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How To Deodorize Carpets For That Fresh Smell

KHTS Articles from hometownstation said that Carpets have to withstand a lot, from spills to dust to pet dander. It’s no wonder then that over time they can begin to feel musty. Even when you vacuum regularly, odors can linger.

But don’t get rid of your carpet just yet, because there are plenty of ways to deodorize carpets and banish nasty smells.

Try enzyme cleaner

As part of a thorough deep-cleaning routine for carpets, enzyme cleaners shouldn’t be missing. These are especially useful when you have pets and are looking to banish urine smells from your carpet.

You can find enzyme cleaners in most DIY and homeware stores. Best of all, they aren’t just great for nasty smells, they also eliminate stains like blood and vomit.


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