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Black Friday Rises the Death Counts: Not Just the Sales

Not just the price of the product lows down, but the price of human life also gets reduced on this day!

On just some pooh-pooh products, people are just showing the ultimate insanity and risking their valuable lives.

It’s not just a matter of fun, but death counts during Black Friday are rising day by day since the first incident occurred in 2008.

It’s a matter of concern that the number of brutal deaths and injuries caused by people is rising day by day only because of the eagerness of getting some discounted products.

Many many online portals and newspapers have been published times after times only discussing on this matter, but the problem is, people not even giving a shit on this.

All we are in a run to save some pennies not only risking our own lives but our family’s life also. From the storekeepers to the pregnant mother event, the older guys and children are becoming the victims of the Black Friday rush on the stores.

Getting trampled by thousands of peoples is the very normal kind of scene of death on this day. But people involve in man-to-man combat situations only over an Xbox.

Here our motive is not to discourage you from not to buy anything on this day, but our try is to make you beware of the chaotic situations and suggesting you some other ways to enjoy the Black Friday fully being safe and sound.

The death and injuries

Yes, that may be a matter to ignore for everyone earlier, but during the years, the death and injuries during Black Friday have been risen in such a mentionable number and become a real and strong matter of concern for everyone.

Till 2008 to 2018, the death count of the Black Friday reached 12, and the number of injuries reached 117, which are occurred for no reason but only because of our unconsciousness.

This count of unwanted incidents is the result of our over-enthusiasm for saving some damn money. We are just taking our sales events so seriously that we are not even caring for our lives.

Hard talk is, we are in a rush to save our money but not knowing the cost!


Incidents to know

Many incidents occurred during the Black Friday rush. Incidents are just many in numbers, but some of them are very much serious and more mentionable than others.

It may seem like a bad promotion of Black Friday for you, but we are just trying to make you beware of any unwanted situation as many victims are there who are suffering a lot.

Here some of the incidents that were very much brutal comparing others are mentioned in which people showed up their ultimate animality forgetting the total principals of humanity.

Pregnant mom gets trampled

Nothing just matters to our people when it comes to saving money as shows in this incident. Only to get 20, 40, or 60 percent less on some so-called products people are just getting mad.

So mad that they don’t even have the time to see what they are stepping on. As it shows in the reports in 2005, an especially rowdy crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan charged into Walmart when it opened at 5 a.m. and knocked a pregnant woman down.

It seems that no one else came to the woman’s aid, nor did they help the poor lady. She says:

“I reached out, grabbed that wig put it on my hand, and I covered my head, and I screamed for help.”

Two daughters died after a fatal car crash

Two little daughters just died because of their sleep-deprived dad’s crashing car. In 2012, Tandel’s family was driving home from shopping, and operating on three hours of sleep Arvind Tandel nodded off just before 7:00 AM crashing his Lexus SUV and rolling it multiple times.

Tendal survived with injuries, as did his wife and two of his daughters. However, the other two daughters, Nisha and Sheeta, were thrown from the vehicle and killed.

Neither had been wearing a seatbelt, and all four daughters had been crammed into seating for three as the SUV was packed with their purchases.

Meanwhile, a police officer was roadside, helping some folks change a tire when the Lexus struck his car, injuring the officer and causing the cruiser to hit one of the motorists.

This fatal accident total caused a total of two dead six injured and earning Tandel two charges of vehicular manslaughter.

Shoplifter grandpa has taken down

Age is not a matter when insanity is at its peak. Yes, that’s how this story says. Grandpa came with his 11 years old grandson taken down by police having severe injuries when trying to shoplifting.

Gerald Newman and his grandson Nicholas Nava were video games shopping at an Arizona Walmart when they were pulled into a bout of Black Friday madness.

According to Nicholas, customers were fighting over the games when Newman tucked one into his waistband for safekeeping. To the police he says,

“One of the people saw my grandpa put the game in this shirt and then told the officer, and then that’s when the officer flipped on and handcuffed them.”

Reports conflict about what happened next police said the man resisted arrest when an on-scene CNN reporter said he was fully cooperating.

All agree that Newman was then taken to the ground by a police-issued leg sweep out cold for ten minutes bloodied and handcuffed.

Newman required four stitches to the face before being jailed for shoplifting and resisting arrest, while shoppers accused the police of using unnecessary force.

Walmart employee crushed to death

Shortly before a Long Island, New York Walmart was set to open for Black Friday 2008. Customers lined up in the hopes of scoring deeply discounted flat-screen TVs.

After sometimes, the customers began hitting, pushing at the stores’ glass doors. Employees tried to contain the situation, but the crowd burst into taking down seasonal worker Jdimytai Damour in the process.

Hundreds trampled Damour and even pushed through the police and paramedics tending to him. Within an hour, Damour had died.

Additionally, four other people, including a heavily pregnant woman were also injured in this massacre.

Pharmacist left to die without treatment

People were so mad to get the discounted products that they left a 61-year old pharmacist to die even after noticing him sick and fallen on the ground.

In 2011, at West Virginia, a 61-year old pharmacist named Walter Vance went for some Christmas shopping on the Target store.

Shortly after, he dealt with some severe heart conditions and fell on the ground, but the matter is, no one comes for his help. Everyone was in a rush to get their goods.

Everyone noticed, but no one helped, and the result is, the man died without any treatment.

There are many more incidents regarding Black Friday that are to mention, but here to say, all of them aren’t possible. The most brutal and inhuman ones are presented here to make you beware of.

Who are the Victims, and why these things are happening?

If we notice at the videos and the incidents mentioned here, we see that most of the victims of the brutal black Friday incidents are pregnant women, children, and aged persons.

Because these peoples mentioned are not stable for the overcrowded conditions of black Friday on the crowd, they tend to be the much-identified victims on that day.

People without any reason are just making trouble for their own knowing that the situations can prove it selves very hard for them.

To save some money, everyone is just rushing on those stores losing their sense of rationality — even pregnant women and children.

From 10 to 60, no one left even after knowing that what they are trying to get on the stores can quickly get online sitting at home.

Only because of some so-called insanity and over anxiety, people are losing their lives and their families.

Where it happens most?

Incidents don’t have any specified place or time to happen. Where there is a lack of precautions, there will be unwanted incidents.

Watching the crime rates and the number of incidents it shows, where there are more offers and discounts, there are a higher number of injuries.

The stores that have more products and discounts people are just rushing to those stores, and the incidents are taking place.

Tight space, more racks, a larger number of customers other many things are there which are leading this incident. Below here, surveying all the earlier reports, we have rated the crime rates at different stores.


Online vs in-store shopping

When is technology offering its best, why the chaos? Almost everyone is nowadays thinking in these ways. So, the number of in-store shoppers is decreasing, and online shopping is increasing.

Why not? In online shopping, you don’t have to fight with the crowd. No need to carry things on things. No need to take any hassle. Even the products reach to your home by the home delivery option.

According to the survey reports, most people nowadays are interested in online shopping during black Friday, avoiding the in-store chaos. Let’s see what the graph says:


Know some Online Shopping tricks

As the number of online shoppers is increasing day by day so the competition of buying is also increasing. Knowing some tricks to shop online can help you to get the best deals in the event of Black Friday. Let’s have a glimpse of the tricks:

  • Do your research.
  • Set your budget.
  • Make a Wishlist.
  • Shop with your credit card, not debit.
  • Bookmark the pages and create accounts.


This article was to raise awareness among people and to make them know about the earlier incidents.

This was just to try to keep our readers safe and the motive of telling the earlier incidents not to repeat them.

Rushing on the stores like hell, in my opinion, is nothing just a childish behavior. And, those who are bringing their family on this rush are no one but fools.

This era is the era of technology, and technology is giving us opportunities. So, why not use them?

When we are getting the opportunities, we should use them as much as we can. And, the time also says to go online, and it’s time to go online.

The last talk is, we are not saying that you do not go to the stores, but why are you planning to take hassle when you have more comfortable ways.

Black Friday is knocking at the door on November 29. Time to get ready for the fun to get things with more discounts.

So, let’s shop and be safe!

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