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Royal Vacuum Cleaner HEPA Filtration System

housecleaningcentral said that Royal Appliance is the parent company of several vacuum cleaner brands, including Royal, Vax, Regina, and the very popular Dirt Devil line.

While most people have heard of Dirt Devil, the other three brands may be totally unknown to most consumers.

It appears the company decided to put most of its advertising dollars behind Dirt Devil, once its line of small, handheld vacuums took off a few decades ago.

There are several Royal vacuum cleaner models, made for both commercial and household users. An interesting model is the Royal RY7300 Protege, which is an upright vacuum designed for home use.

What makes this vacuum worth a closer look is the fact that the price has been drastically cut in the last year or so. The model has a suggested retail price of $499, but can be purchased from several online sources for only $100-$130.

While this vacuum cleaner has some good features, it isn’t worth $499. On the other hand, with the features it has, it’s a great buy for $100-$130!


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