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Narwal Robot Vacuum and Mop Amazing Self Cleaning System

Vena from forbes said that The Narwal Robotic Cleaner is altogether a different type of robotic cleaning solution. Available via a Kickstarter campaign for an introductory price of $549 and shipping in the September timeframe, the product both vacuums and mops in separate modes.

Though it looks like your typical round rug-cleaning robot vacuum, the product utilizes LIDAR technology (similar to Neato Robotics’ products) and smart sensors to intelligently navigate your home floor.

A laser turret enables the LIDAR on top of the unit. To enable floor vacuuming, the user attaches a sweeping module to studs at the bottom of the cleaner; a mopping module is swapped in for wet floor cleaning.

The Narwal Robot Cleaner utilizes two one-of-a-kind 5-liter water tanks in its stylishly designed base station, which are used in mopping mode to clean the mop and charge the unit.

Unlike other robot mops that wet and drag around a microfibre cloth, the Narwal solution’s aforementioned mopping module, when attached, rotates the two triangular microfibre clothes for a very deep clean.


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