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The Best Hepa Filter Vacuums for the Home

Glenda Taylor from bobvila said that As part of a comprehensive plan to reduce dust, pet dander, and other indoor allergens, consider using a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

These vacuums trap a higher amount of airborne allergens, so the air in your home stays healthier.

Keep reading to learn what to look for when shopping and to find out why we’ve chosen the below models as the very best HEPA vacuum options out there.

All vacuums work on a similar principle—they suck up dirt and debris, deposit it in either a vacuum bag or a collection bin, and expel the sucked-in air back into the room.

Also, all vacuums have filters designed to keep debris from entering and damaging the machine’s motor, and some even come with additional exhaust filters to help keep dust and other tiny particulates from recirculating back into the room.


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