How To Vacuum The Carpet And Leave It 100% Clean

Who doesn’t like some warm carpets? With their beautiful appearance, they add extra beauty to our household.

Carpets are very important to make the interiors classier and attractive. They help to add more personality to your house.

Everything is ok and fine with the carpets except for one thing and that is to clean them. Cleaning them is quite challenging but not with vacuum cleaners.

You only have to know the exact use. proceed further to know how to vacuum carpet and leave it 100% clean.

Carpets are present in most homes and it has surely happened to you that after vacuuming it, you feel that it was not as clean as you expected.

Today I will give you some very useful tips and techniques to vacuum your carpet and make it impeccable.

  • If you have pets in addition to carpets, you will be interested in this guide on vacuum cleaners that work very well with the hairs of your animals. You should use a specific pet vacuum.
  • The first thing you should do is clear the carpet of all objects that could bother you when cleaning, such as tables and chairs.
  • If your vacuum cleaner includes a special brush for carpets, you should place it, and if it is a cordless vacuum cleaner much better since it will allow you to have greater freedom of movement.
  • Turn on the vacuum and set it to medium power, a very high power would suck up the pile of the carpet and a low power would not have the necessary force to remove the dirt from it.
  • Vacuum in the direction of the strands of the carpet, in slow movements, and then pass it in a perpendicular way to absorb as much dust and dirt as possible.
  • If the carpet or carpet reaches the wall, use the nozzle to vacuum in the corners; This is one of the places where dirt accumulates the most because we do not usually clean there.
  • The carpet should be cleaned every day if it is in a high traffic area of ​​the house, but if it is in a space that is not used much then you can do weekly cleaning.

Helpful tips on how to vacuum clean carpets:

  • Quick vacuuming is almost the same as not doing it. Slow and steady is the trick.
  • When we vacuum the carpets, we should not ignore those nooks and crannies where dust accumulates.
  • Cleaning carpets last after dusting blinds, window frames, and furniture surfaces will save us 2 times work.
  • Remember to replace the vacuum bags when they are at half to two-thirds full.

How often should we vacuum the carpets?

As a general rule, we should vacuum at least once a week. However, the more traffic our carpets go through, the more they will need to be vacuumed.

The general formula is:

  • Vacuum the carpets every 2 days if they are high traffic areas or we have pets.
  • Vacuum carpets twice a week in medium-traffic areas.
  • Vacuum the carpets once a week if it is in areas with moderate traffic.


Hope now to vacuum the carpet is not anymore, a hard task for you. Following the instructions given will make it further easier and smooth.

On the other hand, if the carpet is very dirty and has a bad smell, you can dry clean it with baking soda.

Just add it all over the carpet, leave it on overnight and vacuum the carpet, as usual, the bad smell will disappear and it will look much cleaner.

Now, if you want to remove a specific stain, make a mixture of water, white vinegar, and liquid soap, apply it to the carpet with a spray bottle and rub it with a cloth or soft bristle brush, then vacuum.

I do not recommend using a very strong brush as it can loosen the fibers of the carpet. So, follow as you are instructed and live happy with a clean house.

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