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Bissell Proheat Troubleshooting in 2021: Easy Tips with Videos

Back in the early years, we started searching for carpet cleaners and were just attracted to Bissell proheat. The only panic we had back then was, because it had just been released. There were no reviews for the machine. So, we decided to wait and see what other people had to say about Bissell proheat troubleshooting.


My mate is a clean freak so we vacuum many times a week, and it became even more vital for us to vacuum 2-3 times a week. We hadn’t felt just how dirty the carpets had become until after we removed all the furniture from the house and began cleaning the carpets.

Bissell proheat adores rubbing her stinky, fur on the carpets, often lubricous, moreover in the areas right in front of the couches. After our first entire cleaning of the living room, we knew we made the right choice in brand and model!

She also has issues with her anal gland expressing on its own. So, the living room carpet has been witness to that malodor mess a time or two, but the Professional Pet Urine Eliminator and Oxy sample that came with this model removed that stench in a flash.

It’s often the little things that bring down this big, useful machine. If you’re having any issues with your machine that are addressed here. Remember to read the guideline in order to understand all the moving parts. This will take less time to troubleshooting in the future.

Bissell proheat 2x troubleshooting no suction

If you’re experiencing low or no suction from the foot on your Proheat 2x revolution vacuum. Here are a few tips to solve the problem.

  • First, make sure that the dirty water tank is empty and seated properly.
  • To take the handle, press down and remove the tank.


  • Empty the tank by pulling up on the rubber tab and pouring out any dirty water. Inspect the tank for any cracks and replace if needed.
  • While removing make sure the rubber plug on the tap is pressed in place; press firmly on all edges of the top of the tank to secure it.


  • Make sure there is no pet hair or debris on the red motor duct.
  • Next, make sure the bottom cap is screwed on completely.
  • Lay down the tank on the floor and insert the bottom first.
  • Next lay the top of the tank close to the machine and kick back up to clicks into the right place.
  • Another area that can cause low suction is the front nozzle and fresh roll cover with the machine off and unplugged.
  • Use your nozzle clean-out tool to clean and remove any clogs.
  • You can rinse the nozzle underwater and insert the clean-out tool into the nozzle to free up any hair or debris.


  • Next, remove the brush hold cover by pressing the two release buttons and lifting straight up.
  • You can remove any hair on the brush rolls with the clean-out tool and put the brush hold cover correctly into the plate by pushing it straight down until you hear a click from both push buttons.


  • Line up the nozzle with the edge near the floor and rotate it back to snap into place.
  • Press down on the accessory hose door until you hear a click to ensure it is also secure.

You are now ready to get back to cleaning with your revolution Bissell ProHeat pet pro.

Bissell proheat 2x troubleshooting brushes not spinning

If your Bissell proheat 2x brushes are not spinning. Then follow these steps to fix the problem.

First, make sure the pod is properly seated on the machine.

Next, check if the brush roll switch is turned on; you will know when the switch lights up.

The brush roll will only run if the machine is reclined and it will automatically turn off when the vacuum is in an upright position.

To recline place your foot on the base of a vacuum then pull back and push down on the handle.

If these steps didn’t work you’ll have to check the brush roll itself. Be sure to turn off and unplug your vacuum before doing any maintenance.

To access the belt and brush roll you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver.

Next, gently lay the vacuum on its back now unscrew the screws to remove the bottom cover.

Pull the brush roll straight out and slide the belt off the motor gear.

Inspect the brush roll by placing it on its end and then spinning it. It should spin freely with one flick.

If it doesn’t replace the brush roll.

Now inspect the belt if it appears damaged it should be replaced.

Keep the belt again on the brush roll, spin the belt over the brush roll, and around the silver motor gear clip up to it.

Rotate the brush roll into place line up the end caps and push inward.

Reattach the bottom cover and insert the screws from earlier that’s it now you’re ready to get back to cleaning with your Bissell proheat.

How to replace brush belt on Bissell proheat pet

When your brush will stop spinning you should check on the bounce of your machine.

Allow 10 minutes to access the belts and check on them.

If this is found broken you’ll need to order a new belt from

With a Philips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver, you can end up this process.

Turn off your machine and unplug the main power cable.

Takedown the clean water tank and clean the dirty water from the tank. Then press the recline pedal to remove the small bowel and lay the machine on its side and remove the three screws on the belt access door using the Philips head screwdriver.


Lift the brush cover then remove the belt. The old brush rolls can be replaced with a new one.

A small end cap and belt on one side of the brush rolls, tooth end of the brush rolls belt needs wrapping, the end cap needs to be secured before reassembling the machine.


Replace the large pump belt by wrapping it around the small metal tooth pulley and the gear at the end of the rearmost brush.

Now you can change the brush cover and make sure both sides of the brushes are aligned. Come-back to Belt Access Plates at Belt Rolls and you hear a click. Connect the plate again with the screwdriver.

To remove the main wheel belt, press the recline button and lathe appliance on its back use a flathead screwdriver to help lift the belt entree door in the remote.



If the belt is broken gently remove it from the machine. To change the main belt attach it over the red portion of the large pulley. Expanse the belt towards the back of it with your finger and change it onto the metal axle.



Finally, snap the belt access door back into place and that’s all.

To avoid this kind of problem with your pet device, here you will get a list of pet vacuum cleaner, which will allow you to constantly dealing with pet hair.

Bissell proheat pet not spraying

Are you having any trouble with your Bissell Proheat 2x spraying? Follow these easy steps to fix the problem and first make sure you only use Bissell deep cleaning machine formulas in your machine.

Some machines are equipped with an inline filter like the Hoover WindTunnel filter.

Remove the upper tank and set it aside then, use a coin to take off the red cap.

Then, haul out the white filter flush and put the channel once more into the unit making sure it is set up and screw the top back into put.



Next, let’s check the tank assembly to confirm that the tank lid is properly attached to the tank bottom hook the nozzle into the groove at the front of the tank bottom and secure the lid with a gray latch at the back of the tank.

If the tank lid and bottom do not separate when lifted by the handle the tank is properly assembled and can be placed on the base of your unit for cleaning the autoload gaskets in place.

Inspect the underneath of both the water tank in the smart mix formula bottle to make sure each has a red rubber autoload gasket attached and facing the outer area.

If you don’t find a gasket in the base of the vacuum then make sure it isn’t stuck.



Remove the gasket with a flathead screwdriver. If the gasket is underneath of the base then reattach it to the water tank or formula bottle.



After the step, check to see if any spray is coming out of the foot in the holes. If there is yet no-spray you can evaluate this X valve including warm tap water in both tanks set it over a sink and press upward on the X valve.

If the tank releases water then go to the next step; if water doesn’t flow through the valve, the cap and insert will need to be replaced to check the collection tank. We’ll need to remove it and make sure the unit is set to water rinse.

Put out the smart mix bottle and fill it with water and set the smart mix bottle into the tank reservoir.



Run the unit and try to spray to the holes then the floor. If the unit sprays through the hose there is something wrong with the dirty water tank and you will need a new tank.

If there is yet no spray you should proceed to the next steps which may solve the scarcity of spray. This may take little bit of time to finish.

If you are so busy and don’t have enough time and you don’t want to disassemble the machine, it is best for you to contact the Bissell service center for repair.

Next, we’ll remove the spray tips to test if water comes out of the spray line.

Including a pure water tank assembly off of the unit and the solution tank on the frontal area of the base pop the red or white spray tip on the right side out of the base of the appliance.

To dispel the spray tab pinch the plastic tabs on its top area.



To remove the spray tab pinch the plastic tabs on its top.

While you are pinching those Brahe tip tabs use a flathead screwdriver to raise the spray tip and water line out of the base of the machine.

Then tweak the metal hose clamp with pliers and slide it back to relieve pressure so the red or white spray point can be removed and be sure to leave the metal hose clamp on your hose.

Now please gradually extend the water line from this device and put a towel or clean cloth under it and plug the clean water tank into the base where the solution bottle.



Turn on the machine and press the trigger, then wash the smart mix dial with water.

If it works repeat these steps with another side. You can clean the spray tip with a paper clip. To clean dirt or debris push it close the hole. Check out the spray tip with the warm water, and check for the spray tip back hose and spray.

If the spray tip is still clogged remove and repeat the last steps and then soak the spray tips in a cup of hot tap water for 10 to 15 minutes to loosen any build-up.

If you still don’t see any spray after the spray tips are clean or have been replaced it may be best to take your Proheat 2x to a Bissell authorized service center for repair.

If your Proheat 2x spring formula to the floor but not through the hose if there is no spray moving through the hose remove the tool on the end of the hose and then check the spray again.

In case the hose sprays when the attachment is not joined then the tool is obstructed try cleaning out the spray tip on the tool with a paper clip.



If there is still no spray after the tool has been cleaned then you might need to replace it.

If the hose does not spray with equipment, the hose hinges itself with the spray connector and a paper clip.

You can also expose the hose and give it some light tugs to reveal any stone in the internal water supply hose.

If you are stuck at this moment, then it may be best to take your carpet cleaner into a Bissell-approved service center for repair.

Bissell proheat pet not dispensing soap

How to repair a Bissell proheat model that suffers from intermittent fluid dispensing issues.  One or more symptom of the issue is initially dispensing fluid being dispensed the problems occur even though the fluid reservoirs have fluid.

Follow these easy steps to fix the problem.

Step 1

If you mark that the soap solution is not spraying, turn off your Bissell carpet cleaner as early as possible.

Step 2

Remove the tank and set it aside. If the water tank was installed imperfectly, the soap solution will not spray.

Step 3

Make sure that the water tank is full. Every time before the use of your Bissell carpet cleaner, fill the tank with clean water from the filled line.

Step 4

Lay down the carpet cleaner backward and look at the bottom of the Bissell. With your hand remove any carpet fibers, hair or other debris from the filter.

Step 5

Press the power button and turn back on your Bissell and let it observe for a few moments.

Step 6

Once Release the trigger of the Bissell carpet cleaner. It will pump up and you can start cleaning with your Bissell carpet cleaner.

Bissell proheat pet not picking up water

Use the energy of temperature and enjoy a strong clean with the Bissell Proheat.

There are a number of ways to troubleshoot vacuum suction trouble to get your machine working properly again.

Switch off and unplug it from the wall, before the start of troubleshooting.



First of all, be sure that your tanks are in the proper place on your machine.



Remove up both tanks and set it against them. Then they will sit accurately on the machine.

Empty your dirty water tank, the dirtiest water has been lifted and reached the fill lines.



Check with the clean water tank level.

Refresh if the tank is empty.

Your dirty water tank cannot be tightly secured.

Press the rubber tab firmly on all sides so that it is securely secured.



Also the accessory hose door needs to be closed securely.



Check the door and make sure it is locked in place.

Wipe the red filter regularly.



The nozzle may be cracked, remove the nozzle from the foot flip the accessory door open and lift up on the nozzle at the same time.



Put the nozzle back to the bottom of the machine.

Clean pet hair or debris thoroughly.



Put nozzle returned back to the bottom of the machine.



To the bottom of the foot, arrange three hooks on the nozzle.

Click into the right place. Rotate and the nozzle up and close the host door.



We hope these tips will get your machine functioning again.

How to take apart a Bissell proheat carpet cleaner

Disassembling your Proheat 2x Revolution Pet Pro Deep Cleaner is easy.

We’ll show you how.

To get started a Philips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver needs to be in your hands.



Make sure that your machine is off and unplugged.



Keep the clean water tank down.



Remove the screw in the back of the handle with a Phillips screwdriver by twisting counterclockwise.



Keep the screw carefully. You will need it when it’s time to put your machine back together. We recommend taping it to the handle for safekeeping.



Using your thumb as leverage pull outward at each side of the carry handle to remove.



Next, use a flathead screwdriver to pry up both sides of the plastic collar at the base of the handle.



Then pull up on the upper handle until it releases from the machine.



You now have your machine disassembled.


How to use Bissell proheat pet upright deep cleaner

Are you ready for a better way to keep your carpets clean and fresh?

Ok, go with the Bissell for the suction power and simplicity of deep cleaning.

It’s pretty simple.

Just Start by rolling out the room.

Heavy traffic and badly dusty areas prepare from beforehand.

With the hot tap water fill clean water pouch. Let’s go, your machine is ready.



Bissell features a tank and tank system. That means shrink only one tank.

Another feature is a heavy-duty inner pouch for clean water, and as you collect in the tank near the clean water pouch. Every time keep clear and dirty water separately.



Next, fill the formula tank by filling water to the waterline.

how-to-use-bissell-proheat-pet-upright-deep-cleaner-formula line


Then formula to the formula line.



Now set the custom clean dial and ready tools dial to floor cleaning.



Now that your machine is prepped, you are ready to go.

Plug in and turn on the power and heater.



While holding the trigger down make one slow wet pass forward and back.

Press the trigger run again over the same place to clean up the debris and water. Continue to it, as long as the liquid is not left to pull.



How can it function? Thistles are injected deep into your carpet fibers it is all about Bissell advanced cleaning formula. All harmful dirt and ground in grit agitate with dual rotating brushes. Then powerful suction works all away. At the point when the filthy water has achieved the fill line.



When the dirty water has reached the fill line. It is time to empty the tank.



Just remove the tank from the base and carry it to the sink to pour out the dirty water.

Refill and repeat as needed if cleaning hard-to-reach areas stairs or upholstery, attach your desired tool to the end of the hose and set the ready tools dial to tools.



Save time money and effort with this Bissell proheat troubleshooting guideline.

The power of deep cleaning at your fingertips anytime you need. It thistle a deeper clean.

Final Sentences

Bissell proheat one of the best carpet cleaning tools. We can use this tool freely and its maintenance is so easy. The excellent thing about this Bissell brand is that it is sufficient to deal with robust and stubborn dirt and debris of the carpet like pet hair, pee, etc. If you have any more questions or problems that are not covered here, please tell us using the contact form.

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52 thoughts on “Bissell Proheat Troubleshooting in 2021: Easy Tips with Videos”

  1. My machine sprays constantly in deep mode, but will not spray at all in the Express mode. The trigger does not seem to have any affect on this. Vac works fine.

    • If you experience reduced or no spray coming from your BISSELL®, In the following video, we will provide remedies to get your machine working again.

  2. Used my machine today and it worked fine. Near the end of my Last room to clean the brushes would stop running. I could stop the motor and restart they would work a little and quit.?? It didn’ seem to spray well and suck up used water

    • When you are done cleaning your rug, fill up the solution bottle halfway with vinegar, put hot water in the tank and clean a section of the carpet until the vinegar is gone. This will clean the heater core and prevent it from clogging up. When the heater core clogs, no water will spray out. Pain in the butt to take it apart to clean.

  3. I have a Bissell stainproQ6 , its six months old and has been useD once, now it Wont suck up the water . Bissell dont respond to my REQUESTS for help , the SUPPLER Amazon dont have a clue how to fix it and an online forum i paid for HELP-HAS no SOLUTIONS. What am i to do?Somebody out there must know how to fix this .

    • You had an issue while using your new carpet cleaner. The vacuum was not picking up what you were putting down. You consulted Bissell on how to troubleshoot loss of suction, and all their steps didn’t help.

      Finally, we figured out that the “float” in the dirty water tank got stuck. There was a piece of debris caught in between the wall of the central intake and the “float.” If you need further help, you must be comment back.

  4. I am not sure that i have the correct too in the formula Tank bc when i clean my carpets it just runs straight out and once its empty my bissell pro heat pet stops sucking up the dirty water off my floor plz help bc i am afraid that its unfixable and i cannot find nothing online about it

    • We had the same issue while using our new carpet cleaner. The vacuum was not picking up what we were putting down. We consulted Bissell on how to troubleshoot loss of suction, and all their steps didn’t help as like you. Finally, we figured out that the “float” in the dirty water tank got stuck. There was a piece of debris caught in between the wall of the central intake and the “float.” You can follow this video for detail instruction.

    • Hi Robert,
      At first please remove a full clean water tank to inspect for cracks or damage. Over a sink, push up on the red valve under the tank to make sure water comes through. Make sure the tank is not deformed due to overly hot water.
      Then, reinsert tank and firmly push it back into place leaving no gaps. If this doesn’t solve the issue, turn off and unplug the machine.
      Push down the plunger receiver with a screwdriver (a black button inside where the handle goes in) and check that water is spraying.
      If water is spraying, press the handle trigger to check that it is not stuck or displaced.
      Reinstall the handle and press the handle trigger to recheck for spray.

    • If your machine is not spraying through your hose and tool. Here are some easy tips for you to troubleshoot.

      First, check to make sure the clean tank has water and or the water and formula mixture in the tank if your tank is empty.

      This could be the reason your machine is not spraying you will need to fill your clean tank again receipt the tank and ensure it’s snug on the machine.

      This is key for proper flow through the machine if the hose still does not spray it may have lost its prime.

      Follow the next steps to correct this issue priming, your machine is what allows fluid to flow through the system this is a regular practice for machines with active spray systems.

      Turn off and unplug your machine and keep it in the upright position. Use a standard ballpoint pen open the accessory hose door to press into the small circular opening.

      Press until water begins to bubble up and insert the hose firmly into place until the red button latches into place.

      Plugin and turn on your machine. Take the hose below the clean tank to allow the fluid to spray without a tool connected to the hose.

      Press the trigger until it sprays strongly it may take up to 20 seconds before you see the spray.

      If the hose is still not spraying you will need to check to see if the pump belt is broken.


      • I have a Bissell proheat advantage. I need a picture of the wiring from the on/off swith to the ground to the light to the heater . I was distracted while troubleshooting and my wires are crossed.. HELP PLEASE

  5. I have brought Bissell pro heat TEC from eBay. On both/all MODES setting SOAP/water drips/Despense from the hose Nozzle.

    So my problem is not no water/soap solution WHEN using handheld tools but constant soap/water, even when set on carpet cleaning mode.


  6. vacuum/suction problem Bissell Proheat 2X Multisurface Pet
    On the bottom of the unit, there is a little door with 2 screws holding it on. Once removed, you can see the impellers for the vacuum portion. There is a white seal that might have become displaced allowing air to by-pass and cause a loss of suction. You might have to loosen the motor to pull it back into place. Everything worked fine after I fixed that.

  7. powerwash deluxe 3278F , cleaned a room yesterday just fine, today started cleaning another room and after 5 mins it shut power off to the house, after reseting the power and changing power points, started it again, 2 mins power to house shut off again, but machine was working fine, power has been reset to the house and not sure what to do now, any thoughts, troy

    • This video gives you the courage to take your machine apart to figure out what was making the problems even after a thorough brush cleaning & checking all the seals.


  8. I have a Bissell Proheat 2x. It acts like it’s working just fine, but the soap isn’t dispensing. It’s just putting water on the floor and sucking it back up. Any ideas?

  9. I have a bissell proheat 2x revolution. I loved it until it stopped working. It makes a very loud rattling noise and shakes when it is turned on. The rollers are spinning. I replaced the roller belts today and the main belt appears to be ok. I don’t want to spend more money on belts if there is something wrong with the motor. Any ideas?

  10. I have had Bissell carpet cleaners for may years and have always been happy with my carpets being nice and clean. Today I was trying to clean my and I have leaks. First leak was noticed behind the right back wheel. When left standing just to move something I came back to a large circle of water and soap spraying out. The second leak is in the water container. My clean water was leaking into where the dirty water was supposed to be. I have had this cleaner for less than a year and this was my third time using it. I have the Bissell Pro Heat Plus.

    • Hi Jane,

      Apology for the late response. Actually, Covid-19 kills a lot of things…By the way, if your brushroll get stuck by too much hair, string, or lint, then, it will put too much strain on the belt and may cause the belt to break. Remove the brushroll and clean out any debris from the bearings. After replacing the brushroll, make sure that it turns freely.

      Be Safe, Stay Home!

  11. I have had my Bissell proheatpet cleaner less than 1 year and have used it less than 4 times now it has stopped spraying.I am very frustrated and the closest authorized service center is located over 100 miles from me.I think my only option will be to try another brand such as Hoover due to the disappointment of the bissell quitting when I need it most…..

  12. I have the Bissell cleanview proheat cleaner i used it yesterday and have tried to use it today, when i plug it in it starts up then shuts off. I have checked brushes and taken handle off but still getting nowhere can you help?

  13. I have a Bissell 2x Revolution pro heat pet I need to know how to remove the jack shaft. Mine is fused and brushes stopped turning. I took out all the screws can’t get casing off

  14. Dear,
    my Bissell 9400-C Proheat x Carpet shampoo machine dose not spray solution.
    how I can fix it, where to buy the parts, or how to check or sole the problem
    Thank you in advance

  15. My Bissell Proheat Pet Advanced carpet cleaner will no move across carpet. It is almost like it is too low to floor. Where do I begin to look? Belts fine, brushes turning, emptying and sucking water. I purchased this March 4, 2020.

  16. this bissel is junk I’m sorry I decided to buy a bissel mine empties all the soapy water out and I am not touching the trigger ending up with a large puddle of water the same problem other people are having and no answer on how to fix it

  17. Absolutely, by far the worst carpet cleaner I have ever purchased. If there isn’t one issue it’s another. Incredibly frustrating to have to keep working on it. I am about to place it in the dump. No wonder why there are so many videos on how and what to fix on this machine. I will never purchase another Bissell product.

  18. We have the Bissell Proheat. I was cleaning the carpets and all was going fine, until.. brown stains started appearing on the cream coloured carpet. I examined the carpet cleaner and discovered brown liquid coming from the heater outlets.
    So a small cleaning job has now turned into a nightmare. Any ideas?

  19. bissell
    … shit i have spent 400 … quid on the proheat revolution2x bollocks what a crock of shit when i use it the water just pisses through it i purchased it in april this year … fuming i am time for the sledge hammer again love to ram this poxy machine up the bissell directors … !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Suction issues : I bought my Bissell 2x a couple of months ago and had been doing fine. So today i did a clean and there was no suction at all. I looked and looked on internet for solutions, took the thing apart and did all the things as suggested and recommended for this problem several times. Nothing. One more time I thought. Then i noticed a little metal bar at the bottom front that I was able to click upwards and Voila working beautifully. None of the material I saw mentioned this metal bar.

  21. Hi, I have a Pro Heat 2X Revolution Pet Pro that kept leaking clean water. I took the handle off and found out that the piece the trigger pushes to spray the water is getting stuck; it’ll go down but won’t come back up. If I turn the handle upside down and press the trigger, the piece moves up and down just fine. Can this be fixed or do I have to buy another handle?

  22. i had my pet proheat on tuesday. it works fabulous on carpet but no suction at all through hose. i have gone through troubleshooting, made sure its clicked in correctly, gone to look at videos of what to do but still nothing. this is a brand new machine is it faulty?

  23. I dropped the waste water tank for my Bissell Revolution Pro Heat on the floor. the ring holding things together(on the bottom of the tank) came off. Is there a special way in which

    this ring is attached? Is it possible i require some type of seal?

  24. Hi,
    I got water into the motor while I took it apart to rinse. Will it ever work again? Do other Bissel motors turn off when water get in???


  25. I have been having problems with my Bissell pro heat pet snagging on the carpet when going forward. I have replaced both belts, thinking that may be the reason. The best way I can explain it is, that the front plastic piece that sections the dirty water is rubbing on the carpet when going forward.

  26. I have a Bissell Revolution Pet Pro Pro Heat 2X.
    I am having problems with the machine spraying all the solution/water mixture into my carpet. When I pull the trigger to spray an area it keeps spraying until its sprayed the whole tank or until i turn it off or pull the tank off the machine.
    I can even pull the spray trigger without the machine turned on with the solution tank on it and it I push the machine across the carpet or just sitting still it runs all the solution out into the carpet.
    I tried to google this issue and every time I have I get the answer about what to do for it not spraying.
    The trigger isn’t sticking or doesn’t seem to be but it keeps draining my tank. I need some advice, please.

  27. Bissell revolution 2X pet pro : Brushes keep turning while using hand tools attachment. Should the rollers stop when The hand tools is on?

    Hand tools did not work , no sucking , no spray at all.

    This is new machine just bought this two day.


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