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ILIFE EASINE G80 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Nick Rego from said that The Easine G80 looks great, but deliver mediocre cleaning performance. You’ll be going over certain areas (and rugs) multiple times, and the air exhaust system is really quite poor. The washable filters are a nice bonus, but the overall suction power of the device is really underwhelming.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a dime a dozen, ranging from the super-affordable to the tech-heavy offerings such as those from Dyson. The Easine G80 is a budget-friendly option that is easy to maneuver and has some interesting features that are useful to have on a cordless vacuum.

Its downfall however, is with its inability to perform the very task it was designed for – cleaning. The suction power on the G80 isn’t quite enough to leave your floors spotless, even when used on its max setting. This means that you’ll be going over areas a few times to pick up all the dirt, and even when you think you’ve got it all – especially on carpets – you’ll find some things have been missed.


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