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How to Wash My Pillow and Make It Fresh

In our everyday life whatever else we do or do not but we do one thing and that is WE SLEEP.

Most of the people when they asked, which thing from everyday life they love to do most? More than every answer was sleep.

That’s simple to choose sleep as the best option because our bodies are like batteries and after a whole day of use, it needs to get charged.

For good sleep, all we need is just a soft and fluffy pillow. When it comes to the matter of pillow, we always need the most comfortable one, but the TERM we always forget to think is a CLEAN PILLOW.

We buy it use it and using it, and the result is sleepless itchy nights after a few days of comfort.

ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH on their report says House Dust Mites harbor on dirty pillows and mattresses more than anything. Those mites are nearly invisible to naked eyes their feces are airborne and they are the most common indoor allergens.

how to wash my pillow

Most of the people allergic to House Dust are actually allergic to Dust Mites because their bodies and feces are major constituents of dust. Those dust mites are also responsible for asthma attacks.

It is not like no one is washing but following a mistake. Most of us just wash the coverings of the pillows and mattresses and forgetting what lies underneath.

The cause of not washing the pillow is, not knowing about the method of washing the pillows. Only because of not knowing some easy steps, we are wasting our hard-earned money to medicines.

So, today I am here to get you to know about some methods with very easy steps on how to wash your pillow and to have a healthy life.

How to Wash My Pillow for different Pillow Types 

Washing a pillow is easy, but the method of washing differs by the types. Here you will get almost all the methods of washing different types of pillows.

Pillow Types

  1. Feather and down pillows.
  2. Memory foam pillows.
  3. Microbead pillows.
  4. Buckwheat pillows.
  5. Body pillows.
  6. Wedge pillows.

Washing Methods

1. Feather and Down Pillow


Feather and down pillows are the softest of all pillows. They are made of the small soft feathers and the feathers down the wings and chest of ducks and geese.

Those pillows don’t support that much. They are famous for their comfortability. Their ultimate firmness keeps our head on the position as it needs to be. The most popular type of pillow comes with the fill power of 550 to 700.

Washing Steps

1. Uncover the pillow. If the pillow is inside a pillow protector remove the protector as well.

2. Check the pillow if there are any holes or tears. If found any sew them up as soon as possible for better results.

3. Use your washing machine only if it is a front-loading because the agitator of the top-loading washing machine can make severe damage to your pillows. If you have a standard washing machine, two pillows can be easily washed on that.

4. Use low-sudsing laundry detergent. Use detergent less than normal and try to use liquid detergent avoiding powdered one. Powdered detergent cause allergy. Using less detergent because, as much detergent, you use as much as you have to rinse them.

5. Try to use hot water if you want to get rid of dust and mites.

6. One thing you must have to keep in mind that, hot water can also harm the feathers. So, if you don’t have mite issues use a little warm or cool water.

7. Use the rinse cycle after wash which can help you to get out any soap leftover.

2. Memory Foam Pillow


Memory foam pillows are the pillows made with Visco Elastic foam. Those are foamed with polyurethane and additional chemicals which expand its density and viscosity.

Those pillows adjust with the position of head, neck, and shoulder and give the body a natural resting place. Memory foam pillows can self-adjust in different sizes at different speeds.

Washing Steps

1. Fill some warm water in the tub or washing bowl.

2. Add a small amount of detergent in the lukewarm water.

3. Add a drop of lavender oil to keep it smell good.

4. Soak the pillow on the soapy water.

5. Repeat the procedure twice.

6. Remove the soapy water from the bowl.

7. Fill the bowl with some clean water and soak the pillows again and again.

8. Keep doing this until all the dirt and soap get cleaned up.

9. Very gently squeeze the pillow keeping your eyes on the foam doesn’t lose its shape.

10. Let the pillow on your outside clothesline and let it dry on sunlight.

3. Microbead Pillows


Microbead pillows are usually neck pillows. Those pillows are made of tiny beads named unexpanded polystyrene (EPS). The bead used in those kinds of pillows gives hard support to the neck. Most of the travel pillows are made of microbeads.

Washing Steps

1. Read the washing instructions provided on the tag of the pillow first. Most of them can only be top washable.

2. Soak a piece of cloth with soapy water.

3. Rub the soap-soaked cloth on the stained parts of the pillow. Until all stains are removed.

4. Now soak the cloth in clean water.

5. Rub the pillow with the clean water-soaked cloth. Make sure that all the soap is removed from the surface of the pillow.

6. When following the procedure keep one thing in mind that only the surface needs to be washed. Not just give the moisture opportunity to impale down on the microbeads.

4. Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows are Japanese traditional pillows. Those pillows give it hard to support. These pillows are made of Buckwheat seeds. They are quite springy but have a firm texture. They provide good support for the head and neck.

Washing Steps

1. Need some things: buckwheat pillow, an empty pillowcase, and a zip-tie.

2. Lay the pillow on a flat surface.

3. The side of the pillow which zipper, put it on the empty pillowcase.

4. Unzip the pillow.

5. Make the pillow upside down.

6. All the buckwheat seeds will get filled into the empty case.

7. Tie the pillowcase with the ribbon and get the cotton made the pillow cover out.

8. Put the cover on the washing machine.

9. Put some detergent on the machine. Less than usual.

10. Use warm water.

11. Rinse the pillow cover.

12. Dry it outside on the sunlight.

13. Once the cotton made pillow cover is dry repeat the same method to fill the Buckwheat seeds in the pillow cover.

5. Body Pillows


Body pillows are the pillows that we usually place between our legs. Mostly who are used to sleep hugging use those pillows. These pillows are very useful for pregnant women.

Usually, most of the body pillows are 54 inches. As they are longer than other pillows, the method of washing those pillows are different.

Washing Steps

1. These pillows are bigger so washing single is a better option. Single wash can make it cleaner.

2. Use cool or warm water to wash. Hot water can destroy your pillow.

3. Use a detergent in which one is milder and doesn’t contain chlorine and bleach. Use only a single cap.

4. Use normal temperature to dry the pillow. High heat can damage the fluffiness of the pillow.

5. Put some tennis balls on the dryer, it will help the pillow to roll and the structure will be unharmed.

6. After fully drying the pillow fluff it as usual way.

7. Always use a cover on the pillow to keep it clean.

6. Wedge Pillows


Wedge pillows are specialized ones. These pillows are orthopedic pillows. The shapes of the pillows are triangular.

These pillows are specially designed for people with chronic pain issues and poor circulation ability. Those are made with a combination of foam and polyester fiberfill. They are also good for bed readers.

The slope positioning of the pillow is helpful for the people heavily snores, having sleep apnea problems, experiences frequent acid reflux.

Washing Steps

1. Those pillows are not to be washed in the washing machine.

2. Fill your tub with water or fill a big bowl with water.

3. Use warm but not hot water.

4. Don’t use heavy detergent with a high amount of chlorine and bleach.

5. Soak the pillow gently. It contains a particular shape so the shape can get damaged.

6. Repeat this twice or thrice.

7. Fill the bowl with clean water. Soak the pillow on the clean water until the soap fully removed.

8. Dry it in the sunlight in your clothesline.

Those washing methods discussed are all about different types of pillows to make your life healthier. Pillows are our daily needs and one of the most important household accessories.

Our bed is our resting place. Whatever we do we need to rest. Without the pillow, resting is like eating dessert which is not sweet. We do not change our pillow daily and use it for years after years. Using a pillow without washing it is very much harmful to our health.

So, it is important to know how to wash your pillows.

A pillow must need to be washed for at least twice a year and continued sunbath every month at least once. Our article is to help you out to get rid of bites and allergies and to make you know how to wash your pillows.

Bonus tip: It is better to wash your pillows as needed, but after the date given by the company expires, it is better to change the pillow because the expired foam loses its shape and can be very harmful to your neck and back. As the expert report says, how much clean your pillow is, it should get changed every two years.

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