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Raycop RS2 UV Sanitizing HEPA Allergen Vacuum

Paul Banas from pregnancymagazine said that Okay, Raycop RS2 is a silly name and it doesn’t describe this product very well. But when I saw it at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, I had to learn more. This small handheld vacuum cleaner promises to go where no other vacuums have gone in eliminating household dust, allergens and bacteria on household fabrics. Not only does it have a HEPA level filter, but using ultraviolet (UV) light, it also disinfects as you vacuum.

More importantly for our family, it promises to also suck up 99% of allergens including dust mites (and their refuse). We have one child so severely affected by pollen, dust mites and pet allergies that he’s been taking shots for four years. I was excited to give the Raycop a try.

Every second pollutants like dust mites, bacteria and viruses settle into your fabrics. E-coli and staphylococcus bacteria and the H1N1 virus have all been found in mattresses and are invisible to the naked eye.


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