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How to Iron Without an Ironing Board: Great Alternatives

Ironing and crafting are basically one thing. What if you fall for a situation like, you have to attend a meeting tomorrow, but you already running out of time and then when you see on your cupboard, you found a desk full of cluttered clothes, also you accidentally broke your ironing board a few days ago. Don’t have time to replace it.

So don’t take a pause for it. People are insanely creative nowadays. Nothing can block them, they actually knew how to break the wall, and Trump knows how to build the wall!

Moreover, a few days earlier I saw a girl when she making a beefsteak over the steam of the iron. When I saw that, I got blown away. So in this way, your ironing should never stop for not having the ironing board. There is a saying that “life’s cycle never gets stopped’’ It seems like it stopped.

Even if you have an ironing board. Sometimes you don’t have time to set it up to give a collar quick touch up.

So here we are to let you know, how to iron without an ironing board.

Flat Surface & Comfortable Height

Try to find a flat surface, which has to level like a floor or table. It should be larger than your garments. Try to find a place which is comfortable with you hight, otherwise, you may feel pain in your different body parts. There are some people who iron their clothes altogether, height adjustment is important for them. Find a place near the electric plug.

Heat-resistant Surface

Surface choosing is a very important topic here, find something which is made from wood, tile, or metal, you can choose anything which is heat-resistant. Don’t choose anything which is made of plastic. Because it gets melted by the heat of the iron.

Never iron directly on the surface. cover it with some heat-resistant fabric. The firm and solid surface can make your ironing easy.


Use Heat-resistant Fabric as Surface Cover

Cover the surface with heat resistant fabric, like linen, wool, or canvas, to do your ironing on. We recommend using a thick terry cloth towel even a flannel blanket. Avoid using ailing fabrics like lace or rayon, which could be scorched or melted.

Be Careful About Garment

Plug in and heat the iron setting as much as recommended on the garment care tag. Check so often to be sure your fabric and surface gets too hot or not. Never leave your iron unattended or laying down position.

Don’t forget to unplug your iron when you finished your ironing. Wait until the iron gets cooled when it gets cooled then store it in your place. One more thing to remember keep it aside from your kid.

Ironing Blanket

Having a blanket gives you more convenience. An ironing blanket can turn any surface into a suitable ironing spot. It almost feels like just place it & work like play, though it’s sound so creepy but it’s true.

Also, you can place the ironing blanket on the dining room table, desk, your bed or floor if you want you can place it on a futon as well. The possibility is unlimited here, keep try experimenting.

Using a wooden table for a long period of time it may give your table some scare and scratches, that’s why remember one thing use that kind of cover which is heat-resistant.

How to Make Portable Ironing Board

Need to Arrange

Chose a piece of wood, approximate measurement should be (length 36 in by 24) (width 90 cm by 61 cm). Arrange a foam, and need a fabric which is heat-resistant. Also, need some good sticky glue or paste.

All the components are used here, you might find it in your nearby fabric and craft store, and the measurement barriers to your requirement.


At first stick, the whole wood piece with the glue then covers it up with foam.


After completing step one cover the whole wood with a heat-resistant fabric. Keep it in a warm and dry place and give it a while for sticking up the glue properly, and your DIY made ironing board was ready.

Making a portable ironing board is easy, but it may take some time and effort. That’s why my suggestion is to try to make it in your free time.

Having ironing board is good but not heaving ironing board is depends on what is your ironing style, how is your workload, how often you iron your garments. After running to it, then you might get understand if you need to invest on an ironing board or not.

However, you have fewer clothes like 1 or 2 shirts, that you need to iron each weak, and you can get it done nicely on the floor then you probably don’t need investing on an ironing board.

People who don’t just do ironing with their iron. Do other stuff like crafting and designing with their iron, having an ironing board probably give their work a massive convenience.

At last, understanding your situation may help you to make a decision. If you feel a bit confused then you may try our above-listed method and then switch to where you comfortable at.

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