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4 Different Methods: How to Clean Headphone Jack

Headphones have become like our body parts nowadays. To talk, to hear songs, to watch online streams headphone is the thing we must need.

The matter is, just only with headphones it is not possible to do whatever we want to do with it. Headphones need a device where it gets plugged in and does their job.

The place of the device where the headphone needs to get plugged in that place is called the headphone jack.

As it’s a hole and always remains in a condition of severe use, it severely gets dirty. Most of the time our gadgets like mobiles, smartphones, iPods remain in our pocket.

These are the gadgets we use most roughly and always keep here and there. So, the dust in the air gets jam in the holes like in the headphone jack and charger port mostly.

It doesn’t matter how best the headphone is if the headphone jack gets dirty the headphone never works better.

The performance of the headphone gets buzzy, and most of the time, the microphone doesn’t work. So, to get you out of this sort of annoying problem, we present this article.

Below here, we are going to discuss some techniques on how to clean the headphone jack.

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Ways to Clean the Headphone Jack

The methods of cleaning headphone jacks are the easiest tasks to do. You have to know the proper way and need the appropriate tool to do it. The methods of cleaning headphone jacks are:

1. Cotton Swab Method


This one is the most popular method of cleaning your headphone jack is with the cotton swabs. Cotton swabs in every house we have and the method of cleaning your headphone jack with a cotton swab is the easiest. the process is:

Things we need:

  • Cotton swabs
  • Rubbing alcohol

Steps to follow

1. First, get your device switched off which’s headphone jack you want to clean.

2. Get a cotton swab and roll its one end pointy with your fingers.

3. Insert the pointy side of the cotton swab in the headphone jack.

4. Keep Turning the swab frequently inside the headphone jack.

5. Repeat the process two times.

6. Now again take the used cotton swab and make its other end pointy as earlier.

7. Get one side of the swab a slight dip in the rubbing alcohol.

8. Insert the dipped swab in the headphone jack and keep rolling it.

9. After a while, take the cotton swab out and insert a dry cotton swab in the jack.

10. Repeat the process as earlier.

Your headphone jack will be turned into a newer one, and it is guaranteed.

2. Toothpick method


The toothpick is another most available household material in every house. Just using some toothpicks and sellotapes, you can also clean your headphone jack. This method is helpful for light dust. The process is:

Things we need:

  • Toothpick
  • Cello tape

Steps to follow

1. Take a toothpick and wrap some tape keeping the sticky side up to it.

2. Keep in mind that the tape has to be enough tight otherwise, it can loosen up.

3. Insert the tape wrapped toothpick in the jack.

4. Keep rolling the toothpick inside the jack.

Finally, keep the toothpick out. All the dust from your headphone jack will get stuck on the tape, and the jack will turn into a clean one.

This process you can do with an unfolded paper clip and long needles. The earlier method can be more helpful.


3. Interdental brush method


This one is the most useful method of cleaning your headphone jack and can be very useful to turn it into a newer one. The process is:

Things we need:

  • Interdental brush
  • Rubbing alcohol

Steps to follow

1. Turn your device switched off.

2. Get some rubbing alcohol out of the bottle.

3. Dip the brush in the alcohol.

4. Give the dipped brush a shake.

5. Insert the brush into the jack and keep rolling it over and over.

6. Repeat the process three times.

7. Take the brush out and keep the device aside to dry it off.

After a while, your device will turn into a newer one and ready to use. This method can be disastrous to try this at your own risk.


4. Compressed air method


This one is the easiest and most less effort method to clean the headphone jack. This method can be done in most less timing. The process is:

Things we need:

  • Compressed air can

Steps to follow

1. Get the compressed air can which comes with straw on it.

2. Take up your device.

3. Point the blower pipe in the jack.

4. Thoroughly spray it up.

5. Repeat two or three times.

This one is the easiest process to clean your headphone jack, but it can cost you much. You can get the compressed air can in hardware stores.

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Dirty headphone jacks can be proved very harmful sometimes for the phone and can cause serious injury to the internal parts of the phone.

Here in this article, we have discussed some useful methods to keep your handphone jack clean and get the beats clear as it needs to be.

These methods we have discussed here are some known methods of cleaning headphone jacks. All the methods can’t be as same helpful.

Using rubbing alcohol can sometimes injurious for the device if not dry fully. So, always keep the device turned off when doing such works for safety reasons.

These methods here we discussed may cause your device injury if the method you don’t follow as you instructed.

Try this at your own risk as our motif was only to help you. I hope these methods will prove it selves helpful for you.

If you get help from these methods, let us know and if not, do not hesitate to know us in the comment section.

Your opinion is always worthy to us. Follow the methods correctly as the music sounds better in headphones. Thanks for your opinion and friendly approach.

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