. Whilst my deebot is charging the red light flashes and sounds alarm for a few times the stops, I cannot find what is wrong

  26. My deebot n79 series goes to the dock and then the auto light turns red and start a non stop beeping until it comes off. It also does the same thing when you plug it directly into the power supply on the sides. Any thought? I have already purchased a new battery.

  27. I replaced the battery in my Deebot N79 – followed directions for reactivating the battery. It sits on the charger and the blue light blinks rapidly verses the normal blinking it did with the original battery. I’ve tried several new batteries thinking the battery may have been bad to no avail. Suggestions?

  28. How do you remove battery to reset unit back to factory settings. The last unit I had started on it’s own in the middle of the night. Company finally replaced unit. Replacement worked for a few months. Today it started of its own again. Help!


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