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Vax Blade 3 Cordless Stick Vacuum an Affordable One

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING INSTITUTE TEAM from Good Housekeeping said that With excellent pet hair pick-up, Vax’s cordless stick vacuum is a great choice for cat and dog owners. Dust removal is good on all floor types and it doubles up as a handheld, so is a versatile choice. At just short of £180, it’s also good value for a cordless vacuum.

With almost top marks for pick-up on all floor types, this vacuum is a great all-rounder. While it performed well in our tests, on carpet it didn’t quite demonstrate the impressive pick-up of a full-size corded vacuum. That said, it still did a fantastic job. Especially when removing pet hair, which was thanks to the main motorised floor head. It manoeuvred easily, but the handheld unit was quite heavy and bulky. This was particularly noticeable in more confined spaces and after prolonged use.

It had a battery life of up to 40 minutes. When used on ‘boost’ mode, it lasted almost 12 minutes – long enough to whip around a couple of rooms. A full charge takes around three hours, so those with larger homes would do well to invest in a second battery. That way, at least one battery could always be on charge.


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