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How To Clean A Coffee Maker Without Vinegar – Total Guideline

World’s most two annoying situations are when your father catches you for left the light on your room, and another is when you taste the vinegar on your coffee. A few days earlier I experienced both.

When you clean your coffee maker with vinegar, it’s left a very repellent and strong odor. That’s for it makes your cleaning job dabbles. After doing a repeated rinse, wasting a lot of time and water, the flavor of the vinegar cannot be gone. Also, it’s a very acidic cleansing. So this can affect your health.

Just because it’s a cheap and easily manageable substance, that’s why people take it as a go-to product. People are using this product to clean all household items. In fact, some people are using it for their electric appliances.

However, vinegar is a very effective cleaning agent, but not for your coffee maker. It’s not able to kill the germs completely. So you have to know how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar.

Importance of Cleaning Coffee maker

It’s always advisable to take all your home appliances good care. When it comes to the coffee machine there are some specific reasons why you should give extra effort. Do you know?  Your kitchen is the highest germs prone area in your home.

Mostly, the damp and warm coffee machine is very favorable for highly harmful germ breeding. If you don’t clean your coffee maker regularly it causes your machine, hard water deposits, mold, bacteria, and leftover coffee oil. Also, it can result in a build-up of limescale, which will reduce the lifespan of your coffee machine day by day, and it also decreases your machine efficiency.

For an optimum condition and feel the great taste of coffee you need to give it a good regular wash in the middle of the interval.

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Lemon Juice—Substitute for Vinegar

Lemon juice substitute is the desired substitute of vinegar, and both of this cleaning way is similar. More importantly, lemon juice never left the unpleasant odor after cleaning.

The reasons why vinegar is so effective cause it contains acid, also lemon juice does it too in the form of citric acid but it’s natural. Citric acid can efficiently kill bacteria, mold, and mildew, also it breaks down the calcium deposits, hard water stains, and lime rust.

The only disadvantage of this method is you need to crush a lot of lemons to obtain enough juice, to clean your coffee machine. You can crush the lemon in your juicer machine. The need for more lemon was, making it slightly expensive than the vinegar. The cleaning is also possible to use with store-bought lemon juice.

How to Use Lemon Juice for Cleaning

Step: 1

how-to-clean-a-coffee-maker-without-vinegarFor cleaning your coffee machine, at first you have to make up a solution, which contains 50% lemon juice and 50% fresh water, and the volume depends on the size of your coffee machine.

Step: 2

Try to maintain one thing, before starting the cleaning cycle; try to clean all the removable parts first like, filter and nozzle. It might be a good idea to clean your coffee machine.

Step: 3

Before starting the cleaning make your coffee maker whole empty. Must evacuate the water which remains in the reservoir and fills up the reservoir with lemon juice/water solution and hit the brew button and brew about one whole carafe (don’t use any coffee while you doing that).

Step: 4

When you see the carafe was about half full, Switch off the machine. Leave it in rest for half an hour. After doing the first half, Switch it on again to finish the second half.

When the cleaning cycle has done, wash further components with plain water for one more time. If you want, you can reserve the water and lemon solution for further cleaning.

How to Clean with Baking Soda

how-to-clean-a-coffee-maker-without-vinegarWith non-toxic component baking soda is a purely natural cleaning agent, it also great for grease and dirt removal.

Step: 1

Detach your filter from the coffee maker and keeps it in aside, then fill the coffee pot with one cup of freshwater.

Step: 2

Add 1 or 4 cups of baking soda in the coffee pot. The volumes depend on your coffee maker size. In coffee pot stir it to dissolve the baking soda.

Step: 3

Empty the coffee carafe, to its place and transfer the baking soda solution to the water reservoir then turn on the brew button and allow running the cycle for 5 minutes. It will clean the coffee maker and baking soda return again in the coffee pot with dirt.

Step: 4

Remove the dirty water from the coffee pot and fill the water reservoir only with the water. Let run the cycle until it finishes and that’s how you complete the whole task of cleaning.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Bleach

how-to-clean-a-coffee-maker-without-vinegarYou can clean your coffee maker with bleach by following some precautions because it is highly corrosive. Make sure never use directly bleach in your automatic coffee maker, otherwise, it may lead you to damage.

Step: 1

First, take 4 cups of water and then mix it up with a 2 tablespoon of bleach, after that place a filter paper in your coffee maker.

Step: 2

Put the bleach solution on the coffee maker and pour more water in it, and turn on the coffee maker, run it for some while and after that turn it off. Lastly, wash the coffee maker at least two times with fresh water. Then you realize your coffee maker gets clean again.

How to Clean Coffee Maker with Hydrogen Peroxide


The chemical name of hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. It slightly toxic that’s why keeps it away from kids. It’s the most common disinfectant, which available almost every home and it’s the ultra-cheap cleaner.

Step: 1

Pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide into your coffee carafe and also fill it with water then place the coffee pot under the basket.

Step: 2

Lastly, plug the coffee maker and turn it on, then let it finish the cycle and repeat the cycle at least twice with only water, for the clean up the hydrogen peroxide perfectly.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with CLR


CLR is the substitute for vinegar and lemon juice. If lemon juice remedy doesn’t work for descaling your coffee maker then you can try CLR to clean your coffee maker. Before using CLR make a call to your coffee maker’s brand service center.

Step: 1

All you do is run clean water through the coffee maker to remove the residue of the last brew.

Step: 2

Mix one cup of CLR with 8 cups of water then transfer the solution into the reservoir of the coffee maker. Let it run for 5 minutes to brew the cycle properly and then clean the coffee maker with fresh water 3 or 4 times till all the CLR has gone properly. That’s how it’s completed.

How to clean coffee Maker with Muriatic Acid


Muriatic acid another name of it is Hydrochloric acid. This is a solution of Hydrogen-Chloride. Basically, it’s used for removing stubborn stains.

Step: 1

Detach all the detachable parts of your coffee maker, then mix 1 cup of muriatic acid into 4 cups of water. Remember to take water first in the bowl and then mix muriatic acid.

Step: 2

After doing that, fill another bucket with water and pour baking soda in it, then leave all the detachable parts for 3 to 4 minutes into muriatic acid to soak all the stains.

Step: 3

Then dip the parts in the bucket filled with baking soda some small chemical reaction may occur be careful about that! Here baking soda neutralizes muriatic acid and removes all scale properly and your coffee maker will get clean again.


If you want to use muriatic acid as a cleansing. Here are some precautionary things you must have to follow. It does an amazing job to remove scaling for your coffee maker but it has a highly corrosive purpose. Remember always to transfer acid into water, not water into acid. Use some safety gear like hand gloves and safety glasses.

If you drink coffee regularly, you should probably be washing the removable parts daily and then apply our above-introduced method once a month. If you using filter water to make your coffee. You don’t need to clean your coffee machine very often and it also enhances the taste of your coffee.

It doesn’t matter which remedies are you applying for cleaning but giving it a regular wash up, it’s good for your coffee machine. Not just the coffee maker cleaning is necessary everywhere. It will help you to a long run of life. The people who are addicted to coffee and have a coffee machine, regular cleaning is mandatory for them.

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