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Canister vs Upright: Which Is Good Vacuum For You?

It’s the age-old question for anyone in the market for a new vacuum, upright or canister.

Really there’s no wrong answer. Both are powerful and get the job done.

But one may be a better fit for your home and lifestyle.

Upright vacuums are a good choice for homes with wall-to-wall carpeting because they’re easy to maneuver.

The body of the upright stays in front of you as you move, so you can cover a lot of ground quickly with minimal bending. Uprights are also powerful and Pet-friendly. Upright can pick up dirt debris and pet hair in a single pass.

On the other hand, a canister vacuum consists of two parts the body of the vacuum is pulled behind you while you push a suction head and one system to clean the wood floor.

Canisters are a good fit for homes that have a variety of floor surfaces especially hardwood. Canisters are versatile. There longer hoses help clean stairs and other hearts reach areas around your home.

Pick an Upright If:

  • You have a spacious house, and you need to clean wide carpets. Uprights have a wide cleaning area on the Brush roll, which reduces cleaning time.
  • You are often hard to clean furniture that you can around clean, but not as maneuverable as a canister in general, and some people are proud though low profile cleaning, uprights still limited in cleaning under very low height furniture.
  • You have dense pile carpets. Uprights have rolling brushes that Remove dirt and debris that is Wind up deep down in the carpet, the brushes are also very effective to take the pet hairs or cotton wool.
  • There are different types of carpets in the house, then the upright vacuum is ideal, with an appropriate carpet height control, according to the depth of the carpet pile, you can organize the height setting of vacuums.
  • You have carpet in Extremely Traffic field, such as the auditorium – the rocker will help remove dirt molecule.

Here are the Best Upright Vacuums which are available right now:

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Pick a Canister If:

  • You have a small to medium flat or The cleaning head is usually too small on a canister so it will take you a long time to cleaning.
  • You have clean gawky shaped flats or many types of furniture around. Canisters are lightweight and more manual to clean the bottom of the table and the stairs.
  • Ideal for cleaning a wide variety of cylinders as you have a mixture of carpets, rugs and hard floors.
  • As you have a collection of carpets, rugs and hard floors. Cylinders are ideal for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.
  • You need a light vacuum cleaner (4-5 kg) which can carry up and down stairs.
  • You have limited dust capacity.

Here are the Best Canister Vacuums which are available right now:

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Comparison Chart

DesignCanister vacuums are a two-part apparatus. The wheel body is attached to vacuum wand and power head through a flexible plastic hose.Upright is all in all one unit machine. It’s all unit are mostly attached.
Best UsesBest uses for the hardwood floor, pet hair, and carpet.Best uses for Carpet, pet hair and hardwood floor.
Cleaning qualityCanister vacuum cleaning quality varies by brand. You can get more performance from an authorized and expensive brand than a normal or cheaper price model.It also varies by brand. Particularly is worked well then canister when you used it for your carpet.
Suction powerIt has robust suction power.Powerful suction capacity.
NoiseIt doesn’t create louder noise.Little bit louder then upright.

Upright Vacuum

There is a traditional and exoteric device, of upright vacuum cleaners: motor and suction head are kept in the same unit, that user has to push in front of him.

  • Maximum upright vacuum cleaner cheaper price then canister.
  • When you cleaning thick carpets and rugs this vacuum is an efficient option, most of the time it uses motorized brushed.
  • You can control the transition of bare floors and carpets with your foot.
  • You don’t need to bend your upright, but if you use a hose attachment then you need it.
  • Upright vacuum storage is very easy.
  • You can assemble it very quickly and easily.
  • There is no need for extra preparation when you used it.
  • Most of the upright vacuum cleaner contains extra wider cleaning path.
  • The most Upright vacuum doesn’t have better sound insulation system. Because of that most of them noisy then canister vacuum.
  • Usually, upright vacuums are heavy and hard to pull and moving around the full house. Especially when you used it stairs it is very difficult to move.
  • Upright vacuum cannot clean effectively house corner area. But now some brands try to solve out these problems they equipped with a small hose to solve out this problem.


Canister Vacuum

Canister vacuum cleaner offers a variety of features designed to reduce operating noise, enhance convenience, and clean better.

  • Most of the canister vacuums are more powerful and strong then upright. You cannot find any limitation of its engine size. Canister all times holds excellent suction power and flow rate. So, when you used canister vacuum you feel easier and faster cleaning test most especially when you cleaning bare floors.
  • Canister vacuums maneuverability very simple and easy. Canister vacuums hose is special to clean dirt of stairs and other tiny or thick places which are difficult to reach for an upright like above the ground under or behind home furniture or tools. To operate this appliance is very simple, you just need to move the wand and no need to move the entire vacuum. In stairs or any tightly and hard places, you can maneuver it easily.
  • The canister vacuum is a much lighter then upright vacuum and it is easier to carry than an upright one. When you thinking about vac weight then canister is a better option for you.
  • This is more calm and quiet than an upright. Most of the upright vacuum assemble with sound insulation system. So, they don’t create sound panic for your angry neighbor. In average upright vacuum sound range is 75 decibel and canister are 60-65 decibel.
  • Most of the modern canister vacuums armed with the variety of cleaning tools like upholstery brush, crevice nozzle some also have a mechanized brush to boost their proficiency on carpets and rugs. It has a versatile option to use. When comes about to clean carpets cleaning canister vacuum is a better one then an upright vacuum.
  • Most of the canister vacuums have a retractable cord. It is important for the safety issue.
  • If you thinking about power option which one is better canister is better one, even though its smallest one has near about 9 amp of power.
  • Canister vacuums are not very quick to use. At first, you have to need to assemble it properly. So, when you buy a canister you cannot operate it instantly.
  • Sometimes it hoses and wand create a problematic storing issue. It is little harder to store a canister vacuum as well as upright one.
  • Many people don’t want to pull the canister vacuum behind them. If you like these people it comes don’t do this because it can damage your furniture or wall but some canister has a protective rubber casing to solve this kind of problem. Some canister wheels are smalls because of this problem these tools get stuck with power cord and thin carpets.
  • If you suffered from back pain then you will aware because when you use canister one you have need bend yourself over more and more time and that creates pain and harm for you. Try to solve out this problem some brands create hand controls on the wand. Remember your arm motion is important when you need to bend down for cleaning purpose.


Canister Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum – Battle Continues!

Most of the Vacuum buyers Suffer from decay between canister or an upright, but Which is perfect for you?

Their performance differences are different. There is not much difference between prices. The motive of this article is to not only give you the distinction between the canister and the upright but more importantly, let you know every discrimination you can make a buying decision.


Difference between a Canister and Upright Vacuum

How the motor is attached, this is the difference between the canister and upright vacuums. The Motor is associated with upright Vacuum, the motor canister has separated from the vacuum by connecting a hose. This define performance benefits for each vacuum, which is described below.

I’m going to take the diplomatic answer here: it depends.

Each has a unique benefit and difficulty. Most of these are described in the article. In general, vacuums may be more powerful, while canister vacuums can be easier to maneuver. Not all cases are the same.

Vacuuming stairs

Getting rid of the stairs with an upright vacuum is difficult, and Cleaning the stairs is more difficult. A canister, On the other hand, it is much easier to carry a motor.

You can use a slim vacuum to get around all the crevices of the stairs.

You can use the more lightweight vacuum to get around all corners of the solid stairs.

Here, easy win for a canister, of course upright attachments may throw behind easier, particularly for small sets of stairs. where the attachment can reach all steps freely.

Vacuuming tiny and tight spaces: Winner is the canister with a small margin

When you want to clean any tiny or narrow spaces then canister is the best one for you. But now some upright vacuum model improved their performance and the ability for tiny spaces. They include versatile extended tools. Usually, the canister has little bit smaller feature their motor isn’t attached to vacuum base unit.

Carpet cleaning: the winner is upright

Upright and canister both can clean Capet but when it comes about better one then upright would be your best choice. The upright vacuum motor unit attached to its main unit and that create more extra suction power and easy pushing to clean carpet perfectly. But if you use the canister to clean your carpet it’s difficult to maintain two parts of the canister vacuum.

Ease of vacuuming open and wide areas: You can choose upright

If you vacuuming open and wide areas, this is easy to push it around the space. So, you can use the canister to clean your house. But a pull a canister vacuum behind yourself isn’t a very easy task, but most buyers don’t have many accuse.

Best choice for non-carpeted areas: winner by a small margin is canister vacuum

The canister vacuum usually better choice for hardwood, tile, and especially non-carpeted area. Some canister has wands feature for hardwood floor area.

Some higher end upright vacuum includes extended tools and feature for hardwood floor. Beater bar feature is great for hardwood floors it can be turned off for suction and it can lower the vacuum to get it close to the floor surface.

Pricing issue

When you thinking about pricing upright and canister both are same and it varies by model.

 The best option for allergies no winner

This is an important issue which vacuum is safe for allergy and asthma affected people. You cannot find the exact difference between upright and canister. Vacuum cleaner sealed system and HEPA filter are the main problem aspect for allergy and asthma. So, if you suffered from these kinds of problem you should analyze both upright and canister feature.

Which is the better canister or upright one?

Which one is better for your canister or upright it’s all depended on what type of surfaces you want to clean. We have created a performance category that helps you to solve the problem. The canister vacuum is better for tiny or difficult access area. The upright vacuum works better on open and wide room’s area. They both are the same as multiple option price and allergies. Now the decision is your hand to choose the perfect one.

Our recommendation

Here upright and canister vacuum debate we found no one is the winner. Our details analysis should help you take the right decision about which one is better for you. Our preference is usually upright vacuum is better for carpet and canister is better for stairs and bare floors area.


Things to Remember

Each product has its own benefit traditionally. Uprights are the more popular type of cleaners in the USA because fitted carpets are more common in the USA. According to Google Trend Result, upright vacuum cleaners are better sellers in the Almost all the state.


An upright is a perfect choice if you need Absolute power. On the floor, where suction power is needed, the upright Keep it there. 

Compact and Mobile

Uprights cleaners are usually maneuverable and lighter and come with accessories that are usually work using every attachment all over the house.

Using a cleaning hose, nozzle and brush roll at the end of the Upright cleaners can easily get ceiling fans and your crown molding and Difficult to reach areas. 

Foot Control

Uprights have foot controls on the bottom of the cleaner.

Bagged or Bagless

Think deeply about which match you best.

The Convenience of the bagged is more dust capacity.

Otherwise, Bagless is more environmentally-friendly and affordable.

If you are using an upright or a canister vacuum, the choice about bag will decide on the basis of the above-mentioned topics.


Final Sentences

When your turn will come. It’s easy too close to a choice. Upright and canister both are the good choice for home cleaning.

These both types feature contains a powerful motor, light-weight designs, optimal suction, and good and easy attachment. Which option is better for you it’s all depends on your surface type?

So, when it comes to buying a better vacuum for your home it is best for you to research particular product reviews, scan online form recommendation.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to do all these. Our expertise research canister and upright both. You can find a quick solution here to choose your best one.

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