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Hoover WindTunnel Brush Won’t Spin – Fixing The Problem

hoover-windtunnel-brush-wont-spinThe Hoover Wind Tunnel is a self-propelled vacuum cleaner that consistently achieves high results in consumer reports. Knowing how to identify and solve a simple problem instead of replacing a vacuum cleaner saves money.

The most common Hoover Wind Tunnel problem is that the roller brush does not rotate properly. That is a simple design and is easily solved by replacing the brush drive belts with rollers. It is a common need to replace this belt every six months to a year. The belt is available from the manufacturer or household cleaners.

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Brush roll not spinning – Steps to follow

Step 1

Turn off the vacuum cleaner. Turn the vacuum cleaner so that the wheels are facing up. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into each of the four screws on the brush body, and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to loosen the screws enough to remove them. Place the screws in the plastic bag and close the bag. That will ensure that the screws are secure where they will not get lost.

Step 2

Pull the bottom plate up and away from the brush. That reveals two belts that are the drive belts of the rollers. The thicker one of the two Belts is called the flat belt, and the other is the electric drive belt.

Step 3

Slide the flat strap off the pulley and detach the back of the strap from the metal pin that holds it in place. Lift the brush up and out and pull the drive belt out of the brush. Grasp the back of the electric drive belt. Pull the strap through the two circles between which it will be placed and remove it from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 4

Slide the replacement drive belt into place between the two rear wheels from where you removed the damaged belt. Turn the belt and make it move the wheels. If the wheels do not turn, adjust the belt until they start to turn.

Step 5

Wrap a new flat strap around the metal needle, pull it toward the front of the cleaner, and push the rest of the strap over the pulley. Then position the brush so that the side of the belt groove is on the same side of the vacuum cleaner as the stripes. Place the brush under the electric drive belt and place it over the belt slot. Pull the brush forward and put it back in place. Twist the strap to turn the brush; if the brush does not rotate, adjust the belt until it starts to rotate.

Step 6

Place the tip of the brush housing on the vacuum cleaner, insert the four screws and tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver. Turn the right side of the vacuum cleaner upwards.

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3 thoughts on “Hoover WindTunnel Brush Won’t Spin – Fixing The Problem”

  1. Replaced the belt and the beater brush is still not engaging. There appears to be a problem with the on/off switch on hose that the wand and power attachment connects to the cannister. How can I isolate the problem?


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