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Samsung Jet 75 Premium Sleek Cordless Stick Vacuum

lifeonvirginiastreet said that In a house with dark hardwood floors, lots of natural light, and three cats, it’s a never-ending battle to keep our hardwood floors clean. It seems like fur “tumbleweeds” show up hourly. Because of the shape of our house as well as ease of use, we prefer to use stick vacuums on our main level, and only have a corded vac upstairs where all the carpet is. We’ve gone through a number of stick vacs over the years, and today I’m sharing our Samsung Jet 75 Cordless Stick Vacuum review, as it’s our favorite stick vacuum we’ve tried yet!

As I mentioned, over the years, we’ve gone through a number of stick vacs. With Kurtis having worked from home for most of the past year and a half starting with his hip surgery in December 2019, I told him last spring he needed to chip in on more of the cleaning routine. It’s amazing how much more quickly your house gets dirty when you have another person inside an extra 50 hours a week! And while Kurtis despises vacuuming with our corded vac upstairs, he doesn’t mind using stick vacs at all (thankfully)!


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