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Deebot Troubleshooting – Advanced Tips And Tricks


If your Deebot vacuum does not start or turn on, you must fix your deebot vacuum and it’s charging stand, as the error may be due to the deebot vacuum cleaner not charging.

Unplug the power cord from the charging station and wipe the contacts with a rough cloth. Then leave the charging station for 30 minutes before reconnecting the power cord.

Step to follow

If this does not solve the problem, the cause may be the faulty charging cable, battery, or charging station.

  • If the battery is defective, the light will likely turn on when the robotic vacuum cleaner is in the charger. So, if there is light on while charging and it does not start, the battery may be defective. You can find a new battery here. If there is no light on the indicator light, the error may be due to a faulty charging cable or a malfunctioning charging station.
  • Check the charging cable if it is intact. If it is intact, then the charging station may be defective. Contact us here to order a new charging station for your robot vacuum or a new charger cable if you find it inoperative. Remember to provide as much information as possible that can be found on the nameplate.

Recent battery replacement?

If you recently replaced your Deebot vacuum’s battery, the reason it won’t start may simply be that the new battery is incompatible with the robot vacuum. Check compatibility.

A fault in the electrical installation

When your Deebot robotic vacuum cleaner no longer works, the power plug of the charging cradle might not be powered properly, or the plug is not thoroughly inserted into the socket. The cord can also be completely pulled out of the reel may due to excessive pulling.

If you notice that all the electrical devices supplied by the same circuit no longer work. The problem does not come from your robot vacuum cleaner, but a general power failure, an intervention on your circuit breaker may be enough to solve the problem.

The power cord is cut or defective

Another reason if your Deebot vacuum cleaner no longer works is its power cord may be defective. It can be a conductive wire which is cut or detached from its terminal and which can create heating going even until breaking the circuit.

Whether your cord is supplied with 230 volts or not can be checked using a transformer with a multimeter.

In the alternating voltmeter position for cords without a transformer. And most of the time your device is equipped with a transformer. A tension must appear! You should use a powerful robot vacuum like deebot n79s, which has a strong power cord.

A problem with the battery

Your Deebot battery may just need to be recharged! Check that is the minimum charge level required to operate is reached. If your battery is charging normally, but the indicator light still does not come on, it may be a problem with the battery connection: the pins of the battery may no longer make contact well. It could also be that your vacuum cleaner fork connection is clogged with dirt preventing efficient charging. After checking all these points, if the battery still does not work, it is likely worn out. It will therefore have to be replaced.

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5 thoughts on “Deebot Troubleshooting – Advanced Tips And Tricks”

  1. I check the battery and battery charger with a multmeter . Battery 14.56v charger 19.5v. Vacuum will not run or even light up. Any ideas? Thanks Ted

  2. red light blinks 3 times indicating the dust bin is not installed correctly. however, the deebot will operate correctly with the mop bin installed. I’ve cleaned the filter and cleaned the unit with no luck.

  3. I have Deebot ozmo 920 it keeps giving an error that the brush is tangled please clean my brush.. there is nothing tangled in the brush but it’s not moving at all what to do!?


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