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Shark ION Robot AV752 Multi-Surface Cleaning

Alexander from householdme said that Even though Shark is mainly known for its upright and convertible canister vacuum cleaners, don’t sleep on the company’s lineup of robotic vacuum cleaners.

Today, we’re looking at the ION AV752, Shark’s low-end robot for budget-conscious shoppers. Please read our review to see whether the AV752 is the right fit for your floors.

The AV752 uses three brushes—one main brush and two side brushes—to loosen and draw in dirt from every side.

The multi-surface brush roll works exceptionally well on smooth floors and reasonably well on carpets.

Customers claim that it takes the AV752 multiple passes to pick up rice-sized debris from low-pile carpets, so one or two cycles is all it takes to have spotless floors.


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