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Funny Vacuum Cleaner Commercial Ads Ever

In a vacuum cleaner commercial, BOSCH challenges a quiet vacuum cleaner. A challenge that only incredibly powerful and they show their vacuum cleaner is the quietest bagless vacuum cleaner on the market can be put through by vacuuming all kinds of dust in front of a sleeping Tiger Tiger Face on Messenger 1.0


This is the commercial of the new relaxed Pro Silence by Bosch and with a different vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner tester is gone…πŸ’€πŸ‘»

So, here is the list of some funny vacuum cleaning ads to enjoy the fun 😁😁😁

Cute Baby vs. Vacuum Cleaner

Love for The Vacuum

Funny Vacuum Cleaner Scary Commercial

What it LOOKS like when your parent’s vacuum around you

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Meet Dusty Broome a dogie salesman trying to sell a vacuum cleaner

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Miele vacuum funny road ads

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Vacuum funny magazine ads!

Giant vs Vacuum cleaner

Hilarious vacuum cleaner ad … Too funny lol

Funny dog ads

Funny cat vacuuming!

Lady riding a vacuum

The maid, with her old-fashioned brush, flees from the threat of new technology

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