Vacuum Cleaner » How to remove a roller brush from a shark vacuum cleaner – Let’s do it.

How to remove a roller brush from a shark vacuum cleaner – Let’s do it.

how-to-remove-roller-brush-from-shark-vacuumFor the proper regulations of the Shark vacuum cleaner, it must be cleaned and maintained often to ensure optimal performance.

One of the accessories of the vacuum cleaner that you should clean regularly is the roller brush. The Shark roller brush helps to remove unwanted objects such as dust, hair, and other small dirt from different layers.

Over time, a bunch of hair can get wrapped around the roller brush. Too much hair wrapped around a rotating brush can make it useless because it can block it from rotating and collecting dust and dirt. To clean the roller brush, first, learn how to remove the brush from the shark rocket suction roller.

Removing the roller brush from the shark vacuum cleaner — A detailed guide:

Step 1: Unplug the vacuum cleaner:

Of course, the most important thing is to prioritize safety and equipment before performing electronic activities. Therefore, remove the vacuum cleaner after connection to avoid an electric shock. According to the International Electrical Safety Foundation — also supported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — between 2003 and 2010, there were 43,000 deaths due to electrical hazards recorded.

Therefore, for safety reasons, make sure to find the plug of the vacuum cleaner and remove it.

Step 2: Locate the roller brush:

Access to the Shark Roller brush is simple. The roller brush of almost all Shark Stick vacuum cleaners is located on the bottom of the appliance. Position the vacuum cleaner so that the underside is visible to make the screws securing the base plate more accessible.

Sometimes the screws will corrode, but you can use a rust remover to scrape the rust off the screws to make it easier to remove. When you find the screws, remove them with a Phillips screwdriver on the base plate. To avoid losing the screws, you can store them in a small container or Tupperware. For the best use of brushes, use top quality vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Remove the brush roller:

In most cases, Shark vacuum cleaners have a plastic cover or front panel that covers the scroll bar below. After removing all screws, carefully remove the front panel to expose the rotating brush below.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the brush roller from the belt because it is attached to other parts of the vacuum cleaner.

In most Shark vacuum cleaners, one side of the roller brush can easily slide out of the chamber, but the other end has to be removed carefully from the belt.

If you do not want to remove the machine completely, gently turn the brush roller counterclockwise until it comes out. Be careful not to rush the brush as it may damage the strap that secures it. So, you should try to use best vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, you must be careful not to damage the tire when disassembling the roller brush. Also, note the location of the starting seat and the direction of the roller brush in the vacuum chamber. That is easy to assemble and install after cleaning. If you are replacing it, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to replace the shark roller replacement brush correctly.


Depending on the type and number of particles used in the vacuum cleaner, you may need to remove the roller brush more or less often. If you frequently use your Shark vacuum cleaner to clean pet areas or long hair, you need to learn how to remove the brush from the shark vacuum cleaner.

That is because long human or animal hair can easily mix with the brush roller and prevent them from performing their functions properly. This guide to removing the brush from the roller from the Shark vacuum cleaner will help you clean the brush roller easily, safely, and effectively in 10-40 minutes.

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  1. I have a shark navigator and i lost the manual.I am trying to remove the brush roll because i vacuumed up a dead bird by accident courtesy of my cat.can you help me?


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