Deebot N79 Troubleshooting Not Only For Black Friday

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The Deebot N79 is aimed towards low-pile carpeting and solid wood surface flooring and does a reasonably good job of daily cleaning on those floors. Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a good robotic vacuum for the price.

When used in the right way, it has sufficient battery charge to clean a large room without pause.

Like most robotic vacuums, the Deebot N79 will get stuck on some things, like not charging, spinning in circles, Wi-Fi won’t connect, bumper exception etc.

Deebot N79 Troubleshooting and maintaining is fairly simple. You probably do not know how to reset Deebot n79 and you should be aware of your Deebot N79 malfunctioning.

I will describe the above issues, hope you will be benefited.


DEEBOT N79 not charging

Possible Cause: On the bottom side of DEEBOT N79 has a Side Power Switch, that is not turned ON.


Solution: Turn the robot’s Side Power Switch to the ON position. You have to know “l” indicates ON and “O” indicates OFF. DEEBOT is powered goes ON when Power Indicator light glows a continuous BLUE.

Possible Cause: Maybe, DEEBOT N79 did not connect to the charging dock. You probably do not know, Check the facts.

Place the Charging Dock on a level floor surface against the wall with the base vertical to the ground. Keep the immediate area 2m in front of the charger and 1 m on both sides of the charger clear of objects and reflective surfaces.

Solution: Confirm that DEEBOT N79 has made a connection with the Charging Dock Pins. If necessary, you can remove the robot yourself to connect.

Possible Cause: Maybe Charging Dock is unplugged while robot’s Bottom Power Switch is ON, which causes battery drain.

Solution: Ensure the robot’s side Bottom Power Switch is turned ON when Plugged in the Charging Dock. Your DEEBOT N79 Keep on the Charging Dock to make sure it has a full battery charge to work at any time as needed.

Possible Cause: The battery is fully discharged.

Solution: Replace and re-activate the battery. Manually by hand Place your DEEBOT N79 on the Charging Dock, disconnect after 3 minutes charging, repeat this process 3 times; then charge normally.


Deebot N79 WI-FI won’t connect


User device is not able to connect to the mobile Wi-Fi

  • Please check the Wi-Fi settings. The robot only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi but does not support 5G Wi-Fi and enterprise networks.
  • Place the robot towards the router where the wireless signal strength is powerful.
  • Check if the phone is linked to the Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi can communicate the internet normally.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi credentials are correct.
  • Do not minimize the background in the App when the network is going connect.
  • Disconnect other additional user devices from the mobile Wi-Fi, mainly for P2P downloads and online videos when connecting the robot.
  • Try to restart the router and the phone to connect the internet network again.
  • If it still does not work, break it down! Oh no, don’t take it seriously. please contact with a technician.

If a user’s router set a 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi at the same time, set the two frequencies for different SSID.


The robot goes around in circles

Possible Causes: On the bottom of the robot has an Anti-Drop-sensors which are covered with dust.


Solutions: Use the given Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to rub out Anti-Drop sensors.

Possible Causes: Driving Wheels are tangled with foreign matter.

Solutions: Use the provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to wipe Anti-Drop sensors. 

Possible Causes: The robot may not be able to detect objects properly.

Solutions:  Use the provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to deface Anti-Drop sensors. Clean external matter from Driving Wheels.


Deebot N79 malfunction

Please use this chart to troubleshoot every problem using DEEBOT.

Sl.MalfunctionPossible CausesSolutions
1DEEBOT not chargingDEEBOT is powered offPress down and keep hold AUTO Mode Button on DEEBOT to power ON
DEEBOT failed to establish a connection with the Charging DockMake sure that DEEBOT’s charging contacts have established a connection with charging dock pins, you can remove the robot manually if you need to connect
The charging dock is unplugged When DEEBOT is powered Turn on, which causes the battery drainPlug in the charging dock and make sure DEEBOT is powered on. Keep DEEBOT on the Charging Dock to confirm it has a full charge to clean at any time as needed
2DEEBOT gets into difficulty while working and stopsdebot-n79-troubleshooting-not-only-for-black-friday

May DEEBOT is led with something on the floor (hair, electrical cables, drooping curtains, carpet fringe etc.)

DEEBOT will try in different ways to untangled itself. If it is failed, manually remove the blockage and restart
Side Brush get stuck or the rotation speed of the Side Brush reducesIf the Side Brush still rotates slowly. Remove the dirt and debris tangled around the Side Brush
Main Brush get stuck or the rotation speed of the Main Brush reducesIf the Main Brush still rotates slowly, Remove the dirt and debris tangled around the Main Brush with the given Multi-Function Cleaning Tool
3DEEBOT come back to the Charging Dock before it finishes scheduled cleaning workWhen battery power gets down, DEEBOT automatically Return to Charging Mode and returns to the Charging Dock to recharge itselfThis is natural. There is no reason to be scared
Working time differs according to floor surface type, room arrangement complexity, and the selected Cleaning ModeThis is natural. There is no reason to be scared
4DEEBOT does not clean automatically at the Predefined scheduled timeThe time Scheduling process is canceledSet Time Scheduling function as described in section 3
DEEBOT is switched OFFSwitched ON DEEBOT
The robot’s battery gets lowKeep DEEBOT Switched ON and on the Charging Dock to make sure it has a full battery charge to work at any time as needed
The robot’s stuff are tangled with dirt and debrisSwitch OFF DEEBOT, clean the Dust Bin, and turn down the robot Clean. Side Brushes and the Main Brush as described in portion 4
5Remote Control timeout (efficient control range of Remote Control is 5m (16′)The batteries in the Remote Control needs to be changedReplace with brand new batteries to confirm they are placed correctly
DEEBOT is switched OFF or DEEBOT’s battery gets lowMake sure DEEBOT is switched ON and 100% charged
The infrared signal cannot be sent because of the Infrared Emitter on the Remote Control or DEEBOT’s Infrared Receiver on DEEBOT is grimyUse a clean and dry cloth or provided Multi-Function Cleaning Tool to wipe the Infrared Emitter on Remote Control and the Infrared Receiver on DEEBOT
There is another material interfering with the infrared signal to DEEBOTAvoid using the Remote Control close other materials using infrared signals


Deebot N79 bumper exception 

Sometimes, the front bumper of your DEEBOT may get stuck in, which mostly caught in Roomba vacuum.  Your robot may display you a “bumper exception” error.  When that happens, your robot will only go abaft as it thinks the obstacle is closing in on it!  Just mildly take out of the front bumper a quarter inch – and voila, your DEEBOT should be back to usual.


Final Sentences

The amount of time Deboot N79 will save is ridiculous. We literally have to vacuum every day to keep the house feeling and looking clean and fresh with this Deboot N79, Because, we have a dog and a cat, and kids.

Just Schedule it and forget about cleaning. Maybe once in two months, we use the normal vacuum cleaning to touch things up. I can save thousands of hours of work over a year.

When you start using it the first time you will need to Deebot N79 Troubleshooting and empty the dustbin after each time cleaning. As your house gets cleaner you’ll be able to go without emptying it for a weak.

Without a few problems in all, I’m happy with my Deboot N79.


Deebot N79 Troubleshooting Not Only For Black Friday
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