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Hosome Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 20Kpa Suction said that 160W Power, 20Kpa Suction Upgrade: Hosome cordless vacuum cleaner adopts 160W powerful motor that runs up to 80,000rpm. The vacuum cleaner provides 2 adjustable suction modes: up to 30min using time for 12Kpa standard suction mode and 15min for 20Kpa strong suction mode.

Give your family a more comfortable, safer living environment by strengthening the intensity of cleaning.

Efficient 7 Stages Sealed Filtration System: Constituted by stainless steel mesh, HEPA filter, nylon mesh and foam, the powerful 7 stages filtration system of Hosome vacuum cleaner can block the big garbage in the bottom of dustbin and lock the dust firmly in the dustbin, making you breathe the clean, fresh air and reassuring you that the dust will not go back to the air to cause secondary pollution.

Double-roller Floor Brush & Detachable Rolling Brushes: This vacuum cleaner adopts double-roller design, which reassure you that it won’t scratch your floor. Besides, rotatable brush head and LED light can easily clean the bottom of furniture, such as sofa, bed. It comes with 2 detachable rolling brushes to meet different household needs. Hard brush is suitable for soft surface like carpet while the soft one is for hard floor, stairs.


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