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How To Clean Dyson Roller Brush – Quick And Fast Solution

how-to-clean-dyson-brushSince the arrival of cordless vacuum cleaners (V6, V8, V10, V11…). Dyson now offers motorized roller brushes. This roller vacuum roller brush in a shell whose top is transparent. This transparent cover is practical because it allows you to check the level of dirt on the brush.

After some floor cleaning, some residue will stick to the roller. For spiked rollers, the bristles and hair will get tangled on them.

Other dirt can get stuck in the gap between the roller and the transparent shell. This space is impossible to clean without dismantling. In this article, we explain how to disassemble and clean a Dyson brush.

The design of Dyson roller brushes is that; it’s very removable. You don’t have to be an expert in DIY or need a specific tool.

Step to follow:

Step 1: Unclip the brush

Unclip the brush from the tube. For information, if you see 2 metal pins at the connection tube, it means that the brush is motorized. A motor drives the roller to improve cleaning.


Step 2: Locate one side of the roller

Locate one side of the roller a round piece with a notch inside. You should see a small drawing right next to it that shows how to lock or unlock the roller attachment.


Step 3: Take a coin

Take a coin (the thickest you have), to unlock the roller, turn this round cap counterclockwise. You will do a quarter turn. Then you remove this round plug (be careful not to lose it for). You can then pull the roller out of its housing.


Step 4: Clean the shell of your dyson brush

Clean the inside of the transparent shell. It’s best to use a dry cloth. If you have dirt stuck in the hood, you can dampen a cloth or sponge. In this case, be careful not to wet the closed side of the brush. That is the side that is motorized and connected to the brush motor. When cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge, the inside of the brush must dry before the reassembly.

You should use a top vacuum cleaner that contains a good quality brush bar.


Step 5: Clean the roller

If the roller contains hair bands or helix-shaped pins, you should remove the dirt with your hands. Often it is the hair or fur that gets stuck in these bands. Synthetic bristles are very useful for picking up dirt that may encrust in carpets and rugs. If the roller is smooth, the hair and bristles will not become embedded in it. Rub the roller to remove the dirt that has stuck on it. If you wash it in water, make sure it is completely dry before you use it again. These types of rollers are not effective if they are wet.


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