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How to Revamp Your Home This Summer – Best Decor Ideas in 2021

Summers are already here, and it is high time that you revamp your home according to the hot weather. Just as you update your wardrobes for the summer months, you need to do it for your homes too. You don’t have to do a complete changeover, but a little tweak at places will do the needful. So, here are some tips that will help you renovate your place without much effort and costs in 2020.

Declutter the winter mess

Winters are meant for snuggling with your favorite comforters and lounging on the couches. And hence, we are all guilty of splurging a bit extra on countless cuddle-y blankets.

So, your very first summer revamp move should be to hunt all these comforters lying in various Next you will need to take down all the winter decor. Takedown the warm, scented candles and glowy fairy lights. Both heat and candle scents increase heat in your home, so free up some space for your cool, summer decor!

Summer art

While your summer walls need not be particularly bright, you can use art pieces, paintings, and other decors to fill in the lack of color. Use cheery zesty colors as lamp shade replacements or use lighter shades of your favorite colors for cushion covers, etc.


You can also get some paintings with summer themes like breezy flowers or beautiful chirping birds to liven your living spaces. The best choice for your summer art should be a custom collage by CanvasPop. CanvasPop’s beautiful, vibrant canvases paired with your breezy smiles is sufficient summer decor, itself! These small little changes, when paired with the theme color of your room, provide to be an excellent summer space.

Bring in the summer colors

The summer sun shining hotly on your bright walls will not do your summer house much good. Also, the increased light of the summers will highlight old, creasy paint stains. But you can change this for good. A fresh paint job will give you the light feeling of a summer breeze.

Light colors are your best pick for summer days.

With the pastel rage nowadays, the pastel obsession can be used to revamp the otherwise too bold walls of your house. A new light paint job will create the illusion of extra space, which is a great summer look when clustered houses do not look very good. If you feel your summer colors to be too light, do some paint art on your walls for a livelier look!

Give the lawn a mow

The rigorous, uncontrolled spring growth of your lawns will certainly bring down the cool, light vibe of your entire house. The shabbiness does not suit summer very much. So, bring out your lawnmower from your tool shed and give your lawn a nice mow on one cool summer morning. Use your newly found lawn beauty to hold garden parties on long summer evenings.

Go easy on the lights

Light heat is unbearable, especially when some days of summer are unusually hot. So, to avoid getting blinded by the lights and to increase your power savings minimize lights. Use soft lights that do not produce much heat. Make natural lights your best friend in summer by throwing open your windows.


Enjoy your chilled summer coffee on a long evening sitting near an open window and relax with the summer breeze blowing on you!

Go green

Going green suits all weather and seasons, and when the outsides are especially very green and refreshing, it only makes sense to incorporate those lively factors into your own house.

The splash of green will make for the otherwise dull interiors. Choose fresh, cool, and refreshing plants and foliage to give your house a tropical feel.

The summer smells

Though greens will definitely liven up your living space, flowers will make the whole setting even better. You can never go wrong with fresh bloom. Pick your favorite flowers and arrange them beautifully in front of windows to get fresh gusts of summer smell whenever the wind blows. The flowers are also an excellent way to make up for the light breezy interior paints.

To get more of the summer smells, a few people do choose scented candles, but that is totally your own preference. You can also choose from a variety of air fresheners to make your summer home smell like roses, jasmines, and sweet lemon at the same time!

Rearrange your furniture

You might or might not need to buy new furniture in summers, but rearranging it can definitely revamp your home. Setting breezy and light-flooded rooms by opening and decluttering spaces in front of your windows or balcony doors is a must. Then set couches or floor cushions right before these ventilation spaces and get the most out of your room.

Also, as you rearrange your room’s furniture with well-planned ideas, the new free space, and the renovated room will make your home feel airy and lighter. If you plan to buy new furniture, go with earthy shades, driftwood, or even a splash of color.

Summers are beautiful, and with some beautiful revamp ideas, your house can be even more beautiful. Use tons of lighting, fresh flowers, and smells, to effortlessly get the house of your summer dreams!

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