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How to Make Mattress Firmer: Even in This Down Economy

Many people have a huge interest in Lucid dreaming. In Lucid dreaming, a dreamer aware of what he dreams?

When the lucid dream is running dreamer may gain some amount of control of his dream.

In that way, you may able to see your next day’s exam question paper and achieve a higher grade in your class, which you never dreamed about.

If you gain the power of Lucid dreaming you may able to see some unseen mystery, and also you may able to find the location of the alien. If you already knew about their location please won’t tell it to the world. People may show doubt about your intelligence. They get weird thoughts about you.

My recommendation is to try to take control of your life, instead of having control of your dream.

There are some people who dreaming of changes the world, and there is another some who dream to change the mattress’s dryness. Self-criticism is allowed here.

If your mattress was not well firm then how can you see a lucid dream? Ok forgot about the lucid dream, if your bedding was not that good! Then you are not able to see any sort of regular dream as well.

Having said that, 8 hours of sleep is mandatory for everyone. You have to fill up this course till your death. How can a person not think about that place? Where he spends eight hours of his life every day.

So here is the thing. I suggest you some hack for how to make the mattress firmer and you have to give me a treat for my suggestion.

Importance of Mattress Firmness

Firmness is important for your spinal health. It obstructs the body aches. Firmness is mandatory for back sleepers and stomach sleepers because it makes their spine and neck on proper alignment. It also important for side sleeper, too soft matters is the reason for waist pain. Arthritis patient doesn’t consider sleeping for one hour at the soft mattresses.

Not having a firm mattress, it embraces the possibility to fall for severe back pain.

Place Your Mattress on the Floor

Placing the mattress on the floor, it balanced your mattress firmness with proportion, by aligning with the floor hardness. Make sure your floor does not have any content like dust and dirt;

Come on! It’s a basic common sense. Otherwise, this may bug your mattress more.

Control Your Room Temperature

There are some materials like a memory foam mattress, it changes posture by changing your room temperature. This is very temperature sensitive. It tends to become softer when your room temperature is warm. So adjusting your thermostat can help you to make your mattress firmer again.

Add a Mattress Topper

Installing a mattress topper can give you back your mattress firmness. There are plenty of mattress toppers available in the marketplace like Amazon. They come with firm memory foam and good materials. These also budget friendly.

Replace the Worn Out Layers

Sometimes buying a new mattress is not a good decision. There are many mattresses has available out there, which have the replaceable layer feature. If you are using that kind of mattress, all you have to do is take down that layer, which one was lost you’re expected firmness, then the new layer will come out on the top, which hopefully firm enough. I feel like, that is the easiest and effective method for bringing back your mattress firmness.

Replace the Old Spring

Box spring can be were out for prolonged use. When they lose their strength, they provide less support to your mattress, which is why mattress loses the firmness over a period of time. Replacing box spring can be hardened up your bed again.

Try to Use Plywood boards

If your mattress becomes too soft, slipping a plywood board between the mattress and the bed frame, it may prevent the mattress from sagging. It gives your mattress extra support, which for your mattress became firm again.



Your bed can become softer for absorbing the moisture from the air. If you live in a very humid area, just take your bed and lay it under the sun, dry it out for the day. This is not the only firm up your mattress but also it kills off bacteria, mold, and germs. If you don’t want to take this hassle you also pay for a professional cleaning. But try to take this hassle, it’s good for you.

Rotate and Flip


There are some mattresses available on the market which can be used by both sides. If you are using this, just simply flip it out. Hope your mattress will be firmer again. Doing over rotating and flipping may damage your mattress very fast. Do the rotating and flipping within an interval of six months. Rotate your bed can help you out by the matter of firmness.

“Seems like making soft mattress hard is too hard” So trying our explained method may give you relief from spinal pain. All the method we explained to you this already experiment.

As we demonstrate above, the firmness of your bed is very important for your spinal health. In somehow it’s the reason for your bad mood because; well sleep and good mood are internally connected. Having said that don’t overpay for a mattress, otherwise, your mood becomes bad again.

The best practice is, stay alert from the beginning. I mean when you think of buying a new mattress, buy that one which one never fall for that kind of issues.

If you had a bed which is over ten years old. Eventually, you don’t feel the firmness which you felt before. Some married people can relate to this thing. So, it might be time for a new mattress and nothing else. Just for let, you know without good pillow bedding can never get fulfilled.

The ultimate thing is people sleep to relaxing, for not getting pain, though pain is correlative things to everyone.

We have some of the best mattresses resource for you, which comes at different prices, texture, and colors. You can have a look at them.

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