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How To Clean Dyson Vacuum Filter In Simple Step

how-to-clean-dyson-vacuum-filterIn this article, we’ll take a look at how to clean a dyson vacuum filter. Dyson, a famous high-end household appliance brand, has developed a wide range of stick vacuum cleaners. Speaking of which, take a look at our comparative guide to the best upright vacuum cleaner.

It can be very surprising or inconvenient to end up with a clogged vacuum. Especially when you are embarking on a quick cleaning session. You can use the cordless vacuum cleaner for the rapid sweeping of your interior of the home.

Fortunately, the process of cleaning a cordless vacuum is quite straightforward. It doesn’t take a lot of time. The dyson cordless vacuum cleaner is good for many types of floors, except on some hardwood floors and carpets.

It is best to schedule preventive cleaning. Do bi-monthly maintenance of your dyson vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning method step by step:

Disassembly and washing base of the tank

First, you need to remove the base of the dirt collector. To do this, you need to press the red button once to open the base of the bin. You will need to press this button a second time to completely detach the base from the main body of the machine. Be careful to remove it.

The first thing to do is to remove any dust particles that you can see using a damp cloth. Do not use cleaning products, as they can freeze or clog these particles and make them difficult to remove.

Rinse the dust container with clean water under a tap. It is even better if the water is hot. Do not use detergents and do not attempt to put the containers in a dishwasher. The best way to do this is manual washing. If you do not find this operation very hygienic, use washing gloves.

Let dry for 24 hours

Let it dry naturally, and don’t leave the dust collector near an open flame or microwave. This part of the vacuum cleaner is plastic and may melt in the heat.

Removing and washing the filter

The filter is the part of the cordless vacuum that collects the most dust and other dirt. So, you may find yourself cleaning it regularly. Dyson equips all its vacuum cleaners with Hepa air filters.

Most filters these days are bright in color as opposed to a dull gray. That allows them to be distinguished and easily identified. Another thing to look for is the range and model of the home appliance you have. There may be one or more filters in your machine, and you must locate and remove all of them for cleaning. Your user manual that came with the dyson cordless vacuum will have them all listed.

First of all, you need to remove the filter when your device is not in use. Once it’s done, take it to a ventilated area with a trash can available. You should use the best vacuum cleaner that contains a good filter.

Next, find the dust collector release lever. Depending on the model you own, there may be a little different in its exact location. It could be labeled or have a color, which is usually red.

Remove the filter and empty the collector above your garbage bin. According to dyson, these bins (dust collectors) are very hygienic. Hence, they are great if you have dust allergies. You may want to reach inside the filter and shake it, as a little dust may have settled inside.

Once you’ve done that, clean the filter by running it under running tap water. Wash it off with clean water.

Finally, you need to put the filter in the sunlight. To let it dry naturally before putting it back in the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning other accessories

Your dyson cordless vacuum will have a brush head or a floor head, depending on the model. You will need to remove it using a lever/knob (if applicable) or use a screwdriver or coin to release it.

You can clean this attachment using a stiff brush by moving them briskly back and forth over the brushes. If you find any tangled bristles there, you may need to carefully trim them and then remove them, as they may clog the brush later.

You can remove the sole (the horizontal part that slides across the surface) using a screwdriver or a coin on each side, depending on which model you have. In most cases, the case will open by turning the screwdriver or coil clockwise.

Once you’ve removed the sole, you’ll want to give it a thorough cleaning. And make sure it is clean before putting it back in position.

Dyson does not recommend wetting or cleaning certain parts with water that contains electronic components for obvious reasons. To clean these parts, we recommend removing the rubber gaskets and using a long, hard brush to gently clean the inside of the cavities. Remove any dust particles or accumulated debris before replacing the gaskets.

There is lots of vacuum you have in the market, you should buy a good vacuum to escape all of these problems.


The filters and other accessories suction products require maintenance if you use them regularly. Most of the cleaning can be easily done. However, you should still read the instruction manual thoroughly and be mindful of dos and don’ts.

Not all models are made the same. So, the filters and the bases of the dust containers must be identified before dismantling them.

Always allow the parts you have washed to dry completely before resuming use of the Dyson cordless vacuum. Avoid leaving water inside the appliance as it contains electronic parts. It may cause fire or electric shock.

Be careful during cleaning to prevent dust particles from entering your eyes. Use cleaning gloves if you are allergic to dust or mites.

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