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The 10 Best Headphones Under $300 for 2021

In this post, I am going to share with you the list of awesome, durable and comfy headphones on your budget under $300.

In fact, these headphones have a good number of positive reviews and our team has tested the headphones in our lab. These headphones come on the list after a hard test session to prove their comfort and performance.

Let’s dive into the list of our top picks.

Our Top Picks
Best All-Around: V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 103 dB | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Frequency Response: 5-30,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Wired”
Best Pick: Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 106 dB/W/m | Impedance: 63 Ohms | Frequency Response: 10-20kHz | Connectivity Technology: Wired”
Best Budget: Turtle Beach Recon 70 Gaming Headset (See the price on Amazon)
“Flip-up mic | Lightweight comfort | High quality 40 millimeter speakers | Connectivity Technology: Wired”
Editor’s Choice: Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 98 dB | Impedance: 38 Ohms | Frequency Response: 15-28,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth”
Best Material Quality: Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 99.13 dB | Impedance: 250 Ohms | Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Wired”
Best Battery Life: Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Headphones (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 93 dB | Impedance: 32 Ohms | Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz | Up to 24 hours talk and listen time, 6 months standby and Bluetooth V4.0”
Best Designed: Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 94 dB | Impedance: 32-64 Ohms | Frequency Response: 40-15,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Wireless”
Best Durability: Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 90 dB | Impedance: 37 Ohms | Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Wireless”
Best Volume Control: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 97 dB | Impedance: 22 Ohms | Frequency Response: 7-20,000 Hz | Connectivity Technology: Wireless”
Best Noise Cancelling: Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones (See the price on Amazon)
“Sensitivity: 94 dB | Impedance: 32-64 Ohms | Frequency Response: 40-15,000 Hz | QuietComfort 25 headphones”

Disclaimer:Amazon.com has full rights to change the product price at any time.

Life without headphones…! Not only impossible but just unthinkable. Headphones are nothing but just a kind of electronic gadget.

By that time, it became a part of our body. Whether on the bed or on the road or in the car without headphones every work gets fade.

Many headphones are now available in the market. Some are good some are bad, some are low cost some are expensive, but the question is, which one will be the best to spend money on?

It’s not like, if it is expensive it is good. How a product actually doesn’t depend on its price but its quality and when it’s a headphone its audibility, noise cancellation, weight, sound quality, are the matter of concern.

In the market hundreds of manufacturers produce headphones. So, the task of choosing the best one becomes quite impossible.

Below here, we’ve picked the best headphones under $300 to get you some help on your buying.

Why Headphones Under $300 are Worthy for You?

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” – Plato

The absence of music makes life lifeless, and if the source that is delivering music is not the best one, then it makes the music lifeless.

Today we are with the devices that can take your experience of music to the highest peak of satisfaction on your way to returning home after having a busy clumsy day.

The best of the brands working with a sound like Bose, Beats, Sony, with their best sound technology and most advanced features you are going to introduce with.

Just on this shortlist of headphones, you can get whatever you want to. This list consists of wired, wireless, on-ear, over-ear, closed-back, open-back, with noise cancellation, without noise cancellation every possible type and design that is possible to find in headphones.

Under the budget of $300 every possible feature to find that is must produce an uninterrupted balanced sound and the noise-free world is here just on a scroll.

Not just you are getting introduced to some headphones here, but you are getting vast knowledge and almost everything you need to know about the headphone in the buying guide.

Also, the proper test analysis results of our monthlong effort and all about the products in the elaborated product description you will get.

Things they are that will not make you regret on your spending.

Best Headphones Under $300 Reviews

1. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

Sony MDR7506

The best closed-back headphone that is dynamic in type by Sony. This one comes with Neodymium magnets and 40mm drivers for detailed sound and powerful delivery.

Because this headphone is closed back one so the noiseless sound is provided also because having closed back and cushioned wear offers a comfortable position in the ear of the user also reduces the external noises.

The cord of this headphone is 9.8 feet in length which seems to be enough for easy portability. The cord of this headphone is not detachable as this one is a corded connectivity one.

It also has a 1/4 inches adapter included in it. This headphone becomes more easily carriable with its foldable design. Also, because it comes with a smart soft case so easily can be folded up and can be the best companion on your travel.

This frequency response of this headphone is 10-20000 Hz which is standard. With all this, one weighs only 8.1 Oz. All in all, this one is a perfect package and worth its price.

Features & Spec.

  • Cable Length: 9.8 ft.
  • Impedance: 63Ω
  • Driver Size: 40.0 mm
  • Sensitivity: 106 dB/w/m
  • Headphone Type: dynamic, closed
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium
  • Power Handling: 1000 mW
  • Gold, stereo unimatch plug ¼” and 1/8”
  • Minimum price maximum performance.
  • Detailed, bright, and crisp sound.
  • No sound leakage.
  • Cable seems too long.

Customer Review

“These are my favorite pair of headphones I have tried so far. The overall sound of these are very balanced. This means the Low, Medium, and high tones are for the most part balanced out. You can easily look up a lot of information on these headphones. They are an industry standard which I have enjoyed owning for more than two years now.” – Smith


2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones



Another closed-back headphone with corded connectivity and best of the sound performance. It the platform of professional headphones. This one is verily appreciated and recommended by sound professionals because of its incredible delivery.

It has 45mm, large drivers, with rare earth magnets for uninterrupted music delivery. The copper-clad aluminum voice coils offer more durability and reliability to this device.

This one has an accurate response of bass with measured and standard frequency range which gives exceptional clarity when on ears.

The circumaural design heaps to cover and remain over the ear and gives 100% isolated fresh sound to the listener.

The cups of these headphones are swivels in a 90° position so one can easily use it for one ear only. The comfortable borders made of soft thick material provide hours of comfortable use.

From personal to professional, this one fits for every use with ultimate durability and comfort with a weight of only 10 ounces.

Features & Spec.

  • Weight: 10 Oz (without cable and connector)
  • Frequency Response: 15-28000 Hz
  • Cable: interchangeable (3.9’-9.8’)
  • Impedance: 38Ω
  • Driver Diameter: 45 mm
  • Sensitivity: 99 dB
  • Headphone Type: Closed-back Dynamic
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium
  • Voice Coil: copper-clad aluminum wire
  • Maximum Input Power: 1600 mW
  • Protective carrying pouch
  • 6.3mm screw-on adapter
  • Smooth sound quality.
  • Lighter comparing others.
  • Easily fits the ear.
  • Become sweaty very quickly.

Customer Review

“I use these headphones for PC gaming. I recently switched to these from “gaming” branded headphones, and the difference is mind blowing. I have a $160 SteelSeries headset, as well as similarly priced headsets from other brands (Sennheiser, Razer), and I can’t believe what I was missing.” – Rick Masters


3. beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 ohm Headphones



It will be the best choice if you are in search of open-backed over-ear headphones for professional use. Not just for listening to music but this one is also one of the best for professional mixing and other studio uses.

With its transparent look and strong bass and treble, this one fits any sound. With the best of the features and measured sound delivery, this one fits for every studio that deals with a heavy sound.

The circumaural design of the heads with cushioned material offers extra comfort to the ear, and the replaceable velour ear pads ensure high wearing comfort for the user.

This headphone is hard-wearing, durable, and workmanship. This one is made in Germany offering the ultimate durability.

It also has a coiled connecting cable and also it has a nominal sound pressure level of 96dB, which is under the hearing level of normal human capability.

It comes with a practical single-sided cable which is 3.0m coiled. It has an incredible frequency response of 5-35000Hz. With full attachments, this headphone weighs 1.3pounds.

Features & Spec.

  • Weight: 250 grams (without cable)
  • Cable: coiled connecting cable
  • Impedance: 250Ω
  • Around the ear sound
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Headphone Type: open
  • Transmission Type: wired
  • Remote: no
  • 3.5mm mini-jack plug
  • ¼” adapter (6.35mm)
  • Very comfortable in-ear.
  • Build quality is stronger.
  • Very smooth bass comparing others.
  • Power required to drive them is high.

Customer Review

“I currently own this (DT-990-Pro-250 Ohm), Sennheiser HD598, and AKG K702. By comparison, this headphone has V-shaped frequency (pitch) response, which means that lows and highs are more enhanced than mids. The resolution of this headphone is very good; I would say on par with Sennheiser HD598, but little bit less analytical than AKG K702…” – Minghong Li


4. Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat

Plantronics Wireless


Now let’s come to the category of wireless. Not everyone wants to face hassle with the corded headphones. This one is one of the best wireless headphones with ultimate lightweight and excellent design and catchy colors.

This one comes with fresh audio quality with high response sound immersive powerful speakers. This one comes with 100% effective ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) for clear and fresh sound delivery.

With a single charge with its powerful battery, it can deliver sound up to 24 hours without any interruption, so uninterrupted delivery you will get with this best wireless headphones under 300 you can find in the market.

The wireless range of this headphone is 100 meters so you can easily switch it on keeping the phone inside the house and get your lawn jobs done.

It has protective nylon travel sleeves for extra comfort and the frequency response of this headphone is 20-20000Hz which is standard in value. This headphone weighs around 10.1 ounces.

Features & Spec.

  • Weight: 9.92 Oz
  • Driver Size: 40 mm
  • Wireless Range: 100m
  • Earcup Design: 2-way pivot
  • Around the ear sound
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Bluetooth: class 1
  • Battery Life 24 hours
  • Open listening mode
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • Status alerts
  • Longer battery life.
  • Good balancing of sound.
  • Active noise cancellation.
  • The carrying case is just a soft bag.

Customer Review

“This is one of the best pair of wireless over the ear headphones on the market, I’ve used the Bose QC35’s and while they do have better noise cancellation, these sound the same, and they’re half the cost. Battery life is great, I flew round trip across the US on one charge and they still show half full. If you’re looking for a solid pair of wireless headphones that have ANC (Active noise cancellation), before you spring for the Bose QC35’s, give these a try. You’ll be surprised!…” – Nick


5. Bose SoundLink, Around Ear Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundLink


If you think about sound quality Bose SoundLink is a boss because it contains deep and immersive

This Bose SoundLink includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and this provides up to 15 hours of playtime.

It has upgraded Bluetooth technology that gives you easy connectivity and also provides seamless audio and video syncs. This headphone can switch between two Bluetooth devices at a time.

If anyone watching a video on his iPhone Bose SoundLink pauses the video immediately and answers the call and after the end of the call the video resumes.

This Bose headphone is lighter and more comfortable than other traditional wireless headphones and this headphone also engineered with impact-resistant materials.

Bose SoundLink Around advanced microphone system is really awesome and this wireless headphone gives you clear HD quality sound at both ends of a call also in windy or noisy environments.

With this Bose wireless headphone earcup controls, it’s so easy to switch between calls and music.

If you are game lovers this Bose headphone gives you amazing sound quality for gaming.

This headphone’s sleek protective case good for travel and storage when you are not using it.

There is no noise canceling but when you play the music you can’t hear any sound around and that is pretty amazing.

This Bose SoundLink has TriPort technology and its EQ delivers is crisp and powerful at any volume.

Features & Spec.

  • Weight: 6.9 Oz
  • Driver Size: 40 mm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Wireless Range: 9m
  • High microphone system
  • HD voice call
  • Enhanced sidetone
  • Lithium metal batteries
  • Battery Life 15 hours
  • Well balanced sound quality.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Strong wireless connectivity.
  • Quite expensive comparing others of the same quality.

Customer Review

“I bought these as a gift for my wife. SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES THEM. The sound quality is exquisite. I have heard notes in both the music and the artists voice that I haven’t heard before. Best headset I have ever experienced. My wife enjoys making calls with these…” – Jonathan Zook


6. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Grado SR80e


If you are looking for a high-performance wireless Bluetooth headphone then Beats Solo3 is an excellent option for you. It has amazing Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity.

It has comfortable cushioned ear cups which are lightweight and adjustable fit and this is amazing for everyday use.

The biggest feature of this headphone is its 40 hours battery life and it’s a huge one you can imagine.

Beats Solo3 has fast fuel technology and this process of 5 minutes charge gives you 3 hours playback.

Beats Solo3 headphone is extremely well made and durable and you really feel comfortable when you run or lift in.

If you are an android or iOS user this headphone is more compatible with you and its sound quality makes you crazy.

This headphone features with Apple W1 chip and this chip range also give a powerful boost if your phone is on your backpack or pocket then it’s not an issue at all. This chip can cover around 30 meters easily.

Beats Solo3 beats sound quality is superb and this headphone gives you top-level playback with maximum clarity, breadth, and balance.

This headphone gives you superb sound with a rich bass quality and it’s very easy to use its functions.

Features & Spec.

  • Weight: 32 Oz
  • Headphone type: wireless
  • Apple W1 chip
  • On-board volume control
  • Noise Cancellation: YES
  • Battery Life: 40 hours
  • Fast Fuel Technology: 3 hours for 5 minutes
  • Bluetooth: class 1
  • Charging: micro USB cable
  • Wired playback: YES (via Remotetalk cable)
  • Great in looks with mickey graphics.
  • Ultimate bass delivery.
  • It is influenced by apple technology.
  • Weighs a little heavy.

Customer Review

“Beats Solo3 is not the best audio out there, but the crazy thing is that I find myself wearing them more often than another $500 pair of headphones that I have just because they are so convenient and easy. They fold up small and are easy to carry in a backpack, holding up well to pretty tough treatment…” – Jacob and Kiki HantlaTop


7. Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

Grado SR80e

Grado SR80e is a decent price wired headphones. This headphone is excellent for neutral listening and it has a comprehensive sound stage.

If you talk about the sound quality this headphone has superb sound quality. For people who love music, this headphone is a great option for them.

For the game lover, Grado SR80e headphone gives you an amazing environment and there is no sound distortion you found with this amazing headphone.

The Grado SR80e headphone has especially design open backside which delivers a larger sound stage with more clarity. Its open-back headphone design gives you lots of advantages especially when you listening to a speaker.

Grado Sr80e has cushioned headband and comfortable ear cups and it also has clickable head size adjustment.

Grado SR80e is very comfortable to wear especially for an on-ear model.

This headphones’ bass quality is clean and punchy. It has a long and durable cable which’s pretty amazing.

Grado SR80e is a top-class sounding headphone for the audiophile listener.

Features & Spec.

  • Headphone type: dynamic, open
  • Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 99.8 dB/w/m
  • 5 mm gold adapter
  • Weight: 231 grams
  • Non-resonant air chamber
  • Copper voice coil wire
  • Copper connecting cord
  • Stunning sound delivery.
  • Light in weight so feels comfortable.
  • Best performance in less price.
  • Sometimes leaks sound as open-backed.

Customer Review

“Amazing sound for the price! Every positive review regarding their performance is true. Fine bass, clear, clean DETAILED sound. No, they in no way provide isolation, and anyone who whines about that is a nitwit who couldn’t be bothered to do the least amount of research. They are clearly described as “Open Air Headphones, so “Duuuhhh”…” – Monday 317


8. Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Sony WH-CH700N


When you think about noise-canceling headphones then Sony WHCH700 is a great option for you. Its digital noise-canceling system can reduce distracting background noise for a better sound experience.

This headphone has excellent sound clarity and strong bass and that gives you an amazing music experience.

To ensure balanced sound and distortion-free bass this Bluetooth headphone is equipped with a 40 mm diameter dynamic transducers motor by powerful neodymium magnets.

This headphone includes Bluetooth 4.1 module and support codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX HD.

Its noise-canceling function works on low-frequency ranges such as offices, airplanes, trains, buses, and near air condition areas but not so effective on higher frequency areas like when humans raised the high volume.

Sony WH-CH700N headphone can fully be integrated with google assistant and Siri and efficiently capable of hands-free commands.

This headphone has amazing rotating ear cups and attachments and this is excellent for travelers.

Sony WH-CH700N delivers 35 hours of playtime and 10-minute quick charging capability.

This headphone is compatible with a voice assistant such as Alexa supported for voice access to music, information, and many more.

Features & Spec.

  • Headphone type: dynamic, closed
  • Magnet type: Neodymium
  • Driver size: 40mm
  • Frequency response: 7-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 22 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 97 dB/w/m
  • Volume control: YES
  • Cord: detachable single-sided
  • Cord length: 3.94 ft
  • Weight: 8.47 Oz
  • Plug: L-shaped stereo mini-plug
  • NFC: YES
  • Great sound with punchy bass.
  • Sleek design and comfort.
  • Comes with a bearable price.
  • Pads can make you sweaty.

Customer Review

“Love these head phones. I just tried these out at the gym. They cancel the noise of the machines and I can hear my own music now at a lower volume. As for the bass response: other reviews I have read said it wasn’t that good. I disagree. I plated music on Pandora and the bass rattled my brain. I am more than pleased with these.” – Michael A. Cram


9. V-MODA M-100-U-SHADOW Crossfade M-100



V-MODA Crossfade M-100 is one of the top noise isolating headphones with a lightweight design. This wired headphone develops with a unique crowdsourcing method and this headphone is a favorite music tool for the world’s top DJs.

Its very soft foam cushions naturally mold the user’s ears and it provides superb comfort and natural noise isolation.

This headphone is great for its versatility, it’s an amazing headphone for gamers, techies, audiophiles, musicians, and DJs.

This headphone has amazing patented 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers and it can easily separate the bass from mids and high.

The V-MODA headphone has immersive 3D Soundstage technology which gives you a live performance experience featuring smooth and deep bass, crystal clear cymbals, crispy hi-hats, and lifelike vocals.

Its immersive sound technology gives you minimal sound leakage and you can enjoy music without bothering others.

There are no batteries and artificial processing and It gives you powerful and pure sound and it does not create any extra digital-to-analog conversions.

This headphone has ergonomic R&D provides a superb designed design headband and hexagon shape and that minimize gaps and figure out your natural lines.

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphone resistant capability is so good and it super resistant to high and low temperatures.

The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 is an excellent option for sports. Its ear cups are tight and relatively flat and it prevents you from swaying when you running or exercising.

Features & Spec.

  • Headphone type: Over-ear circumaural
  • Driver size: 50 mm
  • Frequency response: 5-30,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 103 dB/w/m
  • Microphone sensitivity: -42 dB
  • V-strap system
  • Volume control: YES
  • Cord length: 3.94 ft.
  • Weight: 281 grams
  • Everything is made of metal.
  • Very much bass oriented.
  • Clean sound quality.
  • The headband feels quite uncomfortable.

Customer Review

“I held off on reviewing my M100’s because I wanted to get a good feel for the headphones quality in both build and audio before I wrote anything. I probably waited a bit too long as I have already purchased the Crossfade Wireless after spending roughly a year with the M100…” – I Like Stuff


10. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone



If you talk about QuietComfort 25 headphones then you must need to know this headphone especially engineered to gives you better sound quality and more comfortability to wear it and carry it easily.

Bose QuietComfort 25 comes out with superb build quality. Its solid build gives you maximum build quality as you think. It includes comfortable padding around the ears.

When you put on the headphone, you feel suddenly everything is awesome and you feel music is more powerful, deep, and balanced.

With Its lightweight and comfortable around-ear fit, you can wear it full day long.

This headphone has superb quality noise reduction technology and it significantly noises reduction for travel, work, and any other busy places.

This is compatible with Apple devices and you can easily control music and calls on Apple devices with an inline mic or remote.

If you are game lovers and want powerful headphones for gaming then this is a great choice for you. Its sound quality and bass are excellent for gaming.

Features & Spec.

  • Headphone type: Over-ear
  • Noise cancellation: YES
  • Earcups pivot
  • AAA battery
  • Airline adapter
  • Volume control: YES
  • Cord length: 56 inches
  • Inline remote and microphone cable
  • Weight: 195 grams
  • Pretty good sound delivery.
  • No sense of the noise.
  • Perfect for portability.
  • The fabric in the band isn’t durable.

Customer Review

“This is probably one of the BEST items I have ever purchased in my life. I used it on an airline flight after I got it, put on the noise canceling button and thought that there was sorcery in play! I literally could not hear a thing on the plane! I then played music and listened to some sermons and it was , and still is, such a great experience each and every time I use them. Buy them! You will thank me!” – HTB webbi


The Research

Why you should trust us

The thing you are going to buy they don’t come for free. The products we suggest are not the ones that only we liked or get benefitted by the promotion and suggest.

All the products we suggest have their best track records as individuals. Not just impressed by their name and fame but we have tested and analyzed this product with the help of our team of experts led by Mr. John Plix who is an expert and experienced product reviewer, writer and winner of many international achievements.

Mr. Plix individually and with his expert team consisting of four members, including Game Freaks, sound experts and professional reviewers select and tests these products.

All the products we suggest had to go through a hard test session to prove their ability, durability, and performance.

As mentioned, the test session is not a matter of a couple of hours but a month-long process. The process of choosing the products only needs almost 56 hours of hard work.

All those products you have introduced here are selected from the long selection list of 50-70 products. From this long list by their visual and written reviews, we have made the shortlist of 20 headphones within 72 hours.

Then from that 20 headphones, only those which have been passed on out long testing period of 120hours got their place in our shortlist of 10.

Finally, after the hard work for 300 hours, the compact and ideal list of the best headphones under 300 dollars is ready to be yours.

Analysis and Test Results

Price vs. Performance

$300 is not a little amount to be ignored. So, as much as we are going to pay for better performance and quality, we can expect.

All the headphones chosen and enlisted here on our suggestion list to the best headphones under 300 are the belongings of the best of the brands and known for the best of their performance.

Not just by looking at their design, we are satisfied but they had to go through a tremendous testing line to prove their ability.

In this test of ability, the main aspects of judging a headphone like the Weight, Design, Durability, Impedance, Sensitivity, and Frequency response we have selected to go for in real and in practical.

After judging all the aspects, we have marked them individually in every single one. Then we have averaged all the marks the products got individually and, in the chart, below presented the performance marks comparing with their price.




It is maybe, to find but this information is also very important because the headphone is the only device we carry not in our hand but our necks.

The weight of the device must have to be comfortable and as much light as it can be. The heavier it is, the harder it is to carry and uncomfortable for long time use.

So, the first topic we have chosen to test is the weight, and here we have prepared this chart below to maintain the lightest to the heaviest ratio.


The lightest ones got the best marks, and the heaviest ones got the less. One thing to be noted is, sometimes the headphones made for studio use and stage use are heavier in weight.


As it is discussed earlier in the buying guide, headphones are available in different designs like in-ear, on-ear, over-ear. All the designs are made for different uses and choices.

Not every type is comfortable for everyone, and not every type is liked by everyone. From all the designs available, we prefer Over-ear, closed-back headphones.

The over-ear, closed-back headphones produce the best quality sound without any leakage, and also, they are very cushioned and comfortable to carry and use.

In our chart, in design, the over-ear closed backed headphones got the marks of the best.


Giving the over-ear and closed backed headphones the best marks fully is our own choice but they may not be comfortable for everyone.

They are good for professional use, but they come with more weight than on-ear headphones. So, it depends on you with which one you feel comfortable to take that one.


With the money, you are going to pay a good durable product along with the good performance you deserve. Durability means the strength and reliability of the product.

The headphone is not a hardcore product to judge the durability in other ways. That why we have checked the durability with the products by their material, swiveling head, foldability, and their built-in.

The ones with the best in all the terms of durability have got the best marks, and those which didn’t succeed got the less.



Sensitivity means how much pressure the headphone will produce on the ear. The sensitivity is measured by decibels.

The normal sensitivity we humans can tolerate is 90-120dB. Not much or not less, but in a measured scale, sensitivity is ok. Headphones come with different sensitivity rates.

The ones with the sensitivity from 90-100 decibels are the best ones to choose from. We have marked them here following this. The ones on the scale of 90-100dB got the best of the marks.



The next thing after the sensitivity of the headphone is the most important is its impedance. The impedance means the flow of the current in the headphone when playing.

Impedance is measured by ohms. The standard impedance rate for the headphone is 32ohms. But headphones can be found more than that rate.

Here the ones with standard impedance rates got the best mark in our chart.


Depending on the impedance of the headphone, many things matter like if your headphone is a corded one, then it will depend on the impedance of how much current it will use and how much on the battery of the device it is plugged in will produce.

If you one is a cordless means wireless one, then it depends on the impedance that the charge will last for how long.

Frequency Response

For your kind information, we human beings can only hear the frequency from 20-20000Hz. More than this or less than this amount, we can’t hear.

The headphones that come with this standard frequency response of our hearing ability got the best marks in the chart below.


The frequency response of the headphones can differ. It can be more. It can be less. The standard amount is ok. But no problem with more or less as we are not able to hear more than 20000Hz and less than 20Hz.

Buying Guides

It’s an easy task to buy a headphone. It gets a bit complicated when you need to assure the quality and to get a headphone which can be called a good one.

There are plenty of technical issues to look at when buying a headphone which worth’s to spend money on. Starting from the type of headphones to judge the technical abilities and special features of the headphone is a long process.

Plenty of the use of keyboards, sites and time you have to invest in getting to know everything that you need to know. This buying guide can be considered as the lighthouse in your journey to get a better and worthy headphone.

Almost all the topics that are important are included in this one as $300 is not a little amount to pay for a headphone.

The Types of Headphones

Many of us know, and many of us do not know that headphones are available in three different types. All the types have their purpose and need. To have the one you need, it is vital to know the types and which type is for what use.


This is the type of headphone that comes with more significant in size and heavy in weight and most efficient in sound quality. They are called the over-ear headphones because they cover the whole ear of the user means when you wear this headphone your ear remains inside the headphone.

This type of headphone is most common for professional use like in studios, on a live stage, and in planes. Almost all the most known manufacturers come with this kind of headphones. These headphones assure the most elegant and clear sound from all the types available.

These are not the headphones of average users; these are the ones who are just crazy with music. They can be a great companion on your travel to give you a relaxing and happy trip. Over-ear headphones can be found in both open backs and closed back variety. Mostly the closed-back range of these headphones is more required.


The following are on-ear headphones. They’re greater in size anyway they’re not as gigantic as Over-ear headphones since the cushions only lay over your outer ear. Regardless of the way that the ears are verified by the cushions, the sound isolation is essentially conventional.

Sound does discharge, and anyone nearby can hear whatever you’re checking out given that it’s noticeable enough. Most on-ear headphones can be fell into a more diminutive, limited shapes. Given that they can cover and the size isn’t too awkward or as tremendous as full-size headphones, the minimization factor is extremely not all that terrible.

On-ear headphones probably won’t have as extraordinary a sound as over-ear headphones do, yet they’re a serious step forward up from the sound quality offered by in-ear headphones. They offer favored bass over earphones and an increasingly broad dynamic range also.

They apply pressure on your ear clearly since they’re constantly crushed confronting it. Along these lines, using on-ear headphones for longer time allotments isn’t the best option. Additionally, in the event that you’re into gaming, choosing ear headphones wouldn’t be the most honed decision since they don’t normally have incredible microphones and don’t offer on a standard with sound as over-ear headphones do.


In-ear earphones, generally called earbuds or earphones, are the smallest of the earphones. They’re light, ultra-minimized and overall the most affordable out of the extensive number of types. You can hear without quite a bit of a stretch pass on them wherever or stuff them in your pocket when not in use.

There’re two or three different sorts of earbuds out there. A couple of sorts of earphones truly fit basically inside the ear conduit, while others fit on the outside ear. There are in like manner sports earphones which have little wings joined to them which grant increasingly prominent hold, so they don’t drop out during exuberant activities. A couple of earphones are even connected with a band that circumvents the rear of your neck. In-ear earphones offer incredible isolation since they’re associated with your ear conduit authentically. You can find some best wireless earbuds under 50 along with best earbuds under 50 2019.

They’re extraordinary for exercising and traveling or in circumstances where you have to use earphones in short intervals. In any case, every so often the wires can get tangled, and they’re not the most intense. Remote earphones can be successfully lost in perspective on their little size.


Finally comes the open-ear headphones. These are different from the other types mentioned earlier. They are typically known as bone conduction earphones that work in a substitute technique that stood out from various types of earphones.

They leave the ear open the sound drivers truly lay on the customer’s cheekbones. The vibration experiences the cheekbone, into the inner ear where it is deciphered and further changed over into genuine strong by the brain. The sound bypasses the ear conduit so any person who has hearing ineptitudes and usages hearing aids can use bone conduction earphones to hear music and go to calls.

Also, it might be used by cyclists so they can safely check out their sound while cycling, and besides think about the sounds from their surroundings which makes open-ear earphones more secure for them than various types of earphones.

Scuba jumpers can in like manner use it to give submerged since open-ear earphones needn’t waste time with air as a medium and essentially use the customers’ cheekbones as a component for the vibrations to wander out to the inner ear. They aren’t, in any case, equivalent to some other kind of earphones with respect to sound. Bass is basically non-existent, and they’re something of a secured taste, without a doubt.

Design Variants

The headphones also come with different variations in their design. The design variants of the headphones are the open-back, closed-back and semi-open back. All the designs are designed for their purposes and over the public demand. Not like everyone goes for the same design. Different person has different choices in this matter.


Most of the over-ear headphones come with this design. As their name means the whole back of the head of the headphones is blocked. They have no gap or possibility of the leakage of sound. No sound leaks through this headphone. Closed-back headphones can make you feel totally out of the world. One disadvantage of this design headphones is, these headphones can just make you deaf. So, sometimes it becomes risky to wear on roads and crowded places.


These are opposite to the closed-back ones. They have a net-like thing on the back of their head. Their sound surpasses through their back. Their specialty is they do not make you deaf when they are on function. You can mildly enjoy the music and can also be connected with the world around you. This feature makes them usable anywhere anytime. Mostly they are the choice of the average users. The only disadvantage of this one is because of being open-backed the sound may get leaked, and sometimes you may face trouble to feel the beats properly. This design of headphone doesn’t fit for professional use.

Semi-Open back

As both the design we have mentioned earlier have some disadvantages because of their design. The inventors generated this design. These are the mixed product of both open and closed backed headphones. Their backs are not fully opened or fully closed. These are half-closed and half-open in design. This type nor make you deaf neither leak the sound and breaks the bass. They are the perfect solution for every problem of the earlier designs.

Wired vs Wireless

The simplicity of understanding this fact is in their name. this is a comparison between the wired and wireless design of the headphones.


The headphones that come with the attached wire with them are known as the wired headphones. Wired headphones need to be connected with the device with the help of a cord to produce sound. These headphones do not need any batteries to get operated. All you have to do is just connect them with the source. The advantage of this headphone is you do not need to bother with charging and no fear of battery out. The disadvantage is, they can kill the device’s battery earlier.


Nowadays these are the most famous ones in the world of headphones. They work by the connectivity of Bluetooth. With the help of Bluetooth, they get connected with the mother device. These headphones run with the help of battery in them. Their battery needs to get charged constantly. Thy is powered by their own. They do not affect the mother devices’ battery so much as the wired ones. The wireless headphones tend to be quite heavier than the wired headphones because of having the battery in them. there are some best wireless earbuds under 30 that are available on the market.

Important Features to look on

After everything, now this is the time for the important features in the headphones you must look on. The features below an ideal headphone must have to have.


This one is considered to be the most important feature in the headphone nowadays. Headphones with this feature are able to reduce the unwanted noise when they are on use. The noise-canceling feature has two types of its own. Noise Isolation and Active noise canceling are types. The noise isolation is the type which simply blocks all the noise around the headphone makes the user out of the world. The Active Noise Cancelling just the result of artificial intelligence. They just block the unnecessary sound just with the help of the microphone it captures the sound produces the opposite wave.


Here controlling indicates three to four buttons included in the headphone which are used to control the volume of the headphone, to change the music, to pause and to replay. These controlling keys almost all the headphones have. The wired ones have these buttons on the middle of the wire, and the wireless ones have the buttons on the headphone head. Most of the earbuds don’t come with volume control.


The microphone of the headphone is another important thing to look on doesn’t matter; you are having one for professional or regular use. The mic has direct functioning with the ANC also. So, it is very crucial to watch out for the mics. The mic of the headphones comes with different designs. Sometimes you can see the mic externally attached with headphones and sometimes the mic remains in the internal body of the headphone.

Battery life

This is the feature you only have to look at when you are dealing with wireless headphones. The wireless headphones use the battery to run. And their ability depends on their battery life. Battery life differs from headphone to headphone. The longer the battery life of the headphone, the better it is for the user.

Waterproof feature

Not all the headphones, but some of them now available on the market comes with this waterproof feature. It will take an extra advantage if your headphone has the waterproof feature.


The headphone is a device you always have to carry on your head sometime on your neck. The weight of the headphone is an important matter. If the weight is much. The purpose of buying your headphone may get interrupted, and the pleasure of enjoying music may turn into an annoying experience.


The amount of sound is measured in the scale of decibels in short DB. The amount of sound the headphones produce, which can be measured in this scale is known as sensitivity. The standard rate of the sensitivity of the headphone is not more than 100db. Some of the headphones come with more or less than that. But as per the expert preference, the sensitivity shouldn’t get up to the standard measure.


Another most important feature and matter to judge in the headphone. This thing you have to measure in the scale of ohms. This one means the flow of electricity in the headphone. For the wireless ones the impedance is important as the battery life of the headphone depends on it. And in the wired ones, it is important because the battery life of the device it is connected to is dependent on it. The standard amount of impedance of the headphone is 32 ohms.

Frequency response

We can only hear the sound frequency of more than 20Hz and less than 20000Hz. Above this amount, we human beings cannot hear the sound. So, the frequency response of the headphone is a matter that cannot be ignored. Like most of us, we become adult cannot hear the sound frequency more than 17000Hz. So, it is better to go for headphones with frequency response not more than 17000Hz.


It is the thing you only have to think when you want a wired headphone. The wire length of the headphone must have to be not so long or not very short. If it is very long, then it can create embarrassing situations when using it. If it is too short, it can also create annoying conditions. So, when buying your headphone do watch for the length of the cord.

Final Thoughts

Headphones are like our daily needs. It’s not the thing which we will buy every next day. Another important matter is they relate directly with our ears and ears functions with the brain.

So, the headphone we buy must have to be the best one. Sometimes we just go for the low-cost ones just to save some pennies, but the thing we forgot is about our most important organs.

Non-branded headphones can severely damage the functioning of our ear and brain. It is very important to choose the best and durable one.

From the market of competition where headphones are available in the number of millions. It becomes very hard to choose the right one.

Here in this article, we have just tried to pick the best headphones under $300 to help those who actually want to buy one.

Among the millions of numbers of products, we suggested you the best as much as possible. So, if you find our picks proved them helpful to take you your buying decision let us know in the comment section.

Thanks in advance.

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