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How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home: Ideas for Men and Women

Early morning, sleepyhead, you just looked on the mirror of your washroom and something like a yeti! Don’t worry! That’s you!

The effect of home quarantine is showing on your face just. More than a month has passed since we are staying at home. No saloon, no haircut. Everything is just messy.

Even your mustache has some food with you. So, now there is no alternative than just cutting your own hair. Which may hear bizarre, but you do not have a choice. As saloons are one of the places that can spread mass infection of disease.

A question may be rising on your mind that how to cut your own hair? It seems quite hard, but not impossible. With proper instructions, you can give you a better look.

Now all you need is proper instructions in which we may help you out with some better ideas. Here we have sorted this article with some visual hair cutting instructions for men and women.

All the videos you will face below are just our try to help you. It will be better for you to watch them carefully and try to use sharp scissors.

Otherwise, things could get worse, and you may end up cursing us. So, for you and our safety, first, explore the videos and then try it.

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Some Things To Keep In Mind Before Approach

To cut your own hair is an idea but not a better one. If everything goes alright, you may have a good experience, but if not, then nothing would be worse than that.

We hope you may not like to experience the worst, so we are here with some instructions for you to follow up before you approach the visual ones.

The things you have to keep in your mind before starting to cut your own hair is:

  • Watch the videos over and over.
  • Better to take help if you have any other person at home.
  • Use sharp scissors.
  • Try to avoid sharp blades.
  • Using trimmers can be the best solution.
  • If not feeling confident. Just left the thing aside and wait for the lockdown to end.

These are our editor’s very own concerning instructions for you. Try to follow them properly and be safe. Let’s start the visual instructions which we have collected for you categorized for men and women.

How to Cut Your Own Hair

Now comes the time for the tutorial. I hope by this time you are ready to execute the plan and happy to be your own hairstylist.

I hope the tools are ready to get into action. The tools you will need are:

  • A slim toothed comb
  • A sharp scissor
  • A standard trimmer
  • Sprayer bottle filled with water
  • A portable mirror

Steps (Starting)

  1. Prepare your hair up by spraying the water gently. Giving a good shampoo wash to your hair in running water will not be such a bad idea.
  2. Dry out your hair if it is access wet with a towel.
  3. Comb your hair to detangle them. Give your hair a good shape.
  4. Set yourself in the place where you want to take action in place.
  5. Get your tools ready in front of you. Do not miss a single one, so you need to look here and there when working.
  6. Section your hair into parts differently.

Steps (Side and back)

  1. Take the trimmer and use the 4 clippers at first if you Can not determine the size of your hair.
  2. Then use 1 and 2 for the improvised cut.
  3. Cut one side at a time. Do not go to another side before finishing one.
  4. Go shorter to longer in size when trimming.
  5. Finish with the back.

The works of trimmer end here, and you can now use the scissors.

Steps (Main Hair)

  1. Take the scissor and make sure it is sharp fully. Please do not use household scissors.
  2. Trim the top with scissors in sections as mentioned in the first video.
  3. Finally, give the finishing touches and your work is quite done to trim your hairs.

Self-Hair Cutting Ideas for Men and Women

Men’s hair and women’s hair have a big difference. Both are way different from each other. Most of the men have short hairs and the women have long hair.

Cutting styles of both the hairs are also quite different from each other. So, you will need different instructions to follow up.

Here some of the most viewed and elegant self-hair cutting ideas we have come with both for men and women hope they will help you out to decide which style you like.

Men Hairstyles




Women Hairstyles




Final Thoughts

So, now you have your tutorials on cutting your own hair. Select your one now and start the mission. Again, we say if you do not feel confident enough, do not try the things.

Use the appropriate scissors. Do not forget to disinfect the scissors after use using a disinfectant machine. If you are deciding not to cut your hair at home, do not go outside.

Stay at home to keep everyone safe. Follow the CDC approved cleaning method to remain safe always. It is high time to use your buddy or loved ones to work with.

Take their help to cut your hair. Do not use the blades alone when sizing. They could be fatal and give you bloody injuries, which is not expected in this time of crisis.

I hope you are clear about the goals, and not it is time to show your talent. Best of luck with your new hairstyle.

Stay home, stay safe.

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  1. Hi John,
    I like how emphasized for people to watch the tutorial videos multiple times before they attempt this themselves. It’s always good to try to learn a new skill by learning how to cut your own hair, but be prepared to do it!


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