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How to Clean and Sanitize Laundry from Contagions

So much cruelty till now we have shown to mother earth that she is somehow taking revenge from us. Newest of highly contagious diseases we are getting introduced with day after day.

Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu every single disease we have introduced in this century are not just deadly but highly contagious, and most of them are without any cure.

The newest edition of the virus we are fighting with is the Novel Coronavirus. It just failed all the flu of the previous centuries. This virus has spread over 205 countries, and now our country has become the epicenter of this virus.

This virus is just spreading like wildfire and destroying everything. One of the most deadly diseases it has become without any cure.

Till now, we don’t have any specific cure for this virus. What we can do is just preventing. We can prevent it following some rules indicated by the Center for Disease Control(CDC).

The principal way to prevent this disease is to maintain regular cleanliness. Every single thing that comes in contact with outside of the house needs to be cleaned.

As our own body needs frequent cleaning, as the laundries because they are also the carriers of the germs. We usually clean our laundries regularly.

But now when the pandemic has been spread a lot, we have to follow some extra steps, and along with cleaning we have to disinfect our laundries side by side.

Some of us have confusion about cleaning and disinfecting. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking both of them as the same process when they are absolutely not.

Cleaning is regular washing but disinfecting is way more than that. The process of disinfection assures no germs are left on the thing, and it is fully safe to use again.

So, as it is the demand of time, you will need to know how to disinfect your laundry from bacterial and contaminations.

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Know the Disinfectors

Before you start your disinfecting process, you have to know about the disinfectors. First of all, they are not regular cleaners.

They are more than just cleaners and more effective and powerful than other cleaning substances. Not having enough knowledge about the disinfector may damage your skin and the color and strength of your laundries.

Some of the most famous and useful disinfectors are:

Chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleaches are very widely used of all disinfectants. They have different purposes of usage. They are used to clean water in the water plants, they are used to whiten cloth, and they are also used as disinfectants.

In the case of laundry disinfectants, they can only be used with white cloths. If you use them on grave colored cloths, they can damage the whole color.

To be effective as the health care experts recommend your chlorine bleach must have to have 5.25 percent to 6.15 percent of sodium hypochlorite.

Phenolic Disinfectants

These are also famous as chlorine bleach. They are famous because they can be used in every type and color of cloths.

Lysol company comes with the most effective phenolic disinfectants, and they are easy to find in any supermarket. They are good to use with hot or warm water.

Pine Oil Disinfectants

These disinfectants are also useful, and to work better, they need to have at least 80percent pine oil in them. They are not so available in the market.

Many known manufacturers like Lysol, Pine-sol, etc. comes with this disinfectant. These disinfectants are suitable to use with colored and white laundries. The water needs to be hot or warm when using these ones.

Quaternary disinfectants

These disinfectants are the most useful of all. They are good to use at any temperature of the water, and they can cooperate with any type of fabric.

The only complication with them is, they are hard to find in every store. You need to work more to find these ones.

Some of the manufactures of this kind of disinfectants don’t recommend using their disinfectants as they are made to do household works and can damage the fabric of the laundries.

Note: always read the label in the bottle of the disinfectants before using it. Follow the instructions as written on the bottle.

How To Use Laundry Disinfectants

Now you have enough knowledge about the disinfectants. But our goal is to know how to use them. They with the perfect usage of these disinfectants you can clean and disinfect the laundries fully and disinfect them from bacteria and viruses:

  1. Use hot water of 100 to 140-degree Fahrenheit. These temperatures of water can quickly kill the bacterias of any disease like AIDS.
  2. Put your rubber gloves on and cover your face with a mask.
  3. Read the instructions in the bottle of the disinfectants to apply the right amount.
  4. Mix the right amount of disinfectant with the hot water.
  5. Thoroughly rinse the cloth on the diluted water.
  6. Repeat this several times and finally rinse the cloth in clean water.
  7. Try to dry the cloths on the sun in full heat.

Your laundries are free from germs now and ready to be used again. We are repeating that you must have to follow the instructions on the bottle to get better results.

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