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Little Bissell Green Machine for Multipurpose Uses

Welcome to Homeplix and to our review of the Bissell little green portable spot cleaner 1400 B it’s one of the more popular spot cleaners online. I put it through a few different tests and in different contexts, and this article will show the results of those tests and be our review.

The Bissell little green 1400 series is a spot cleaner, meaning that it’s meant to be used on small stains on carpet or upholstery. It operates by filling the clean water tank with a little of the included solution, as well as warm water.

You plug up the 15-foot cord and turn it on. When you depress the trigger on the handle, it sprays water and you basically alternate passes wild spring water with passes, where you just use the suction power to suck up the water.

Then you just manually scrubbed the stain until it’s clean and dry. These spot cleaners have become really popular. And Bissell has typically made really high-quality versions of them. This one, the little green 1400 is Bissell’s budget version. It weighs in at about nine and a half pounds, which is fairly light compared to some of its competitors.

And it has a four-foot seemingly sturdy hose. I measured the suction power at about 39 inches. And really, I’m not sure how that compares to other spot cleaners since this is the first one I’m testing in this series, but it seemed like it had more than enough suction power in the tests. Speaking of the tests, since this is the first in a series, it was important to standardize them as best as I could the test conditions.

So this is what I came up with. I use Georgia red clay and water, grape juice, V8 juice, as well as an extremely difficult to remove a glow-in-the-dark substance called glow germ all on the light-colored, medium-pile carpet.

If you want to know how to clean the laminate floor then check the link.

I painted on precise amounts of the clay and glow germ and rubbed in two tablespoons of the other mixtures into two-inch diameter spots.

And I let it all dry for over 24 hours. I did three different types of passes on the vertical stains. Two passes on the first line four passes on the second. And then one minute of freestyle scrubbing for lack of a better term on the last line. Then on the spots, I did 10 back and forth passes each after all this, I found that it did really well.

Obviously, it did better. The more passes I did, but it did respectably well, even with the dirt and grape juice stains with just a few passes, the V8 stain would require more scrubbing as it’s just a more difficult stain. But in the next round where I spent. Five minutes scrubbing the entire area. It was almost, but not quite gone.

After that was finished with the wet stains, I was really impressed. And this is kind of what I suspect. Most people will be using this in any way, as you can see it pretty easily cleans wet stains with no obvious residue that was important to use the solution pretty liberally, and to really use that suction power to suck up all the material, even from deep down in the carpet, as far as the black light stain, as I said, it’s a pretty stubborn substance.

So I wasn’t too surprised to see that after the five minutes, while there was some reduction, it was still basically there. I’ll be interested to see if any spot cleaners in this series are able to make a dent in this particular stain. So as far as the test, I think it was really good at doing its most basic job, which was cleaning both wet and dry stains.

I also found that it was compact and easy to use for car upholstery though. I didn’t need to use an extension cord.

Since, as I mentioned, the cord is only 15 feet long. I was actually surprised and a little bit embarrassed to see how dirty the water was when cleaning my car upholstery. So that might be a reason for you to get one as well.

I like the way the hose attached to the unit for storage, which is not something that you can take for granted. The one attachment it came with was adequate, though.

If you upgrade to a more expensive unit, what you mostly get is a different style of the scrubbing brush. Really my only complaint was the somewhat awkward, dirty water tank.

It just had an odd way of keeping the water in which I hadn’t seen before. It’s designed to be really easy to pour out of the top to empty it. But I found that you have to be really careful with that since it doesn’t really have a cap or anything.

And the second time I used it, I ended up spilling all the dirty water on my carpet when I took it out, which kind of defeated the purpose because I tilted it too much.

And I wasn’t really thinking, obviously that’s operator error on my part, but I have used enough of these to know that if you’re not careful, this could be an issue for you as well, but to sum it all up.

I think the thing to like about the Bissell little green 1400 B is that you can get a really well-built and effective spot cleaner by one of the leaders in the industry for a very reasonable price.

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Jayla Andrulonis from realsimple said that While dogs, kids, and adult beverages that fall under the category of “red” are things that certainly add joy to your life, they can also do a number on your home.

So whether you’re dealing with mystery stains or can point to the culprit of a spill or accident, having a good carpet cleaner in your corner is a must.

And thanks to Amazon, there’s never been a better time to add one to your arsenal. Right now, you can get Bissell’s Multi-Purpose Portable Little Green Cleaner — which just so happens to be the overall best-seller in the category of carpet & upholstery cleaning machines — on sale.


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