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Dyson DC65 Troubleshooting Guideline and Manual

The Dyson DC65 is a muscular upright vacuum cleaner manufactured for multi-surface cleaning. It has Radial Root Cyclone technology and also an active base plate brush bar to clean all dirt and dust from the house.

You can find everything in our Dyson DC65 manual.

The redesign of the brush bar means that the bristles have been made concise and stiffer allowing deeper carpet infiltration to remove more dirt while maintaining extraordinary performance on hard floors.


The DC65 has patented Dyson Ball technology and easy maneuverability. Because of the combination of self-adjusting Active Base Plate cleaner head and Radial Root Cyclone technology powerful suction across hard floors and carpets.

The latest Ball technology allows easy rolling into complex places. More key technologies are kept inside the ball, hide materials on the outside of the machine. Removing dust and debris from around the ball makes it even simpler to steer around and under solid furniture.

For different floor types, other vacuums in the market have a choice of switching. For that reason, when moving from a hard-floor type to another type of floor, suction power can be reduced.

How to assemble Dyson DC65

I’m going to show you a simple guideline on how to assemble your Dyson DC65 animal.

  • The first step you need to get the paper wrapping off.
  • Remove the canister just by pressing the red button on the top of the handle.
  • It pulls forward so you can pull off the paper. Then the canister itself goes in very easy.
  • Just set it on the base and push it forward.
  • You need to attach the beater bar with your Dyson ball and it has a little retaining ring.
  • If you ever need to remove this retaining, to clean it or something gets caught. Maybe you have to pull this red retaining ring off to assemble it.
  • Dyson has an electrical connection on the ball, so you have to line up the bottom of the ball and just snap it in place.
  • Now if you have to put on your handle and you are just fit this front plate on to the front of the handle and it slides right over and locks in place.
  • You have to connect the hose to the wand, and this is the tricky part for some people. So, you have to push in and it’s going to snap in place.
  • Then you have to move down the wand and lift up the little plastic piece here.
  • Then you need to depress this red button, that allows the wand to come down and lock into the handle.
  • The back of this handle right here like that and you close the top of the handle. This gives you the suction power for when you’re using it as a regular vacuum.
  • Then we’re going to remove the canister again by pushing in the top of the handle.
  • You also have a little plastic piece and this tool holds other accessories. Put it just slides down on a slot on the side.
  • It allows you to put in a couple of accessories. You can use here a nice brush bar.
  • It has a button you can press and then you can use this as a tool to get into tight spots and this just locks in on the side.
  • Then the smaller brush locks in on the side.

It’s very easy to assemble the Dyson DC65. I have tried our best to give you easy solutions. So, what do you think, is this guideline effective for you?  I think you are happy with this guideline, do not you? Ha Ha.

How to clean Dyson DC65 canister bin and cyclone

We discussed the Dyson here. Hope, you enjoy vacuuming for Dyson. If the problem is dirt, what else energy dirt and Dyson go together.

Look at the canister of your Dyson DC65.

You can see dirt deposited on the filters in the dustbin of the Dyson DC65. You should clean this filter every three months.

Now you see a blue tab between the cyclone.

When you pull the blue tab, you can actually get the pre-filter. You can either see it dirty or clean.

Now I’ll tell you the process, how to clean post-filter and bin.

So, how do you separate the upper part of this Dyson dustbin and the actual classical container? Just press the red button and holding your hands down.

Now you can actually separate as a unit.

You see a little button on the dustbin just below of the cyclone, you have to press down the button.

I know initially when you see all your Dyson dirt, you just want to put it into a dishwasher or just want to let the water run over it to clean it.

But not to do it, you need to have a dry cloth or a dry brush and then brush it off. Never use water.

Clean the canister upper part with water

Wherever you clean a Dyson with water, let it dry for 24 hours.

After 24 hours put everything back together and put it into your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the filter 

So the next step is to clean the filter. It is very important to clean the filter every three months.

You will see a blue colored chunky filter, which you have to wash with water and let it dry at least for 24 hours.

Clean the dustbin

When you clean dustbin please don’t use water, detergent or any kind of a cleaning fluid, gasoline and palm oil. You just clean the dust by using your hand or you can use a brush or cloth.

Put together all

Now it’s time to put everything back together. You have to match this little button.

You have to fit that button with the upper part hole.

Now let’s go to the last thing the filter and you have already washed it earlier. Just push the blue button and open it and just put it carefully.

How to remove Dyson blockage

We have shared a few tips on how to clear blockages in a Dyson vacuum.

If you have a Dyson DC65, then, first of all, unplug it.

Then just always to keep an eye on the max line.

You always want to clean this out, before it reaches above the max line, so you don’t climb the main filter.

Then if you’re not getting suction, there are a couple places you can check.

First one is, right underneath the canister and top of the ball.



If anything on top of the ball and then there’s a little side window. You can pull up the window and it allows you to have access into the tube, which goes to the bottom of the ball.



Then also you want to check in the tube. If you think there’s something caught in the tube, you can lift this out. In front there’s a small red tear, you just push your finger.

You can lift out the whole hose, so you can gain access to the hose.

If any blockage into the hose and also where it snaps into the vacuum.

Then you had something clog down in the back of the ball. You have just taken a small screwdriver and just by removing screws.

You can pull the tab and this opens up the back of the ball, it is very easy to gain access.

If you suck something up into the ball that just snap right in. Then you’ll put your set screw there.

You would check first if you have a blockage or something got caught in the brush bar.

Then you have just pulled the vacuum down lay it on its front and there’s a retaining clip.

This clip holds this bar in place, so you just grab the clip and pull it on both sides. That allows this to pull free and it gives you access to this.

Then if there’s something caught in this brush, you can turn these two screws on the top and you’ll hear them click.

When it’s open and that allows you to move to the plate off and gain access inside the brush bar and then this also allows you to clean off any hair or dust.

On the brush bar very easy to access and designed very well. Now it’s time to put it back together.

All you have to do is lay it back down and turn the little knobs on top. Then you can either put this back into place and then put your retaining ring.

It’s easy just to put this on first and you have a beveled edge and a flat edge and you want the beveled edge facing out and you just snap this retaining ring back in.

Where you can see the beveled edge. Then you’re just going to snap this straight down in place.

So those are the tips if you have a blockage in your Dyson vacuum.

How to remove Dyson DC65 brushbar blockage

Here we have given you a simple guideline about Dyson DC65 brushbar cleaning.

At first, you have to unplugged the Dyson power cord. Then you have turned around the bottom side of the brushbar and check out dirt.

If you find dirt must be cleaned all dirt. Brushbar upper part you have a red retaining ring.

Retaining ring has to be removed first, what you do is you touch it yet inside you grab it from the side you bend it, open until you get to see a ring off.



You see now it’s off so now it is unlocked and you can remove the bitter bar carefully. After you disconnected the bitter bar turn it over and you will see here two knobs.



Here you see one knob you have to turn it the right position. You have to turn it makes click and now it’s unlocked.  You have to do the same work for another one.

Now unlocked the brush bar and turn around it, now you can lift off see your bottom part and check out dirt. If there is dirt clean it.

Now you have to remove the whole assembly of Dyson, in order to do take a screwdriver and unlock it.

Now you can take out this bitter bar and cleaned out brushbar all dirt.

So this is very important to clean your Dyson brushbar properly. Please clean all the dirt of the brush.



Now you have to put everything back together carefully, you have to need carefully attach your Dyson brushbar.

There is a middle of the Dyson you have found plastic notch like attachment part you just need attach your two brushbars properly there.

You can attach your brushbar easily.



Now attach your second brushbar on the other side of the plastic notch.



Put on screw properly on brushbar and don’t over tighten the screw.



Then you have to attach the baseplate, before attaching the baseplate you have to clean it a little bit.

Lineup baseplate correctly with beater bar slot and attach it.

Then hold it tightly and lock the knobs properly. Put on the retaining ring.



There is an electrical phase, attach the phase completely. Then attach it with Dyson ball tightly.


Dyson DC65 suction loss

Here we have discussed your Dyson DC65 loss suction power.

There are 3 things you have to observe to get your Dyson DC65 suction power.

These are the 2 filters and the beater bar. One filter is canister and another filter is located on the ball.

You have to clean these 2 filters and beater bar to increase your suction power.

First, you have to clean the canister filter

There is a little blue knob to open the canister filter. You just lift up the knob to open it.




There is a filter inside the canister, you just need to pull it out. If there is any dirt you found on the filter, you have just need to wash it. When you cleaned up the filter with water let it dry for 24 hours.



Secondly cleaned up the Dyson ball filter

You have just laid the Dyson. There is a blue knob you have just turn it counterclockwise and take it off.



When you open it, there is another filter? You just turn it counterclockwise and take it off.



Take out the filter and wash it with water and let it dry for 24 hours. After cleaning it with water just put it back on your Dyson ball, turn it clockwise for attachment.

Attach the filter properly and close it with the Dyson ball globe.



The third step cleaned up the beater bar

You have to check your beater bar. If there are stuck any dirt, debris or hair stuck it slow down the suction power.


Dyson DC65 won’t turn on

If Your Dyson DC65 won’t turn on and stops working mid-use, this is because the vacuum motor has become overheated and the machine shut itself off as a safety procedure.

This is a common issue with vacuum cleaners. Like Dyson other brands of the vacuum also faces the same problem, in this case, we can mention the hoover windtunnel overheating problems.

The Dyson DC65 vacuum has a thermal system inside it when the vacuum overheats it cuts the power heat, so you have to wait one hour to cool down it.

If your Dyson DC65 won’t start on, you should follow on:

  • Check your Dyson foam filter for blockage.
  • Observe your Dyson u-bends and hoses to remove the blockage.
  • Clean foam filter dirt and debris.
  • Check the all other filters of your Dyson.
  • Check the canister filter, ball filter.
  • Check the beater bar for blockage.

Dyson DC65 Demonstration

I’m going to tell you a little bit of what the Dyson DC65 can do for you. This right now is our top-of-the-line in.

The Dyson ball series, it has twice the suction power of competitor vacuums.

It also again it all has to do with having patented radial root cyclone technology. It’s not going to lose suction power, as well as an active base plate.

Which means the cleaner head is going to stay closer to the floor.

You don’t lose any suction power, and it has 25% more power in the brush bar than our previous models.

When you come to carpets cleaning, choosing the right vacuum is very important. Considering types of floors, durability, and cleaning capability we recommend the Shark vacuum pet. This machine has the same suction capacity as Dyson DC65.

We’re going to start here on the carpet and then on chalk dust and also, we have some pet hair.

Because we’re talking about the ability of this machine, really pull up the microscopic dirt and dust including all of the pet dander and allergens as well as any bigger messes like pet hair.

It’s a very easy pull back, so you don’t have to worry about a kick start.

Use this machine all we’re going to do is just simply pull it back and down.

When you want to put it back up, you just simply push it back up. It’s extremely easy and very user-friendly.

You’re also going to see the ball technology.

We have the red button to turn it on.

When we use this and notice how rolling it and I’m not fighting with it. We’re really having to push it very hard. It’s just kind of rolling.

If you want to see the dust pickup and going to go ahead. Now if you see how close, that cleaner heads to the floor.

Where not leaving any gaps. That cleaner head is leaving any gaps. Where staying very tight to the floor.

When we get to the pet hair you have excellent performance on all that pet hair pickup.

It’s even grabbing all of that pet hair. Pulling it into the machine and you even see all the beautiful blue lines.

That we get again it all goes back to having that cleaner head that has that active base plate.

You’re staying as close to the floor as possible, as I mentioned as close to the floor whether it’s carpets or bare floors. This will automatically adjust.

Low medium-high pile carpet.  It’s going to automatically know what setting it needs to be at to give you the most optimal suction. I’m going to take out the hose.

We talked about straighter air flow in this machine even compared to our other previous ball models.

I’m going to take out the hose and lawn, and we’re going to pick up the string. Just to show you how it’s a very linear airflow inside this machine, that actually equates to higher suction power overall.

We’re not having that airflow being spun through a lot of tubing. It’s a very direct airflow and it’s a very short distance. So, you get a higher suction power.

We have just a little bit of a shoelace here. You know we could pick up very long even longer pieces of string if we wanted to.

If you notice inside because of our direct airflow it stayed in one piece and as I pull this out. We’re talking about this airflow that’s direct.

You have a very short space from the cleaner head to the actual bin. You’re getting a much cleaner crisper airflow in that machine.

Now we’re going to continue on to the bare floors. I did the research about Dyson upright vacuum and I found many Dyson small ball multi-floor reviews.

Every Dyson machine is really incredible on both carpets as well as bare floors. They’re going to come with a fingertip control for the brush bar.



Now it’s very important to mention that, the brush bar button does stop the brush roll, but that’s not why it’s designed for bare floors. The suction power is what’s equal on both carpets and bare floors.
A brush bar button is just an option for you to be able to turn that brush bar off. But that has nothing to do with the fact that it can go on to bare floors. Which is very important to note?

What we’re going to carpet to bare floor. Turn that brush bar off. This Dyson has a wide cleaner path.



We’re staying close to the floor and something else to notice with this machine is that I went from a higher power carpet.

Right onto bare floors. If you see this it will actually move. So, you see that how that moved from the bare floors and it moves right back up to carpet.

This is that active base plate, brand-new technology. So, you’re keeping that cleaner head as close to the floor as possible.



Now what we’re going to do is show you some more cleaning here with that hose and wand attachment on the back.

I’m going to snap on this is the combination brush tool.  Also, I have the crevice portion on here again you can use that brush portion on here as well there’s a button right here on the back.

You can push that in that will make it come down, you can push it back in and have it come back out.

We’re going to do some low cleaning if you can get the idea of all of the power that the machine has.

Also, to note that you know some vacuums when you have the hose and wand that you’re using the airflows is split between the cleaner head and the wand.

When you have a Dyson vacuum in the upright position you’re using the wand all of the airflows is in the hose. Also, wand zero air flow is happening in the cleaner head.

So, you’re getting the absolute most suction power. That we can give you into the hose and wand.

We go as we clean just some heavier materials to get an idea of what I mean by having that full suction power again as we go through.

You can hear how they’re hitting the big horns on some crappy.

It’s really great for a pet hair pickup it’s also great for pet food pickup kitty litter picks up all those things.

That is a little bit heavier or fantastic with this machine. I’m going to pop this off right now. I’m going to snap on the tangle-free turbine tool.

Very easy to snap everything on and off it’s a click system. Here it’s clicked and locked into place there’s a gray button.

Here you would just simply hit that would make every tool come back out this just pop it right back.

All the tools with every machine we give you will pop in.

The hose as well as the one, so what we’re going to do is with this tangle-free turbine tool.

The design of this is that they will counter rotate. They are going to spin that hair into a ball. So that way the tool itself.

Actually, does not tangle with hair extremely important especially for picking up human hair or pet hair.

Like in your bathroom so here we have some hair on the floor.  I’m going to pick this up. You’re going to see once I’m done that none of this hair is going.  It’s going to get tied up to so as I stop this.

You can see that no hair has been tangled in the machine and that’s how the machine will stay now there’s one last demonstration.

I do want to show you with the tangle-free turbine tool, we’re actually going to pick up a long piece of a shoelace. You see that it’s not going to tangle up into the brush bar. So, as I turn this on and it doesn’t tangle in this tool again.

Everything at Dyson is very well engineered. So that includes all of our tools and the tangle-free turbine tool is just another example of how Dyson is always keeping on the cutting edge.

The last series here is the Dyson DC65 complete. We call it complete because we give you as many tools as possible with this.

You can do a full home cleaning. Really with any of these machines but especially with the complete, just because of all the extra tools and attachments that you do get.



Now you still get the tangle-free turbine tool which we just spoke about. So, it doesn’t tangle with any pet hair or human hair another great place to use this is the bathroom. So, you’re not going to tangle with hair there. You’ll also get the soft dusting brush.



You see how again the bristles are very soft for all the fine dusting, that you need to do.



You also have the stiff bristle brush. This is great for all those high-traffic areas, so your entryways your walkways place you may have potted plants.

Now, this tool is a very special tool. This is the multi-angle tool. This is spin 360 degrees both at the base as well as at the neck.

You’re cleaning your ceiling fans and your crown molding, you can tailor this machine.

Now a great place to use this. How it really is meant to be used is onto the hose in one portion.

Dyson DC65 Upright Vacuum Lineup and Comparison



Here I am going to show you all of the features and benefits of the new Dyson DC65. We’re going to start with the DC65 multi-floor.

That is our newest Dyson ball vacuum in the series. It has more power than previous models.

Here is one of our latest technologies, this is patented radial root cyclone technology.

Radio root cyclone technology



This new Dyson DC65 you have vortex finger; these vortex fingers are actually spinning the dust at very high speeds.

So that way you’re actually separating the air molecules from the dirt molecules.

That way all of the dirt ends up in the clear hygienic bin, while all of the cleaner air then may pass through the vacuum cleaner than the air that’s actually being pulled into the vacuum.

The cleaner head technology



The second thing is the cleaner head technology, this is one of our latest innovations.

It’s called an active base plate, it moves up and down.

When you have this on your floor; it’s actually going to automatically adjust to every floor type, keeping an optimal seal from the floor to the cleaner head.

So, if you notice other vacuums there’s a big gap between the cleaner head and the floor. That means you’re losing suction.

Having this Dyson DC65 cleaner head as close to the floor as possible, you’re not losing suction and you’re actually able to pick up more dirt and dust capacitate.

More flexible and powerful brush bar

This Dyson DC65 brush bar is special. You can see how wide the cleaner path is.

This is as wide as we could possibly make it if you see there’s very little plastic material on the side.



We give you the most benefit of the entire cleaner head. If you look at some other model’s other competitors there’s a lot of plastic on the sides.

We actually don’t do that. So, you get that full complete benefit of the entirety of this cleaner head.

Air watts

When it comes to air Watts, this one actually has 180 air watts, which is compared to 160 in the Dyson DC41.


We always conscious about the longevity of the machines and the longevity of the suction power.

With regard to the Machine, it’s actually made out of polycarbonate material. This is the same type of material used in football helmets as well as riot gear, it is very sturdy and very durable.

Hygienic bin

One of the benefits of this machine is the hygienic bin and it is very easy to open just one touch system to open.

There’s you have a red button. You’ll just simply push that red button in the bin will pop out. This is actually one of our largest bin capacities.

You’re going to be able to pick up a lot more dirt. Then it will actually empty right from the bottom.

When you’re taking it to the trash, you don’t have to fuss around with it.

Dyson ball model

We’ve changed radically from our previous ball models. There is the way that air actually flows into the machine.

Dyson previous models you’ll have noticed there was some tubing on to the sides, now it’s removed. Now we just have this one piece here.



This actually means that the air is coming in straight on. It’s not being tubed and moved through a lot of different parts and pieces.

This actually offers us even better suction power than our previous ball models.

Dyson wand

Now we have to talk about this Dyson wand feature. This is one of our longest reaches.

It’s going to be 15 and a half feet. The cord incidentally is 35 feet, which is one of the longest cords.

We make this bright red to access you just need simply pull up it. There’s no trick to it, nothing extra, and there’s even an arrow on here, that says to go ahead and go up with this.

You have instant high release reach one with this Dyson. As I mentioned you have that 15 and a half feet of reach.

You do your high cleaning as well as your low cleaning with this.

You can actually take off the wand portion and just use the hose.

A benefit for this is that if you’re trying to clean say a couch cushion.

You may not need the entirety of the wand. You just want the hose so you go ahead and you put any tool and attachment you want onto the hose portion.

You can snap on any tool and attachment into the wand. So, if you are doing your vents and your ceiling fans, this is how you would snap everything on and off.

Extra more suction power with root cyclone technology

Another benefit about the Dyson DC65 is that it has twice the suction power of any other vacuums and these all are going back to that radial root cyclone technology.

That technology is created in the bin.

You can see this Dyson has vortex fingers and the key to this vacuum is to be able to separate the air molecules from the dirt molecules.

This Dyson vacuum is going to pull in the air along with the dirt and dust. How do you separate them?

Other vacuum technology will use a bag with holes in it, so that way the dirt is trapped in the bag.

The air escapes out of little holes, some will use a filter, same idea where the dirt is trapped in the filter, which is full of little holes allowing the air to escape out of the little holes.

Dyson technology is different, we actually use high spinning air forces, very high velocity to spin that air.

So that way you’re separating the air molecules from the dust molecules; because a dust molecule is actually heavier than an air molecule.

Something it’s like a merry-go-round concept, the faster it spins, the harder it is to hang on, the same kind of concept that’s happening here inside the bin and it’s a Dyson patented technology.

We’re able to offer a vacuum that does not have a need for replacement filters. This is a lifetime filter. There is you have a backup one.

So, this never has to be replaced. The same thing that, no bags have to be replaced with this machine and no belts have to be replaced with this machine; because our belts work on a spring tension mechanism.

There’s actually some give into the belt, you don’t have to worry about that.

We have three different versions of the Dyson DC65.

They’re all basically the same, but they do have some differences with regards to the type of tools that come with it.

Dyson DC65 Multi floor

These tools that you’re going to get with that are two onboard attachments. You’re going to get the combination brush tool which changes from a crevice portion to the brush portion.

You have the stair tool. This is great for not only your stairs but upholstery your sofa your mattresses all those different areas that you need to get into.

They fit on board, so they’re always very convenient.

Dyson DC65 animal

You always know it’s an animal with a Dyson when it’s the color purple. So, with this one, we have animals in mind, so we are offering the tangle-free turbine tool.

This is a Dyson engineered tool specially designed to not tangle with hair. So, if you’ve ever seen animal attachments before, you know that they tangle with hair.

Here we have counter-rotating bristles, that actually spins the hair into a ball and then it just shoots into the vacuum.

So, this tool is designed to never tangle. So again, Dyson achievements and engineering even in the tools.

It also comes with the soft dusting brush.

This is a very soft bristle brush to be used on your blinds, your electronics areas, picture frames things that normally would need dusting.

You can now use your Dyson vacuum to actually do the dusting.

It also does come with the onboard attachments. So, you still have the stair tool as well as that combination brush tool. You’ll get that with all three versions.


Dyson DC65 complete

We call it a complete because really, we’re giving you the most tools possible. You can really do a whole-house cleaning really with each of these machines.

Some of the special tools like tangle-free turbine tool. You will get in this machine again and do not tangle with hair.

You’re also going to get the soft dusting brush. So, we have that soft bristles for all the dusting.

The two extra tools you’re going to get the stiff bristle brush. This is for high-traffic areas; your entryway, your walkway.

If you have potted plants in your area or just the places where you have a lot of foot traffic.

This is a multi-angle tool. This is specially designed to really hit the areas you can’t get to, such as ceiling fans, crown molding.

We call it the 360-degree multi-angle tool because it spins and moves 360 degrees.

You have the brush portion that spins as well as the main portion of the unit that will spin as well.

One of the main areas you’re going to use is probably your ceiling fan.

You would hook it on to the end of the hose and wand. You’d simply take it up high and reach there.

You also get a bag with this. That way you have a great place to store your tools. So, this can hang anywhere you like in your home.

If you like, you can also pack it up. So that way and you have all these tools you can simply pop it into a pocket, and that way when you’re ready to clean or ready to use each individual tool.

When we get to the pet hair you have excellent performance on all that pet hair pickup.

It’s even grabbing all of that pet hair pulling it into the machine and you even see all the beautiful groom line.

That we get so what we’re going to do here is going to go right from carpet to bare floor turn that brush bar off.

We have a wide cleaner path we’re staying close to the floor. Something else to notice with this machine is that I went from a higher power carpet right onto bare floors.

If you see this it will actually move. So, you see how that moved from the bare floors.

It moves right back up to carpet so again this is that active baseplate brand-new technology so you’re keeping that clean your head as close to the floor as possible.

When you have a Dyson vacuum in the upright position you’re using the wand. All of the airflows are in the hose and wand. Zero airflows are happening in the cleaner head.

You’re getting the absolute most suction power that we can give you into the hose and wand.

We go as we clean just some heavier materials to get an idea of what I need by having that full suction house again as we go through.

Here you can hear how they’re hitting the bin some crack feeds.

Then this again it’s really great for a pet hair pickup it’s also great for pet food pickup kitty litter picks up all those things that are a little bit heavier.

Dyson vacuum is our ball technology it’s patented so that means you’re not going to see it on any other vacuum the biggest benefit is that it’s going to be easier to maneuver.

When you’re going around your home and going around the furniture you don’t need much effort to actually move this vacuum.

It’s really a very easy flow you see how the sides here this is the ball so as you’re rolling around on the floor that’s exactly what it is.

It’s a roll so it’s not a very forceful push. It’s a very smooth use of vacuuming so in your hand really it doesn’t feel very heavy it’s very lightweight and it’s very easy to use.

When you’re going around your furniture and when you’re maneuvering around your home and ultimately what that means is that it’s going to be less time for you a roll to actually do the vacuuming in your house.

That’s what makes ball technology so special again it’s all about Dyson Engineering.

When it comes to our vacuums that include our ball technology another special component to the Dyson DC65 and its certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Actually, tested Dyson machines and they’re the ones that have given us their certification in their seal of approval and it all goes back to our Dyson technology because we’re using our patented radial roots cyclone technology to suck more microscopic dust and debris.

We’re not relying on the filters to clean, so the air actually it’s being pushed back out of the vacuum is cleaner air than the air that’s being pulled in.

That’s the whole concept behind Dyson Engineering and Technology is that not only is it going to be better with regards to better suction power.

This Dyson version also having the certification of being asthma analogy friendly again by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

All Dyson uprights have a five-year warranty but what makes this one just a little bit more special is that this one actually has been engineered to last up to 10 years which really is incredible for this Dyson DC65.

High reach cleaning



The Dyson DC65 is a very special cleaning tool. This is actually the multi-angle tool. This is going to spin 360 degrees both at the base where the brush head is as well as here at the neck. So that way when you’re cleaning your ceiling fans and your crown molding, you can really tailor this machine.

Now a great place to use this.  How it really is meant to be used is onto the hose in one portion. So right here I would go ahead and I would pop this on.

So, if you were to imagine a ceiling fan, I would just simply go up to the ceiling fan. How we’re getting all the way up.

Ceiling fan or if it’s a very high bookshelf a place that’s tough to get to or like I mentioned crown molding. You can actually get there with this tool and clean those high hard-to-reach areas.

How to use Dyson DC65 on hardwood floors

When, people ask me which Dyson to get? They say I want power. I say get the DC65. That’s why this is Dyson’s most popular selling vacuum over the past 12 months. The main reason again is power.

We test this against a hundred and one other vacuums and the DC65 had the strongest suction power.

We’re going to make our own mess. Okay so, however, you want to put it down. All right great you have kitty litter there and coffee grounds right to simulate the dirt.

If you have pets and two young boys. So, put down some cereal.  This is what I see all the time and then this is some rocks. These are some really tough messes, but I’m confident in this machine. That this is going to do the job a lot of people at home probably won’t even try their vacuum on messes like this.

That’s what technologies hear that power right once couple passes. This is gone that’s what’s so great about dice seeing. This is one of the strongest suctions that they have of you tested 101 different vacuums. This is the DC65 the number one selling vacuum from Dyson and that’s that number one selling brand.



We have a crevice board this is going to be incredible. So, look at that it just picked up all of the dirt and debris.

That was in these deep cracks and crevices you know what. That is that’s the little spaces between your hardwood floors that are the spaces between your linoleum and your carpet.

Those are the places that you can’t get to with the normal right good. I did that with a completely full bin that’s right that’s what the incredible technology is with Dyson, Wow!

The reconfigured brush bar is claimed to be shorter and stiffer plus it provides 25% more power. That means better deep cleaning power on the carpet in which this Dyson DC65 will shine.

The Dyson DC65 was able to pick up all dirt if not maximum of the soil on the carpet in just a few passes. This is the performance of a 10-month-aged machine.

Washing Dyson DC65 filter

Most vacuum cleaners available today have various types of vacuum filters, like single-use, washable, multi-level, triple-action or disposable ones.

The most popular kind of filter is the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. It has the ability to remove up to 99% of the smallest particles in the air.

We did the research for you on the filter cleaning of various brands and models like shark filters and so on to help you to clean your filter.

The following steps will show you exactly how you can clean your Dyson DC65 filter.

Always switch ‘off’.



Unplug before carrying out any maintenance.



Press the blue button at the top of the carry handle to remove the cyclone and clear bin.



Unclip the front of the carry handle and remove the pre-filter.


Carefully lay the machine on its side with the filter side of the ball facing upwards.



Turn the central locking dial anti-clockwise until the ball shell is released.



Turn the post filter one-quarter counter-clockwise to release.



Remove any excess debris from both filters prior to washing.




Wash each filter with cold water only.

Run water over the inside and outside of the pre-filters.



Then tap and shake the filters to expel all debris.



Repeat the total process until the water runs clear.



Squeeze and twist with both hands to make sure the extra water is removed.



Repeat the process for the post filter.



Leave to dry for at least 24 hours.

Ensure the filters are completely dry before refitting into the machine.



Refit the post filter onto the ball. Secure the filter by turning it clockwise so the arrows align.



Locate the ball shell onto the side of the machine. Twist the central locking dial clockwise until it clicks



Ensure the ball shell rotates freely.



Refit the pre-filter



And fasten the carry handle shut.



Replace the bin and cyclone onto the machine making sure it clicks securely.


Final Sentences

Having a Dyson DC65 can help you wipe out all dust molecules, germs, pet hair and other allergens that are embedded in your all surfaces.

These flying dust molecules can flow through the air and mess your house environment.

Regularly vacuuming floor also an option you can keep it looking fresh and new.

The Dyson DC65 Multi Floor the Dyson DC65 Animal and Dyson DC65 Complete are all-floor vacuums that can vacuum both carpets and hard floors.

If the vacuum facing common problems like blockage, brushbar obstruction, filter full of dirt.

However, it can interrupt your cleaning schedule. Attempt the repairs on your own by following our Dyson DC65 manual and troubleshooting guide.

Several models of Dyson upright vacuum cleaners feature with different accessories but as a vacuum expert, I recommend the Dyson DC65.

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  1. After washing filters the next day I put everything back together and roller bar works fine but when I try to shut of roller bar for the floor button will not work ????

  2. My Dyson dc41 brush bar works intermediately. It will stop when I pull the vacuum back, then will work when I push it forward, then it will stop altogether.

  3. My clip that holds the canister on broke so I ordered a new one. But even though it’s properly installed, it won’t pop back up to lock the canister on. Suggestions?

  4. We love our DC65 animal, lately when it is turned off it has a distinct whine as the motor slows down. Please advise, thank you.

  5. MY Dyson DC65 has a suction problem. There is no suction to the beater bar but there is suction to the accessory tube. All filters are clean. After removing the beater bar and the filter cap, there is not suction at the port on what is left. What do I need to do?

  6. I have a Dyson DC65 and when I attempt to vac a carpet the suction is so strong that I can’t move the machine. I’ve washed all the filters etc but still have the issue. How can I solve this issue? Thanks

  7. My Dyson DC65 will not power on. It stopped while vacuuming and will not power back on. Have cleaned canister and filters. It still will not power on.


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