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How to Install a Shower Head With Step By Step Guideline

Do you know about the shower thoughts? Any kinds of thought are arriving in your mind, while you are getting a shower, that’s called shower thoughts. In our shower thought, we think everything about our life and the world, accepts the shower parts, is there anyone ever think about, how to install a showerhead on their shower thought?

It sounds a bit odd huh? There are so many existing things in this world, to think about. Why would a person had a thought about how to install a showerhead.

Because it’s important and easy. If you are doing it for first-time. It takes max to max 10 minutes, that’s how easy it is.

Let’s look completely another way around, in this how, shower thoughts the main reason for changing your life. Because now someone generating an innovative idea in the shower. It’s funny but it’s true.

So here we introduced to you a method, of how to install a showerhead.

Need to Gather.

Crescent wrench, possibly a wire brush and Teflon tape.


Grab a wrench and align it as subtle as you can, so that you’re showerhead is not getting any scare and scratch, it’s basic for anything else you are trying to.

Detach your showerhead from the main arm. After detaching it, clean up your main pipeline, I mean your shower arm. Because there may build up some rusty blockage.



Remove the existing Teflon tape which is on there already.

Remove the old rubber which is hard to see, but you have to find it and remove it before you attaching the new one. Because the new one comes with a new rubber otherwise, it may give trouble like water leakage.



Make sure your shower was completely turned off. It’s important to them who have the forgettable and messy brain like me. I guess someone like me exists in the word. Don’t need to be turned off the whole water supply.



Tapped the new Teflon tape on the shower arm’s thread, the best way to tapped Teflon tape is tapped it clockwise. Tapped the 4 round Teflon tape around.



Get the new shower head which you already have, and attached it with the shower arm and tight it up properly. Don’t over tighten it. Turn on your water. Let the water flow for 4-5 minutes. Do you see any leakage in there? If your answer is no, then you completed the installation properly.


This method is famous all over the world. Because it’s easy and quick. All the instruments used here these also easily manageable. Nowadays that kind of subtle problem is fixed on our own. No one called an expert for this. People are individually expert now, by reading this kind of article which was also written by an expert.

Don’t assume that I am bragging. Be sure about it.  I knew some people who take medication from Google. In Google, you searched for any syndrome, it always ends with cancer. It’s scary as hell.

So moreover don’t get bothered with this kind issue like installing a showerhead. Know it properly and fix it. Read our article about how to clean shower head block holes. Wait for one more thing before we finished, doesn’t take medication from Google. Visit a real doctor.

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