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ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robotic Vacuum Review

Our ‘Beeboot’ as my wife has renamed it is awesome! Way exceeded our expectations.

I did a lot of queries on ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Review and compared the pros and cons with various models and brands and this was really the best particularly for the price! It has Wi-Fi for app control, it connects with Alexa home integration, and comes with remote control.

My wife vacuumed with our Dyson beforehand to clean off a bit and not flood up Beeboot. We still had to devoid out his dustbin twice daily that first time.

Keep in mind we have 4 German shepherds and two cats. Moreover, now we drive our Beeboot nightly to clean home and he does his own cleaning job while we watch tv or busy with something else.

Our shepherds just hatch around until Beeboot comes around and knows numerous to move when he comes their way. My cat just hides until Beeboot is done his cleaning.


ECOVACS Robotics 

Ecovacs Robotics is a Chinese tech giant and top robot technology company in the world. It is best famous for manufacturing in-home robotic appliances. 

ECOVACS is a top auto cleaning robots’ supplier, committed to the robot vacuum cleaner, auto cleaner robot and has introduced various mobile robots.

The company was established on March 11, 1998, by Qian Dongqi and is headquarter held in Suzhou, China.

Ecovacs Robotics had more than 65% of the Chinese marketplace for robots by 2013.

It produces the DEEBOT, a floor cleaning robot. Deebot is a floor cleaning vacuum, which uses smart motion technology that guides the robot which can vacuum and wet mop floors. The Deebot has anti-drop and anti-collision sensors to navigate around objects for cleaning.

Confirm that the N79S is Right for You


ECOVACS App quest 2.4G Hz Wi-Fi. Please annotate that specific app features, like virtual mapping, are only compatible with specific ECOVACS products. Please check product portrayal.

Versus Traditional Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaners do not completely replace the demand for manual cleaning and are not a complete alternative for traditional vacuum cleaners yet. They comprehensively minimize the frequency and effort needed for regular cleaning.

Product Maintenance

For satisfactory performance please orderly clean the N79S. Please see the instruction manual for detail instructions on how to properly clean your N79S. The N79S comes with encomiastic cleaning equipment’s.

Area Preparation

Before cleaning, please clear the aimed cleaning field of objects that can interrupt the N79S’s walking, including cords, wires, etc. Also, note the N79S can become med under low height furniture.


Floor Type

For satisfactory performance, the N79S is greatest used on hardwood and tiles floors, or on light-colored thin, low-pile carpets. Performance is bad when used on dark-colored or Fat carpets. If your home contains a large number of rugs or thick carpets, we do not recommend the N79S.

Air Filtration

The N79S air filtration process captures fragments, that are flowed out into the air while it cleans, reducing the amount of airborne molecule present in your home. The N79S is not a worthy alternative for a standard air filtration system.

Noise Level

The N79S noise level in standard suction mode is about ~67 dbA, and it can reach ~70 dbA when in Maximum Mode. This audio level is sufficiently low that you can with ease watch television or chat on the phone without being troubled.


ManufacturerEcovacs ROBOTICS
ModelDeebot N79S
Length (inches)13
Width (inches)13
Height (inches)3.1
Weight (pounds)7.05
Floor TypeAll (except outdoor)
Battery6 Batteries required. (included)
Dust Bin Capacity0.3 L


The circular N79S is superb basic in terms of looks. At 13 inches in diameter, it’s slightly extensive than the Eufy RoboVac 11 and the iLife A4s (12.2 inches). But it stands at a comparatively short 3.1 inches, meaning it should compatible under all but the lowest-clearance furniture. It’s not exactly eye-catching, but its dark chocolate color should blend in well with the most home decor.


On the top surface, you’ll see a rectangular tab that houses the Auto Clean button and the Wi-Fi indicator light, above Deebot and Ecovacs logos.

The side is home to the power button, the front bumper contains the robot’s infrared sensors, and the back is where you’ll see the ambulatory dustbin.

Flip and lay the N79S over and you’ll find two spin brushes, a roller brush, two main treads, a nose wheel, contact chargers, and drop sensors.

Also, the robot itself and a charging cradle, the N79S have a remote. It seems a little retro, with a glazing black finish and a monochrome display.

The top of the remote has a Charge button, which returns the robot back to its home base dock, and an Auto Clean button.

There’s an attributional pad for steering in the middle, as well as a Start/Pause button. Beneath, you’ll find two rows of switches: Scheduling, Time and Date, Spot Cleaning, Room Cleaning, Wi-Fi Setup, and Edge Cleaning.


The app is well- schematic. When you first touch it up, you’ll see a list of vacuums you have – though, for most, there will only be one vacuum on that list. Tap it, and you’ll be able to manually dominate the vacuum using directional buttons, or set it to a position. There are a few modes to use. Here’s a quick rundown.’

Auto mode is addressed at being the most useful at cleaning the entire room. It’ll vacuum in direct lines, and then when it hits a blockage, it’ll change direction.

Edge mode assigns the robot to a clean job besides the edges and corners of your furniture or house.

Spot mode is manufactured to clean a specific portion of the floor, and when you use it the vacuum will launch in a spot and vacuum out in a serpentine.

Room mode is almost similar to auto mode, but it’s purposed more at cleaning a specific room rather than the whole home in general.

When you’re done cleaning job, the fifth switch tells the robot to return to its charging dock.

With the app, you’ll also be able to know how much battery charge the vacuum has, and you can schedule the robot to turn on at certain times /date– ideally when you’re away at service or out running in the lawn.

The app doesn’t look all that pretty, but it serves its motive perfectly well and we found it was very handy to use.

Smart Home Integrations and Alexa

Probably the best cause to purchase this robot over another robot is the integration it has with Alexa, and that integration works awesome.

You’ll be able to use directions like ‘Alexa, ask Deebot to start vacuuming,’ or ‘Alexa, ask Deebot to return to the charging dock,’ and in our testing, the vacuum responded instantly to those commands.

The only disadvantage? The vacuum doesn’t really work with any other smart home systems like Amazon Echo or Google Home. If you use Google Assistant more than Alexa, you might have problems with the Deebot N79S to answer to voice orders as we did.

Beyond that, the vacuum doesn’t compatible with the likes of Samsung SmartThings, Home Kit, Nest, Wink, or anything else – meaning you can’t really automate the robot to turn on when, for example, Nest detects that you’re outside of the house for the day.


Usually, the vacuum does its cleaning job, but don’t think your days of cleaning are elapsed you. Even though the N79S is superbly good at cleaning your carpet, it’s not all that well at staying neat and clean itself.

One of the things that we discovered had to be cleaned almost regularly was the roller on the bottom. Cleaning it is comparatively easy to do – but it was still irritating. And, of course, you’ll also have to clean out the dustbin.

Another issue that we had is that the robot isn’t always that great at staying out of the obstacle. For example, it’s able to get under some furniture, but for furniture that’s just too low, it might get jammed beneath, at which point you’ll have to go and relief it. That didn’t happen to us all that often, but it still happened on more than one instance during our touchstone.

That also kind of means that if you scheme on running the vacuum when you’re out of the hose, you may come home to find it jammed underneath some furniture and not at its charging dock, where it should be.

Apart from that vomit, when the Deebot N79S didn’t get affix, it actually worked quite good. It doesn’t do a momentous deep clean but it’s good at picking up most dust and dirt on both shorter carpets and hardwood floors – it’s not going to change a solid afternoon of wipe a hard floor or a pro-clean of your carpet, but it does fine at the basics.

It’s also pretty damn quiet, too. You could set it to clean at the sleeping moment, and as long as it wasn’t cleaning the bedroom, we fear it would wake anyone up.

Pros & Cons

I have described a few notable Pros and Cons in my Deebot N79S  review to give you a better idea about the product.

  • The Creepy cool product, I mean, it’s a robot doing your homework!
  • Entertained the pet/cat which entertained us.
  • Got beneath furniture without an issue and on and off blanket pretty well.
  • It does really well on hardwood floors.
  • Self-explanatory cleaning and charging.
  • Control with remote, Alexa, app, or onboard button.
  • It doesn’t easily get jammed.
  • Cheap, but gets the cleaning job done.
  • Some settings don’t work in particular houses; the single room setting does not work in an open area as we don’t have the authority to close off spaces since there are no doors between rooms.
  • Didn’t venture into other rooms much; like seriously this bot fell in love with my living room rug!
  • Couldn’t find the home to save its life. It could be just around the curve from the dock and hitting home would send it off on a wild adventure two rooms away. We had to take it up after every cleaning job and keep it just in front of the charging dock to get it to go home.
  • I would leave random dust bunnies behind even though we emptied it, which was pretty counterproductive.
  • Noisy.
  • Very basic voice support.
  • Watching it clean might drive you crazy.

Bottom Line

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum offers powerful cleaning service, app control, and Alexa voice command support for an unparalleled price.

DEEBOT N79S robotic vacuum review: why pay more?

What is the price of lazy? For me it’s $170; the deducted sale price for the Deebot N79S vacuum cleaner from Ecovacs Robotics that generally lists for $229. It’s clearly not $949, the price of the new Roomba i7+ with the self-cleaning base station that was just announced this month.

Let me be transparent: I’ve never seen, let alone practical, this new Roomba 805 that’s so tricky it can obviously empty itself and map out the furniture of your home.

I don’t need to, because I’ve been observing this worthless Deebot blindly bump into shit for the last five months, yet still manage to do an awesome job cleaning my home. It does so well on its own and has lavish manual controls, that it’s hard to understand why most people would need to give more.

But nothing, I mean, nothing is more embarrassing than notice this class of entry-level bump-and-run vacuums rolls right past piles of crumbs, over and over again.

The Deebot N79S, at last, gets there, naturally, because even a bunch of monkeys with typewriters will pound out a Shakespearean sonnet on a long enough timeline.

That works out to about two hours for the N79S, the time it spends searching the 13 x 33ft concrete floor of my primary living area (an open-floor kitchen and living room with a throw rug) before automatically returning to the charging dock.

The Deebot N79S is not a complete noodle. It does discover the edges of stairs to confine tumble over, and systematically reroutes when it stuck into a narrow chair leg or gets jammed under the couch.

But it, again and again, had trouble with the mountainous framed photographs that sat on my floor and rely on up against the wall. It was either rearrange or get rid of the Deebot, and we kept the Deebot.

The N79S is too excessive to have cleaning when I’m in the same room, so I have it scheduled to run his cleaning job nightly, starting at 3:30 AM. Yes, it sometimes gets stuck in a rejected blanket, sock, or a tottering USB cable plugged into a wall charger.

But for the most part, about 26 out of 30 days by my logs, I awake to detect it back in its charger and the floor clean. I have to empty the bin every week or so.

For natural cleanups, I can command the robot around with Alexa using satisfying, but general commands like ‘Alexa, tell Deebot to start cleaning’ or ‘Alexa, tell Deebot to start charging.’ Otherwise, it can be governed around more easily with the physical remote control or smartphone application.

I find these useful for directing the robot toward messes in the kitchen that coagulate under the cabinets using the Edge mode or for cleaning up after my wife gives one our baby a haircut using the Spot mode. It also lights enough to just sweep and plop down wherever in the room I need to clean.

Deebot N79 vs N79S

The Deebot N79S is one sample that clarifies how Ecovacs continuously upgrades upon its products. As the inheritor of the feature-loaded N79, the N79S gives more function in terms of controls. It also boasts a rapid-suction mode; however, the Ecovacs Deebot N79 robot vacuum is slightly Silent and lightweight than the N79S. Before we valley further into their differences, we’ll describe the many features you get with either model.

For example, almost each robot vacuum has a triple-brush process, Because of which they are able to clean hardwood floors, thin carpet, and laminate floors. You can pick from four cleaning options and put the robot vacuums on an everyday schedule. Since both robots are decorated with multiple sensors, you don’t have to worry about falls or collisions. Their heavy-duty wheels allow them to move almost anywhere without marking pleasant floors, and each one uses the same expert filtration system to minimize dust leakage. Features like Alexa Smart Home Integrations and a new Max double suction mode are the only two things that individual the N79S from the first N79. Both are features I couldn’t run without, so if you find a great deal on the Deebot N79S, you should powerfully consider it.

Why Would You Ever Pay More?

I’m late to the robotic vacuum mockery. But I’ve been calmly mourning for one ever since the original Roomba was launched way back in 2002 for a price of $199.95. As a pro gadget nerd, I’m required to always buy the best product available in the marketplace.

But the cost of the “best” Roomba in 2018 is, good, crazy, just to automate an easy chore. For $949, I could pay someone to wash my whole home and fold my laundry once a week for nearly three years!

If you’re paying more than $200 for a robot, then you need to earnestly ask yourself why. Do you have a massive Jenga house, a kennel of long-haired pets, or a need for a moving security camera? Because for most people, a good-enough robot like the Deebot N79S will do a very good cleaning job, particularly if you wait for the next irresistible sale.

Who Should Buy the ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S Robot Vacuum?

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S robot vacuum is schematic to make cleaning your house spontaneous. With a remote and Wi-Fi Features, users have the capability to control the Deebot N79S with the click of a switch. If you’re not a fan of manual labor when it comes to cleaning, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S may be a good option to figure out. 

I would recommend them if you’re searching for the following features in a robotic vacuum. 

Want a robot vacuum – Robot vacuums are designed to run around your home and do all the cleaning for you. That said, suction power on the Ecovacs Deebot N79S does leave something to be intended. It’s best harmonized for low pile carpet and hardwood/tile floors.

Like the idea of an app and a remote – The Ecovacs Deebot N79S vacuum can be governed by its dominated remote or with the Ecovacs smartphone app. Both options offer users to clean their floors without having to ever stand up.


Want a standard value– Cost on the tail end of the price level, this robot vacuum gives a very cheap value. The overall cleaning job for the cost you give adds up to a well-rounded Ecovacs robot vacuum.


Overall, the Ecovacs Deebot N79S gives a firm value. This vacuum has numerous equivalences with the Eufy Robovac 11, including a similar price.

This specific Ecovacs Deebot also did well in the dominance of our cleaning tests, only adding to the value of the vacuum. To that end, the Deebot N79S did conflict at times on low pile and high pile carpet. The suction power was simply not enough to reach the deeply inherent particles of debris (sugar mainly).

Despite the troubles with sugar molecules, I am still impressed with the overall performance, especially weigh the price.

Ecovacs also gives a 1-year warranty and 30-day refund policy through Amazon or another marketplace.

ECOVACS warranty states the following

The Ecovacs robot that you bought will be free from lack of components and workmanship when used under common conditions for 1-year from the product purchase date.

The one remaining worry I do have is simply the battery issue. It’s great that Ecovacs is giving these for free to all customers who quest a replacement (warranty or not). However, I would feel much better if I could simply purchase one without having to go through customer service.

My fear is that the manufacturer may switch the policy in the tomorrow, or otherwise that batteries simply won’t be available, leaving me with what amounts to an extensive paperweight once the first battery dies.


Question: Deebot N79 vs N79S?

Answer:  The DEEBOT N79S is an upgraded version of the DEEBOT N79. The N79S features a ‘Max Mode suction’ option which offers you to increase its suction power by fifty parents based on your cleaning needs. In addition to the ECOVACS app, the DEEBOT N79S is suitable for the Amazon Alexa device.

Question: Does it work with Google Home?

Answer: No, ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S doesn’t work with Google Home.

Question: Is the filter washable?

Answer:  ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S has a blue fine mesh screen and a foam pad, both are washable. It also has a paper filter that may not washable, but of course replaceable.

Question: Is the cleaner compatible with the European voltage of 240 v?

Answer:  If you get a converter to 120v 50-60Hz at 0.5 amps, yes.

Question:  Can it pick up long hair?

Answer: Yes, it does. You just have to take the brush roller out (which is simple to do) and cut the hair off of it with a brush/cutter which is included. Otherwise, the brush will probably not suck up as much dirt and debris.

Question:  Do I need to have internet access to use this vacuum? Or does it also have manual buttons?

Answer: No, you don’t need internet access! It has manual buttons and remote control. You just need Wi-Fi if you want to use the app. ecovacs-deebot-n79-review-in-200-and-alexa-supported-remote-control Question:  Does it work in the dark?

Answer:  Yes, it does. I had it last night and all the lights were out. No problems at all. Great purchase!

Question:  Is it good for hardwood?

Answer: Yes. It’s great on hardwood, tile, linoleum, and low pile carpet. It’s really a great machine and a great price. I would gladly recommend it to a friend or anyone.

Question: How does it handle pet fur?

Answer: The DEEBOT N79S completely cleans pet hair because of a durable three-stage cleaning system, including a deep reach main brush, and powerful suction. Note that hair can get wrapped on the brushes, which might increase the frequency with which you have to clean it. It does an amazing cleaning job with fur from short hair dogs. I have a princess with long hair and I need to cut it off the brush every few runs.


Final Verdict

The Ecovacs Deebot N79S is a great way to bath your toe into smart robotic vacuums without costs too much money.

If your smart home is determinate to Amazon’s growing ecosystem and you don’t mind the fact that the vacuum will need a solid cleaning every now and then, then it’s a great choice.

It’s easy to use, usually good at cleaning most dust and dirt and works very well with Alexa or the Ecovacs app.

In the eye of ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S robot vacuum reviews, it’s not for everyone. If you’re an Apple, Google, Samsung, Nest or Wink user that designs on integrating a vacuum into your smart home or you’re someone who wants a solid clean every day, then you have to turn elsewhere.

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