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Brigii Y120 Mini Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Garrick Dee from bestcordlessvacuumguide said that There are handheld vacuums; then, there are mini vacuums. The Brigii Y120 falls on the latter category and is one of the smallest and lightest handheld vacuums, smaller than a ThermoFlash water bottle.

I didn’t know what to expect from this product when it was sent to me, but after testing it extensively for the past few days, I’m pleasantly surprised with the results.

It does what’s it supposed to do, but this product isn’t perfect.

Weighing just a little over a pound, the Brigii Y120 is one of the lightest mini vacuums available. It’s smaller than a Moosoo handheld and the Eufy H11C Pure. Yet, despite the small stature, it has just enough power for light cleaning tasks. I tested it on debris like sand, pet litter, Cheerios, and Fruit loops, and it can pick these items up. It’s a basic handheld, minus the bells-and-whistles that does the job, but it is noisy.


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